Chronicling The Comerfords

Saturday, May 16, 2009

5 Months

24 Weeks
Target Maxi dress (not maternity, but fits great): $29.99
Target earrings: $5.99
Proudly showing off your little bumpette with an amazing hubby at your side: Priceless!

It's Whats on the Inside that Counts

I have promised for 2 weeks that I would post interior pictures of our house, but life has not slowed down long enough. I finally took some pictures and a rainy Saturday morning has me stuck inside when I really, really wanted to go to a garage sale. If the house still looks a little unfinished, that's because it is. We have insanely high ceilings which are amazing. The problem is that all of our furniture and pictures are not made for high ceilings. I feel like every time I put something on the wall, it looks like a 5x7 picture frame. I'm sure once our home is filled with baby gear and is wallpapered with pictures of Amelia, it will all come together! :) Here we go, your inside tour...

Starting with my most favorite room, Amelia's! The nursery will be done shortly - no sneak peeks! You can tell the walls are blue, but they are about to be painted. Instead of showing you her room, I will give you a look into her closet. She is ready for game day and has some of the sweetest little smocked dresses and footed pajamas. Those little socks hanging next to the dress hardly fit over my finger, they are SO cute! I also love the tote bag. It is made by a company in SC called Ma Mere. A friend of mine went to college with the girl that makes them and got me one the other weekend. Girls are just so stinking cute (at least their accessories are anyway)!

This is the guest bedroom.

And our room. Look how big our closets are? Isn't that great?! I am standing in our master bath taking the picture. I also love our bathroom. It has a jacuzzi garden tub that is wonderful!

This is the living room, looking towards the dining room. I really need some pictures on the wall, but see above comment about ceilings. As you've seen in most of the pictures, we have highly fashionable green carpet. I would love to pull it up and expose the beautiful hardwoods underneath, but it's really not that bad.

Another view of living room

This is the dining room. There are built-ins on opposite corner walls and they are so pretty. I also really like the glass french doors

Patty wanted to get in a picture (she is so photogenic). This is looking towards the kitchen. See those floors, they could be all over the house...

Kitchen. We have SO many cabinets! It is great! We also really like the island in the middle. We need to get some bar stools... it's on the ever increasing to-do list.

Another view of the kitchen. There is a bay window with a window seat on the other side of the island. There is usually at least 1 cat sitting there watching birds and squirrels on the back porch.

And this is looking back towards the dining room. Have you noticed the funky globe lights? They are so cool and get the most compliments of anything in the house.

And that's your tour. My favorites are Amelia's room (just because I can't wait for her to get here), our master bath and the kitchen. We feel so blessed to be here!

Amelia Update: I went to my 24 week appointment and everything is looking good. I had my glucose test so hopefully I passed. I go for 1 more appointment in 4 weeks then I am down to every 2 weeks!
I have my first shower tomorrow!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mowing the Manna

This post is an apology to all of you who live in our town and drive by our super cute house everyday. I can hear your thoughts of, "Are the Comerford's ever going to mow the grass?!" Yes! I promise we are! Over the 2 week move I noticed that we have a crazy amount of clover in our backyard and patches of it in the front yard. This is a whole new ball game for me because we had an amazing yard in Atlanta. Correction, we inherited an amazing yard in Atlanta and it was just easy to maintain. During the move we discussed weed and feed and all of that. However, we needed to get all of our stuff inside before we could work on the outside and the yard wasn't that bad. WELL, it is now! I mentioned to hunky hubby some time around last Wednesday that we NEED to get the weed and feed and the yard really needs to be cut soon. The conversation went something like this:

Me: Babe, we really need to get some weed and feed or whatever that stuff is you put on the grass to make it pretty.

Hubby: What are these "weeds" you keep talking about?

(Mind you, our backyard looks like a wildflower meadow right now)

Me: The clover! Look at it, it's everywhere! (Slight exaggeration, but it usually gets the job done)

Hubby - As he gasps in shock: Clover is not weeds it is Manna from Heaven! Our cows thrive off of clover!

Me: Unless you plan on bringing a cow over here or picking it all by hand to take to your cows, you need to get on the lawnmower.

Then we left to go out of town for a wedding. When we got home Sunday the yard was out of control. Ben has been trying to cut it everyday this week but it keeps raining and it's driving me nuts! I want to put a sign in the front yard that reads "Please excuse our Manna. We will cut it before it reaches Heaven."

Amelia Activity: I can now feel her move everyday. It is so cool. I am not a big caffeine drinker at all, but I have one drink a day just to get her going. It's just a sweet little connection. I'm definitely not ready to share her with y'all yet!

I have nothing to do this weekend so I promise to post interior pictures and maybe a shot of the bumpette.