Chronicling The Comerfords

Thursday, January 27, 2011

17 Months

How many times must one person say how much they hate doing laundry before it just goes away?  I know my husband gets sick of me complaining, but he wear SO many clothes (work clothes, farm clothes, around the house clothes).  And he is a tall guy so they are big clothes and they fill up the machine faster.  It's just more than I can handle at this moment, so I decided to blog instead.  Take that laundry room!

Nana and I met after work for a little downtown browsing then we went to get ice cream.  I love ice cream just as much as the next person but it is so cold outside.  I needed a hot chocolate to wash it down.  By the time we got home Amelia was asleep so I put her in the bed and turned on the bath water.  Don't knock it until you try it. It was after 3pm and I couldn't break my chill so a bath was a perfect solution.  The bad part is that it all of my motivation obviously got tossed out with the bath water.

So, since I am being so unproductive I will put a little entry in for Amelia at 17 months.  You can never feel bad about writing memories of your babies!

We went to Amelia's 15 month check up (at 17 months) on Tuesday.  We found out that she is doing really well and is ahead of the curve verbally.  Apparently she should be saying between 5 to maybe 10 words and she probably says 40 or more!  Here is the run down:

*26 lbs (slimming down) and 35 1/4 inches tall.
*She talking ALL THE TIME! She has learned "yes ma'am" "Please (or in Amelia speak, peas" and "Thank you"
*She is getting kind of sassy and bossy telling you things to do like "Sing ON" (turn the radio on), "Off!", She also tried to put her feet on the dinner table for a while and we told her "no".  Now when we put our feet on the coffee table she will come across the room telling us "no, no!" and trying to move our feet.  And there is no doubt when she is hungry.  She will say "hunggy, hunggy".  If she does not get a response from you fairly quickly she will yell "EAT!!!"  I personally think that one is hilarious so I wait around on it a lot of times.
*She loves her preschool and in the mornings after I dress her she will start say "school!"
*She knows most animal sounds (cow, sheep, horse, dog, cat, chicken)
*She knows the verses of Wheels on the Bus.  You say "wheels on the bus go" and she'll say "round and round"
*She knows her eyes, ears, hair, chin, nose and mouth"
*She loves baths and brushing her teeth (good hygiene is a must around here! :) )
*She does not like getting dressed
*She has so much fun making faces at herself in the mirror saying "Amelia!"
*She has  terrible temper which makes us eat at home quite a bit.  Taking something from her that she is not supposed to have or telling her no, causes A LOT of noise from a little person
*She sleeps from about 8pm to 8am with a nap around 1:30 that lasts almost 2 hours.  She still hates to go to sleep. We put her down around 7:30 and she screams for about 30 mins.
*She loves to push toys like trucks and tractors.  But she also loves her baby. 


She is such a fun little girl!  She is a lot of work and keeps us on our toes, but it is worth it.

Friday, January 21, 2011

The Help-er

Speaking of Help.  Have you read The Help?  It is a great read!  Speaking of reads, I am now the proud owner of a Kindle.  I was a Santa gift.  I love it and I am on the search for a cute case for it.  Kindle Owners, have you noticed the Nooks have much better cases?  I wonder if they are interchangeable?  Like I said, I love the Kindle, just not quite sure I am ready to give up books.  They are like little trophies of accomplishments sitting around the house. 

Like I said in my other post, I am trying to do things on Amelia's level or bring her up to mine.  Lucky for me, our kitchen island is huge.  She will sit up there for 30 mins or an hour while I fix dinner.  Here she is on Thursday night "helping" make the dill sauce for the cucumber chicken.

Isn't she getting big?  So sad...

Bath Time Besties

One of Amelia's most favorite parts of the day is bath time.  About 5 or 5:30 she will start asking for "ba" pointing to the bathroom.  Usually I am getting dinner ready so I have to distract her.  I really should not be surprised as I live in the bathtub (especially during the winter).  It is definitely more cost effective to take 3 baths a day rather than running the heat at 73. That is my excuse anyway. There have even been days when we get a bath around 3:30 or so, just to play.  Amelia and I are water babies for sure!

A few weeks ago Amelia took her first bath with friends.

Ryals (on our far left) is in Amelia's class at school and Eliza Faris was the big sister in the middle. Ryals and Eliza Faris' parents moved to town recently and we are so glad the did! Bonus points.. they are right down the street!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Winter Boos

I will say this almost every single day until it warms up, "I can not stand winter!"  I know it has it's purpose and it is nice for a cool down every now and then but a whole season is absurd.  I wouldn't say that I totally get the winter blues, but I do moan and groan and boo-hoo an awful lot.  Which makes us do things like sit on our couch New Years Eve, decline offers to go to dinner with friends, run out of food because I don't want to go outside to the grocery store, etc...  Serious note to friends, "I love you all.  I am sorry that we are so reclusive these days, but we really look forward to seeing you all after Easter!"

The worse part is that I think I have made my daughter feel the same way.  When it is warm, we put the baby gate up on the back porch and leave the kitchen door open.  She is free to go in and out while I am in the kitchen getting dinner (or heck even breakfast ready).  Now she just stands at the glass door saying "outside, outside".  I feel your pain baby girl!  When Mama and Amelia are grumps it makes for a bad living situation for Daddy.  Spring time come soon!

There are little things I have done in the past to make winter go by a little quicker... plan our summer vacation, shop for Easter dresses online, get pregnant, go to the beach. 

This winter I am trying something new.  I have a friend who is an interior decorator coming over today to fix our living room.  I figure if you have to been inside, let's at least have something nice to look at. The man of the house finally admitted last night that our living room looks like a college apartment with all your parent's hand-me-down furniture.  Well, a lot of our furniture is from our parents and the rest is from college apartments so I guess we are really not that mis-represented!  I do not have a large budget (truthfully, I really don't have a budget at all), but I'm hoping she can make a few little changes with some pillows and curtains that will tie everything together.   It's the fine line of knowing it is a rental so we don't want to spend a lot of money, but we plan to be here a while so let's make the place look lived in. I will let you know how it turns out.

Other than that we have been up to much of nothing.  Amelia is getting so, so big! She can sing the entire Wheels on the Bus song.  You say "The wheels on the bus go" and she'll say "Round and round" doing the motions.  She knows the whole thing which impresses the heck out of me because I just learned the song.  Her vocabulary is very extensive, but she is clumsy as can be. Hopefully her smarts will make up for her lack of coordination.  Of course, we think she is the funniest person on the planet.  We were eating dinner the other night and she tooted out loud.  Because we are not grown-ups we have to try really hard not to laugh (come on, you all know a good toot is hilarious).  So... she toots, we keep on eating and she says "xcuse you" as if apologizing for herself and kept right on eating.  She did not miss a beat and we almost spit our food across the table. 

My only compliant or frustration about this stage is the clingyness.  I know it will pass soon enough and I will wish with everything I have that she was begging me to pick her up, but sometimes I really do have to get something done.  We are working on letting her "help" with things and bringing what we do down to her level (folding clothes on the floor) or bringing her up to what we are doing.  She loves to sit on the island while I prepare dinner and I love her being there.

Off to clean this place up before our decorator comes.  Wish me luck!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Christmas 2010 Collection

As I say every single year, the end of the year gets the best of me.  Work is busy, holidays are nuts and I am exhausted.  So, now that I have enjoyed my winter blogging break, it is time to come out of hibernation and catch you up...

Hear is the short-ish story of Comerford Christmas 2010

Following the Christmas tradition Me, Amelia and Aunt Jamie bundled up to start the Christmas season off right, the Christmas Parade!  Daddy had to walk in the parade again this year so we met some girl friends and enjoyed our night.  Amelia was amazed by all the sounds and lights.  I don't think she blinked once!

 Amelia wore the same outfit she wore last year, just a few sizes bigger.  "I LOVE THE PARADE!"

 These were her warm undergarments! Ha!

Our first Christmas party was so much fun! We spent the afternoon with friends at the Country Club making reindeer food and an ornament
 Making Reindeer Food

 Santa was also there but Amelia was not a fan

 It was better with Mama

We also got Christmas presents from Houston! 

Amelia had her first candy cane this year and would not put it down.  She finished the whole thing! 

In fear that the little girl would pull every piece of greenery off our tree, we borrowed Grandpa and Grandpa's artificial tree.  It is a beautiful tree, but I was a little sad not having a real tree for the first time.  It sure was nice not having to water or vacuum though!

 And of course, the pink tree made her appearance again this year

 Amelia and I made cornflake wreaths one night. She wanted to eat the corn flakes without the marshmallows on them.  Silly girl! Maybe the green threw her off

Christmas party #2 had a Santa as well.  Our friends make a wonderful Thai lunch and open their beautiful home to all of their friends.  Amelia loved Claire's Thai meatballs but did not like Santa at all

My most favorite event of the Christmas Season!!  The Meadows came to spend the night with us in December.  I miss a lot of people from home but these sit on the top of my list.  I wish there was a way to decrease the distance between our houses.  Perhaps we could get the guys to go in together and buy a helicopter?
While they were here we went to a town nearby that has a free carousel during the holidays.  We thought the girls would love it, but really, we all did!  It was all lit up and decorated and played Christmas music.  I will say it was the fastest carousel I have ever been on in my life!
 Daddies and their Girls

 Heather, Sherman and Sadie

 Ummm.. why didn't our picture turn out as cute as theirs?

 "Yay!", said Amelia.  She loved the horsie

 Such a fun night!

So we learned the trick! Apparently you have to pay the Phipps premium (and stuff her mouth with a Chick-Fil-A nugget) to get Amelia to smile with Santa. Whatever it takes.  It worked!

On Christmas Eve we headed to Snellville.  Mom and Amelia played outside a lot of the afternoon.  Amelia rode her tricycle for the first time.

That night we put out the reindeer food we made

 Christmas morning was a lot of fun!  Amelia was helping us open our presents in between playing with her own

 She also used them as chairs! HA!  Daddy got a smoker he'd been wanting and we also got those black bar stools you see in the picture. We have enjoyed both of them this past month.  Grandma and Grandpa always get you just what you need. They are fantastic Santa's!

 After a busy morning, Amelia slept all the way home.

The Comerford Christmas was a whole different ball game!  Nana and Pa cooked a wonderful lunch.  Then with 4 children on Christmas day, there was paper and boxes flying all over the living room. It is amazing how completely different our two Christmases are and we wouldn't change either one of them!

We got home and were resting on the couch when we heard Amelia up to something in the kitchen
She got herself a piece of tissue paper (aka changing pad), smoothed it out, got her baby, then got a diaper and started changing her.  She has done this a few times since Christmas, but that night was the first.  She is a funny girl.

Then, all of a sudden it started to snow and we had our White Christmas!

Amelia watched from inside so she didn't mess up her new "hat" Daddy bought her for Christmas

The day after Christmas, it had already started melting pretty quickly.  It doesn't matter though, we still had a White Christmas and it was beautiful!

Our church made these lawn signs to tell of the birth of Christ.  They caught a lot of eyes, as you can imagine. One friend actually called me and said "I was just driving by your house and almost wrecked!  Then I read the bottom of the sign." I loved them and can't wait to see them go up again next year! 

I hope your Christmas held as many blessing as ours!
Merry Christmas!  Love, The Comerfords