Chronicling The Comerfords

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"Your just going to have to wait!"

I was trying to get Amelia out of the house this morning (acutally, I am posting late. This happened on 7/26/12). She was in the playroom messing around. I said “Alright Amelia, Annie and I are loading up, we’d love for you to come with us.”
Amelia: “Just a minute”
Me: “Amelia, we have to go.”
Amelia: “You are just going to have to wait! I am getting all my stuff”

Seriously?? She came out with 3 bracelets, 2 necklaces, rings and a purse full of stuff. She was proud to take a picture. She hears me tell her daddy almost every Sunday that he is just going to have to wait as he rushes me to get to Sunday school on time.

Monday, July 23, 2012

In my next life I will be a fashionista

So I am a Lilly Girl.  I LOVE Lilly Pulitzer and I always will.  My goal is to wear her at least twice a week... say Mondays to get the week off to a good start then on Thursdays for Champagne Thursday... when I live at the Methodist retirement home on St Simons Island.  My husband thinks I'm crazy about living here, but they have a whole wing for that kind of treatment. 

Anyway, not to cheat on my friend, Lilly, but I found a great new designer this weekend.  And by new I mean everyone reading this blog may have heard of her, but I just discovered her.  Check out Elizabeth McKay!  Her clothes are so classic and everything I want to be when I grow up (every day with the exception of Monday and Thursday, of course)  I do believe I have just found my Easter dress for next year.

Isn't she lovely? 
And I bet she has 2 young children because she is wearing ballet flats

I'm guessing Elizabeth McKay is indeed a newer designer because when I hopped on ebay 3.5 seconds after I found her there were only 6 items. Boo!  Here's the thing... I like clothes, I LOVE nice clothes.  I'm not a label kind of girl, but I like what I like and unfortunately it's never cheap.  In order to save having to explain the credit card bill to my husband every month, I shop ebay.  Same goes for these smocked dresses my girls are expected to wear in the south.  You know, smocked dresses are pretty darn cute, but what started that trend anyway?

Maybe my new friend Elizabeth will find her way to ebay before Easter.  If not I I have a few months to save. The good think is that Lilly and Elizabeth's looks are so timeless that I will be able to wear them forever.  As long as I don't have to give up the love of Big Macs to fit into them.  Regardless, I can't go blowing all my money or I'll never get to retire to the beach. Ben has informed me that our tithes do not go towards my retirement living even though it is a Methodist facility.  I think the church should reevaluate that.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fresh Georgia Peach (or whatever) Pie

I have the easiest and best pie recipe ever!  I mean seriously, it is amazing!  I do not act like I can cook, because I definitely am not very good at it.  So, when I get something right I brag like no body's business.

Our Junior Service League came out with a new cookbook the year I moved here.  I think I got the old one for a wedding gift.  Both books have great recipes, but to me the recipes in the newer one seem to be easier.  Maybe not easier but definitely less ingredients. What I have learned from the little cooking I do is that some recipes are expensive at rip!  I could take my whole family out to eat for the price of all the ingredients.

When I find a recipe that is cheap, easy and good, you can bet your bottom dollar that I'll bring it everywhere I go.  This past Sunday I made the Fresh Georgia Peach Pie for Annie's baptism lunch. This pie is amazing with fresh peaches but it is great with any fruit.  And it is SO pretty!

Yummy to your Tummy, isn't it?!

1 (8oz) package cream cheese
1 cup powdered sugar
1 graham cracker pie crust
4 to 6 sliced fresh peaches
1 (8oz carton) Cool Whip  *I actually use whipping cream because it is much better

With a mixer, beat cream cheese and sugar together until smooth.  Spread over crust. 
Spread the whipping cream over the cream cheese mixture
Top with your favorite fruit
Done!  Deliver and get praise!

The recipe actually calls for you to put the fruit on the cream cheese mixture then top with cool whip but I reverse it because it's much prettier on the table.  I guess it's kind of like wearing your bra on the outside of your shirt, but none of my bras are as pretty as these pies!

Also, notice the spatula I have out to serve them with.  Fancy, huh?  Apparently when we moved out of our last house and into the storage shed, one of my boxes was placed into the donate stack instead of the storage shed stack.  This box contained all of my kitchen utensils (mixers, spatulas, garlic press, measuring spoons, whisks, pie servers, etc.).  I have replaced some things but not all.  It gets expensive to buy all that stuff!  Half the time I don't think about it until I'm cooking or serving and need something I do not have. Oh well, I will replace it all in time.  Until then I will serve yummy pie to my family from a spatula.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Prevenient Grace

 We are Methodist.  I grew up in the Methodist church, but I am just now as a semi-grown up learning all that being Methodist means.  Actually, I learned in Sunday school that I should strive not to be Methodist or Christian but to be a "disciple of Christ".  More on that in another post. 

Today we baptized Annie into the body of Christ, into the family of our church (First Meth-o-dees as Amelia calls it)   I thought I understood Methodist Baptism but as with other Methodist practices and sacraments, I wanted to be sure.  Especially since my babies are involved.  From the UMC website: "John Wesley preached “prevenient grace,” the grace that works in our lives before we are aware of it, bringing us to faith. The baptism of children and their inclusion in the church before they can respond with their own confirmation of faith is a vivid and compelling witness to prevenient grace."
I like Prevenient Grace.  I like all grace! 

Such a pretty little girl on her special day

And some proud parents. 

Also, this Sunday was the first time Amelia came to big church and participated in the Children's Moment.  Of course, she wanted to go see Mrs. Jane right after it was done!

"Shhhh!  We need to be quiet in big church."

Church and faith is a big deal in our house.  Thinking of all this has made us really think about our responsibility as spiritual parents.  Obviously, we are making a decision for our children now and have the task of "bringing them up into the way that leads to Christ eternal".  But at what age do they make their own decision?  When do we start encouraging them to ask Jesus into their heart?  Daddy is reading the bible as I blog (who's the spiritual leader in this house?!) and we will discuss shortly.  Right now I have an almost 3 year old blessing wallering all over me and trying to help me type.  I suppose I should put her to bed.  Any thoughts or suggestions are welcomed and I'll update you on ours.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

When Daddy is away...

When Daddy is away the girls will play!  Doing things like...

Having dinner on the table.  Amelia feeds her baby as Mama feeds Annie

We took down the other big swing and put up Annie's baby swing all by ourselves. 
Annie loves to swing!

Stroll around the 'hood. 
I do love my double Bumbleride (even though Ben thought it should have come with a motor for the price), but I am not a huge fan of the hills in this neighborhood.  Good greif!

The Princess asks to sleep in her tutu and her wishes are granted. 

This was Daddy's first week long trip since we've been at our new house.  Guess who was a fraidy-cat?  ME!  We've been here a few weeks but being here myself was like starting over.  Luckily Amelia in her tutu and big girl panties was in the bed to protect me.  I actually felt bad about leaving Annie in her bed. Like I was throwing her to the wolves or something. She sleeps so well in her bed and that's about the only place she will sleep. 

I would make a stiff drink before going to bed hoping it help me fall right to sleep.  No such luck.  By the end of the week I was running on fumes and had way to much trash tv on the brain.  Good news is that no one got Annie, or us and now Daddy is home.  Time for a nap!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Post-Baby Body Nonsense

There are a bazillion things that are unfair about being a Mommy.  One of them is the crazy changes you body goes through.  So let's just cut right to the chase... why is it that your baby boobies disappear before your baby belly?  I didn't have this problem round one because I breastfed longer.  I am now 3 weeks post breast feeding and the girls are gone.  I still have about 9 lbs of Annie love hanging around in my mid section.  I have no problem with the girls going back into hibernation because truthfully, I was pretty insecure about them.  I do have a big problem with the extra 9 lingering.  Not a big enough problem to pull out the double stroller when it's 94 degrees and exercise, but a big enough problem to complain about it.

Another thing is I decided to go back on birth control this time around.  I think these things could be contributing to the lingering 9.  I know for sure they are causing hot flashes.  That or the 94 degrees.  Whatever!  Sweating when you are in the air conditioner getting your children dressed at 7am is for the birds!  Damn you Eve!  Apples aren't even that tasty. It was just an apple for goodness sakes!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Water Bugs

On July 1st Annie went swimming for the first time.  And she LOVED it!  We met some friends at the pool around 5pm. The sky was cloudy and the pool was like bath water.  The big girls jumped and splashed and Annie sun bathed in her float.  I even looked at the time and realized she was an hour past eating her dinner.  You know she is enjoying something if she is an hour past eating.  Sweet little Pudge doesn't miss a meal!  Looks like I'm going to have 2 water bugs!

I'm regretting not signing Amelia up for swim lessons again this summer.  We just didn't know what would happen with her ear surgery.  She loves water so much and is not afraid at all!  Good and bad... would be better if she knew how to swim.  I'm a little nutty about swimmies so I guess it is ok.  Who knew birthing two babies would turn you into a complete worry wart?!

Annie loved watching the big girls play

Happy Annie


 I love my girls!

So does Daddy

Dinner poolside

And Drinks

Is she not the cutest thing you've ever seen?

Sweet Land of Liberty

4th of July was a blast!  I only wish they would pick a designated Friday to celebrate Independence Day rather than always having it July 4th.  We do this for other holidays, why not this one?  Even though it was smack in the middle of the week and there were work days on each side of it, we still enjoyed the festivities.

Our town has the Sweet Land of Liberty parade where children (mostly mothers) decorate floats, wagons, strollers, etc and we march around the downtown blocks.  It is a really sweet tradition!  It's amazing how many people come out to watch all these little kiddos parade around.  Amelia was a hoot!  Once we got up to the church and the square where the majority of people were gathered, she started waving and did not stop.  You would have thought she was Santa Claus in the Christmas parade!

Even Daddy joined in on the fun!

Amelia decided she was too cool to ride in the stroller and opted for the wagon with her friends

Aren't they cute?!

Some of our fans snapped this picture for us. ha!

After the parade we had family nap time then it was off to the lake for swimming and fireworks.  We got a sitter for the little babies and took the big girls out for a special afternoon.  This was the first time Amelia had seen fireworks.  The first few pops startled her and "sounded like stunder" but once she saw the fireworks in the sky she loved them.  It really is so much fun watching your little creations experience things for the first time.  I'd go as far as to say that it is magical

Getting ready to go out on the boat.

It's sad the lake is so low, but at least it makes a nice beach :)

Amelia came REALLY close to jumping off the back of the boat but got nervous and decided to jump of the side. Over and over and over again

Fireworks on the lake were pretty darn magical

 We missed baby Annie, but it was a special evening for big sister

 Going with the theme of potty training... the Dora Potty travels.  I don't think you get ticketed for tee-teeing in a Dora potty in the Suntrust parking lot.  Do you?!  When you gotta go, you gotta go.

A BIG thanks to those who work tirelessly to keep our country free so that we can enjoy things like parades, fireworks and tee-teeing in public.  

Monday, July 2, 2012

Potty Training 102 - Do I hear an echo?

For starters potty training is going pretty dang well.  Day 3.5 with no, zero, nada accidents.  If I didn't detest locking myself in a house with almost 3 year olds and sitting on the bathroom floor every 20 to 30 mins I could probably make a career being a professional potty trainer because I am pretty awesome.  Ok, truth be known, the Princess could have probably been potty trained months ago but I was too lazy.  She was going about 3 times a day unprompted before we started the process.

Anyway, about the time I started cooking supper she started informing me "my bottom is hurting".  I knew exactly what this meant so I rushed her straight to the potty.  She made a detour to get my old crackberry that she plays with. I think this is a hilarious toy because very rarely does she talk on the crackberry.  She is usually "sending an email" or "sending a message".  Signs of the times I guess. I informed her that I was drying out my couscous to complete this process so she needed to get to the bathroom pronto.  Annie and I sat on the rug and Princess PeePee on her potty.  My view looked something like this

From the comfy hot pink rug in front of the tub I inquired "Amelia, what are you doing?"
Amelia: "I'm taking a crap on my phone."
Me: "You are doing what?"  Thinking I heard her correctly, but surely not
Amelia: "I'm taking a crap on my phone!"

Yes, I heard it correctly the first time.  Now, I'm not placing blame because there could or could not be more than one person who takes their phone to the bathroom in this house.  I will however say that there is only one person in this house that refers to doing the #2 as "taking a crap".  There are 3 people in this house besides the Princess.  One does not talk, one does not like to talk about what they do in the bathroom and the other is a boy.  You decide where she picked that one up. Because we are such amazing parents, we've had her repeat it at least 5 times since because its funny!  Before you judge, we corrected her shortly after dinner and told her that wasn't a sweet thing for little girls to say
Dropping White Baby in the car and saying "Well shit" was totally me, but that was months ago and we now say shhhhhhhoot!

My friends, moments like this is why I Chronicle the Comerfords. I don't want to forget a single memory in our amazingly funny little life.

5 Months... Almost passed right on by!

Sorry Annie!  I'm not forgetting about you, but here's the thing.. you sleep in 15 minute windows.  There is no way I can blog and catch a cat nap during that time.  When you choose to sleep a little more I will have more time to chronicle your life.  And truthfully, your 5th month was pretty boring.  Very similar to your fourth.  Same thing each day with a little more weight gain.  I promise next month will be better.  You got a lot more fun right after your 5 month birthday.  I honestly think it was because you were hungry up until that point. 
At 5 months:
You were still mostly breast fed with the exception of 2 or 3 4oz bottles of formula. 
You were sleeping most of the night, but were still waking up a little bit
Still not much of a napper
Pretty darn fussy but when you smile it lights up the entire house
You've just started sitting in the walker and exersaucer for about 15 mins at a time.  You really like them for a little while then you get bored. 
Not sure of your weight but you are wearing 6 month dresses, 9 month onsies and size 4 diapers.  You sure do not look hungry.

We were in Target right before your 5 month birthday and a really sweet over-weight lady kept passing us in the aisles flirting with your sister.  All of a sudden she saw you in your carrier down in the bigger part of the buggy.  She acknowledged you and you smiled real big stretching out your legs.  She said "Lawd, girl!  Yo thighs are almost as big as mine!"  It took everything I had not to laugh out loud. You smiled again because we knew that eventhough you are our little Pudge, that comment was a little extreme! :)

We fed you sweet potatoes in your walker on your 5 month Birthday and you loved them!

Princess PeePee and the TeeTee Timer

This weekend was potty training 101 at our house.  Ugh!  I will tell you that it is a small miracle any of us teetee in the potty!  What a chore it is!  After reading many mommy blogs and pinterest posts I decided to go with the sticker chart approach.  We started Friday when we got home from lunch and so far only 4 accidents. One was a poop (terrible mess that was!), one was jumping up and down bragging to daddy about her stickers and 2 were in the middle of play away from home.  I don't think we are doing so bad!
Here's our chart. I picked up some card stock at the store and used some stickers from a sticker book we already had.  We set the teetee timer (aka microwave timer) for 25 mins.  Everytime it would go off we tried to potty.  If she teetee'd she got a sticker. If she went 6 times with no accidents, she could pick a prize (cookies, ring pops, m&ms, fruit snacks, etc).  I went with 6 times because that's how many squares fit on my paper.
Sometimes the timer went off and she'd be SO excited to go. "Oops! There's my teetee timer!  Let's go potty!"  Other times she would throw a big fit not to.  I think the issue was that sometimes she really didn't have to go and she did not like not geting a sticker. Whining "I can't, I can't go"  If she didn't go, I'd set the timer for 10 more mins and try again.  At this point stickers are fun, but she's kind of over needing one each time. {For the record, I totally just dropped part of a Dilly Bar on my keyboard trying to have a treat, blog and get Annie to hold her own bottle. Way to multi-task Mom!} I think next go around (unless I'm rich and therefore will pay someone to potty train Annie) I will reward for each attempt.  Maybe you get a sticker each time for trying, but if you try and succeed you get a sticker and one m&m or something.

Here is the funniest experience thus far from potty training... Ben thought he would teach our potty trainer how to "tee tee on the fly" since she had to go when we were driving down the road. To this she responded "daddy we can't tee tee on the flies! They might bite our hiney!" Makes sense to me! I wouldn't trade our funny girl for anything in the world

Eventhough she isn't really using the chart, it is still hanging.  She is pretty proud of it!
Yesterday we went to church and the nursery worker was on her own with many babies.  She suggested a pullup for the morning.  I wanted to cry because I felt like it would ruin all my efforts, but I understood and went with it.  Then it was nap time and then we swam all afternoon until bed time. I was REALLY worried we would be back to square one today, but it doesn't seem like it.
It is 3:15 Monday afternoon and so far no accidents all day!  Did I just curse myself?

YAY Amelia!  So proud of my big girl!
Only having one Princess' diaper to change a day would be fabulous!  Keep your fingers crossed!