Chronicling The Comerfords

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Rain Rebels

While I am very thankful that all of the lake levels in GA are coming up, I am a little sick of the rain. I am trying to use it as an excuse to buy a boat though. I mean, there is a seriously possibility I could have to take a boat to work in the next few days if this keeps up.

I was supposed to drive the 1 hour and 45 mins to my parents house today to go do baby registering with my Mom, but she called it off yesterday due to her meteorologist skills predicting bad weather. Something to the effect of "you and Miss Comerford do not need to be on the road with tornadoes around." Followed by "I'm not worried about you but all those crazy people on the roads." I realize I am only a few short months away from learning to use these annoying mommy-catchphrases for myself, but GEES! It is a heavy sprinkle around here. I just called her again thinking I would drive on over and got a negative. I am SOO tired of sitting in my house.

I noticed just now that I do not have one single trash bag, which is a necessity. Now I have a reason I have to leave. I then looked around and found almost empty shampoo bottles (mine is only sold at Target in these parts) so I'm off to Target. In our quaint little GA town there is nothing except Wal-mart and I am told by my Dad that I can not shop there because "they are putting the country out of business". I just called my sweet also prego friend to invite her along for the ride only to find out that she was instructed by her Mother and Husband that she did not need to drive the 30 mins to our nearest Target this morning. Her hubby went to work and mine is at the farm leaving us bored stiff in our homes. We both thought about the fact that while our Mothers love us, grounding is really out of the question so we are going anyway!

We promise to drive slow and carefully while watching out for all the other weirdos on the road. Target and Panera is calling our names....

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Practicing for Sleepless Nights

Why oh why Mr. Stork do I have to sleep on my side for the next 5 or so months?! I have heard all of these rumors about my heart and the baby's nourishment, but seriously I REQUIRE SLEEP! I was once a belly sleeper but at some point became a back sleeper (I think that happened when I put a tv in the room and started falling asleep to it) and at no point have I been a side sleeper. Last night I was a "side layer" all night with my big pillows in shams trapping me in this horrid position, but I did not sleep. I think I dozed off once only to be woken up by my hip tingling because it had fallen asleep. So obviously, my hip is the only part of me that got a good nights rest last night. And do you want to know what is on tv at 3,4 and 5 am?? Infomercials and Rosanne reruns. They must air her shows over and over again all night. I thought about coming into work at 5:30am as I laid there stressing about an unproductive day due to being tired. Then the fear of the alarm got a hold of me. I have the code to my office building but I am always so afraid of entering it wrong or something and the police showing up with sirens blaring to arrest me for breaking in. That is my excuse for arriving after 8am every morning.

Do you know what is the worst part about being awake in the middle of the night? Looking at your sweet hubby and 2 cats all scattered around you sleeping so peacefully. Really, I wanted to punt them off the bed. I think Ben would be a little tough, but I bet I could clear Molly and Patty half way across the room. Luckily, I love them too much and I'm not that delirious yet. Instead I did that thing where you just wiggle around and huff a lot hoping you might accidentally wake them up then they can talk to you until you fall asleep... didn't work, they didn't budge, not one of them.

One of my most favorite hobbies is washing the linens and shaving my legs. Girls, there really isn't much better than clean sheets and smooth legs stretched out as far as the hubby will allow without invading his space. I'm sure that is one of the many luxuries that is coming to an end. How can a little girl who is 5 oz and the size of a turnip living in my belly control my world?? I will tell you how, because I am now the proud owner of a pair of the softest pink socks that are too small to fit on my finger. These cute socks are just sitting in my closet waiting to go on that little girl's feat. So, if I have to lay wide awake on my side instead of sleeping on my back for the next few months to get her here, that's what I will do... just forgive me if I'm a little grumpy! :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

How Great Thou Art

It is the first day of Spring! Are you as excited as I am??? I saw pollen on my car this week for the first time and got so excited. I (knock on wood) am one of the few that does not have allergies so to me pollen was a welcome sign of the season I love the most. I HATE winter. I am sure there is a divine purpose for the dreaded time of year, but I have no idea what it is. As we were getting ready for church 2 Sundays ago and I put on a way too springy dress with a denim jacket and open toed shoes, my hubby said "It's amazing how much weather changes your mood." I have focused on is comment for almost 3 weeks now and he is so right. I think I get a serious case of the winter blues. Do you think this is a medical thing where Great American Insurance would say buy me a winter beach house for the price of my co-pay? Maybe I should try...

Once a month during the 3 seasons the Lord loves the most (spring, summer and football) my hubby and I go to this amazing chapel in a town about 30 mins from us. His boss has a horse farm that puts half of Kentucky to shame and back in the woods behind it is a small white wooden chapel. It is an amazing God-story (and blog in itself) of how the chapel came to be, but it is there in the midst of trees and green, green grass and wildflowers and these spaniel puppies running around and sweet music. I will tell you that you park and have to walk maybe 5 mins down 1 of 4 paths to get to this chapel in the woods. Each path is named after a grandgirl with her own special flowers planted along the way in hopes that one day she will walk her path to get married there. If that is not the sweetest thing you've heard today, I want to know what is?! I want to get married there (to my hubby of course)! So, as I'm walking and looking at all the signs of spring I can't help but think of what it ahead. I love Easter. First and foremost for it's meaning but also the pretty children in their Easter best, me in my new dress, the eggs, candy, the great lunch, just all that Easter is. Then I have not 1 but 2 beach trips planned this summer, some fun baby showers and I end the summer with a new baby! Does it really get any better?

I now sit in this beautiful house of God, humbly called a chapel, and the speaker opens with a prayer about new life and spring and I am on cloud 9. We sing a mixture of praise and worship songs and old hymns that send chills all over you. We ended a powerful praise song that went right into the chorus of How Great Thou Art and I look around at so many men with eyes closed singing to their Father. I don't know about you but men worshipping is so attractive to me. Not in a McDreamy lustful way, but in an way where I am just in awe of the passion they are feeling. Now comes the sermon... As I am in a house of God feeling so full, I was quickly reminded the I was worshiping the creation not my creator. We talked about solid foundations and how the absence of fear does not bring you security, but the presence of God brings you security (and everything else). We all have idols in some form or fashion and have things that bring us happiness but I strive for a day where nothing will steal my true joy. I mean, I spend 4 of 5 months of the year in a craptastic bad mood because it's cold! Not because something terrible has happened at work or in my family or anything else, just because I'm cold. Now really, that's just a little silly to waste that much time because I get dry skin and hate itchy sweaters. I have about 8 months of warmth coming up. Maybe by next November I'll have my mind right! :)

Remember, happiness depends on the happening around you (which are not a solid foundation), but your true Joy is found in the Lord and that is unshakable!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Miss Duchess Comerford

We're having a girl! What a great way to end the week! We went to Baby Waves in Columbus, GA on Friday and it was so much fun! We would highly recommend it. Baby Waves will do ultrasounds at 16 weeks, so we took our little baby on a field trip. The people there are so nice and friendly. They play music in the background and spend an hour just showing you fun stuff about your baby. They made her move around and she had a photo-shoot from every angle.
Here she is just being sweet.

Before showing you the sex of your baby, they give the Daddy a list of top baby names for a girl or boy (depending on which one you need). Then they give you a candy bar to tell you what you are having. Remember the old commercial "Almond Joy's got nuts, Mounds don't!"? Well, we got our Mounds and list of girl names. I thought it was so cute. Ben has said it was a girl all along, but I thought it was a boy. He was such a proud Papa! The ultrasound continued and I look over to Ben only to find him eating the Mounds! So much for the souvenir.
We have no idea what we are going to name Miss Comerford. We can't really agree on anything. On the list of girls names that they gave us, Duchess is in the top 40 (seriously it is). We have decided to call her Duchess until we come up with a better name. Hope it doesn't stick! Duchess Comerford, kind of has a ring doesn't it?! haha
Here is a picture of her "Tutu" as the funny ultrasound lady calls it.

I learned really quickly that while my baby is going to be the cutest thing I will ever see in a few months, she a little creepy right now. Don't judge! It's ok to say your child looks creepy when she has no muscle mass and looks like Skeletor. She had a lot of personality in the video, but the still 3D pictures are a little much at 16 weeks. Take a look for yourself. She is waving, trying to be cute to compensate for her lack of beauty.

We went to visit my parents Sunday and 2 really great things happened (well, 3 if you include the ribs for lunch). 1. They got us a rockstar video camera for the baby. I am so excited. It is really nice and I really, really wanted one. Such a great and thoughtful gift. 2. I brought the baby book I bought up to show Mom. Step back... I don't think I've mentioned the baby book... have I? Anyway, Ben and I took a day trip and visited a town near by that has the oldest bookstore in GA. I love Beatrix Potter and the store had a baby book with her drawings in it. I had to have it. Back to Sunday... I am showing Mom and she said, "do you have your baby book". And I say "no, I don't know when I've seen it last". She said, "I think you had a Peter Rabbit baby book too". She goes to get mine and there they sit on her coffee table, side by side, the same exact book! Isn't that awesome?! Funny how the Lord does thinks like this! I can't wait to see all of the other miracles He shows us during all of this. I hope and pray my daughter loves me as much as I love my Mom and I hope she loves my Mom as much as I love my Gaga. There is just something wonderful about girls (no matter how sassy they become in those horrid teenage years I dread).

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Our February

So, I promised I would be good blogger and I have good intentions. Part of it was that our Charter internet stinks, but that's a whole other blog that's not worth my time. Anywoo... this is mainly a "photo-blog" to share our February with you. You would think I would have been a lot more active being that it is my birthday month, but I wasn't. I suppose I was just busy making a baby... that is SUCH a great excuse I plan on using as much as possible!

So February technically starts out with my Mom's birthday on the 1st. She is amazing, you'll hear more about her in the future I'm sure. We had brunch together and it was pretty low-key because we had just came off a night of Sonny's surprise 60th birthday party. SO much fun.

I came around on February 4th. I am awfully glad I get my very own birthday but I have thought I time or 2 that it would be fun to share it with my Mom. My wonderful friends and husband tried to plan a surprise party for me, but I figured it out and Ben confirmed. Sweet little Baby Comerford had me pretty darn sick around my birthday and I just thought throwing up at my surprise 30th birthday party would be embarrassing. I cancelled it. In return me and the hubby went to The Ritz Carlton. We go take-out from our most favorite Chinese restaurant in Atlanta (Chin-Chin) and watched a movie in this big comfy bed you see below. After I took the most relaxing bath in a wonderful tub. I told Ben I think The Ritz runs special relaxing water through the pipes!

This is a view from our room. We were in a corner room at Peachtree Rd and Lenox Rd

Another view

After a very relaxing not-so-sick night, we had room service. This was our breakfast. There was very breakfast item imaginable on this tray and we tried all of them.

How many of you looked this lovely at your birthday celebration?! Amazing service, comfy robes, incredible room, fantastic view, YUM-yummy breakfast and the sweetest husband ever. I could not have had a better birthday. I also got to go to Sweet Pockets ( for birthday cupcakes and had lunch at Ted's with the Meadow's the next day. It was perfect!

We also had lambs born in February. They are so cute. They just play and play. I think they think they are cows.
I am the official tractor driver when Ben puts out hay and I'm pretty darn good at it. It the Volvo goes to Volvo Heaven, I may just drive the tractor.

The lambs. Aren't they cute?!

Sweet, sweet

And how did we kick off March 1st? WITH SNOW! We heard warnings, but thought they were a hoax. It was snowing pretty hard during Sunday school, but it wasn't sticking so we went onto 11 o'clock service. We got out of the sanctuary about 12:10 and it was piled up! We used the winter gear on the Volvo for the first time and it works (good to know). I had no idea I drive a 4 wheel drive vehicle! Impressive!
This is the front pasture at the Comerford's

The barn, isn't it pretty?

Front pasture again

This was towards the end of the day and my most favorite picture!

Sledding... on a trashcan lid... behind a Kawasaki Mule... at 14 weeks pregnant... FUN!

The lid didn't quite workout for the funny hubby

But we fixed it and he shows off with no hands!

So, I turned 30, made a baby, spent the night at The Ritz, played a farmer's wife and played in snow. It was a great month! March has been fun as well. We have had highs of 80 degrees this week! Ben and I had a whole day together playing around this past Saturday in the great weather. We found Georgia's oldest bookstore and bought a Beatrix Potter baby book as a souvenir. I have already started working in it and I love it. We are supposed to find out if my little bump is a boy or a girl tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed that the baby is not bashful!