Chronicling The Comerfords

Sunday, October 31, 2010

That's My Boo!


Since my child will not keep anything on her head, we did not have a huge selection of baby Halloween costumes.  I was browsing the internet and saw this cute little ghost tutu ensemble and thought, "I can totally make that!"  And I did...

 She is supposed to have a big orange polka dot bow on her head, but she hates all things on her head.
Usually we can sneak a little bow in.

 Mom's friend from high school made these bloomers.  Same person who has made all of the others ones (Christmas, Easter, birthday, etc)  Couldn't you just eat those legs up?

Saturday we went to Downtown Trick or Treat and Chili Cook-off.  The best part was running into Scarecrow Davis

 Amelia was also in the costume contest.  We did not win.  I know you are shocked! I can't believe it!  I'm sure we were taken out because of her Daddy's job downtown. Otherwise we would have won first prize!  That was the story we told her anyway... ;)

Trophy or not we still had fun!

After the downtown festivities, we strolled over to a friend's house for a Halloween lawn party.  Great time and great friends!  We trick or treated a few houses making our way back home, but Amelia really didn't get it.  She does love Smarties though!  I bet next year she will be a ton of fun.

At first I thought it was weird that our town does Trick or Treat on Saturday when Halloween falls on Sunday.  I still think it is pretty weird, but today was really nice.  We had a great service at church, good lunch and a 2 hour nap.  This evening we played in the backyard and grilled Comerford Farms hamburgers. It was a wonderful relaxing family day.

I also thought a few times today about making Amelia's Halloween costume next year... probably not.  Good thought though!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Yesterday's Lazy Cures Tomorrow's Crazy

Ummm... not in my world.  Do you watch Modern Family?  I felt like we were the only ones on the planet that do not  watch it so this week we tuned in.  What a funny show!  I'm not sure if it was super-funny just for Halloween or what, but it is now set on the DVR.

If you do watch you understand the title of this post.  I called... well that is not true... Side Story... Jamie called me this afternoon to inform me that I do definitely look like the meanest person on creation when I drive.  The first time she called I informed her that she must have caught me on a bad day.  So, today she confirmed that, no I am definitely a mean-face driver.  Who knows?  I apparently need to hook the Ipod up and start driving to Dolly Parton more often.  Maybe it is my big fabulous sunglasses?  I don't know.  I promise I do not intend to look that way.  Just honk and wave at me next time and I will smile big.

Back to the point... while trying to justify my driving face I went into a rant of why I could look mean.  It's been a week.   Nothing bad, I have just been a grump.  Just one of those funks I suppose.  This morning I was running around like a mad woman and was told to leave the house and Daddy would get the little girl to school.  Then I couldn't find my keys, yesterday it was a check, Wednesday it was the church fall festival that Amelia was not excited about.  Just one of those poo-poo, nothing is really wrong but I am in a foul mood weeks.  And I have decided that I need a chauffeur (along with a Nanny and a maid and a gay male best friend who will dress me).

I was explaining to Jamie the humor in Modern Family and said "Why can't lazy cure my crazy?  Whenever I am lazy to take a break from the crazy, the next 2 days are even crazier than the day before the lazy.  What the heck?"  And we decided it is either because a. I am not a gay male or b. because I don't live inside a tv show.  So, basically what you are saying is that I am SOL?  Basically.  Well, that is just great.  Anyone want to put me on tv?  I promise I am awfully entertaining.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Growing Up Before Our Eyes

This weekend we went to Mobile to visit our family's farm and corn maze.  We took Amelia's picture in the same cow photo frame as last year.  Look at the difference a year makes...



It is unbelievable how fast it happens. They just grow up before you know it!

Below is a picture from this past Sunday.  These babies will graduate high school together.  Some 2028 and some 2027.  Next thing you know these babies and their daddies will be posing for prom pictures.  Sad!

 Look at all these babies!  All of our married friends were obviously getting along really well last year! ha!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Obsessed with Owls

By the way... Owls are my new fall mascot. I admit they are kinda creepy, but I've become obsessed with them this fall. I'm sure it is someones awesome marketing skills that did it to me. I generally don't even like retro stuff, but for this fall we are going for some throwback owls.

And we have one that camps out somewhere near our house. Sometimes he is so loud that he wakes me up. This is super-duper cool because we are in the city and have owls at our house. Small things make me love my little world. Again, getting woken up by an owl is a little creepy (they are just spooky little things) but really cool

Happy Fall Y'all

This saying has become way over used but that is because it is adorable! I love it and will use it as much as possible.

I have not been in hiding these past few weeks. Instead I have been in H-E-double hockey sticks. I am sure most of you do not remember your molars coming through but apparently it is quite painful. That or my child has inherited my fantastic drama skills when it comes to pain. Amelia has had on and off fevers jumping up as high as 104.7. For a week solid she whined and tugged at my pants. My back has been sore from carrying her around. And we are not even going to speak of the diaper situation. BUT, the tooth broke through! Praise the Lord! Are they all going to be this bad?? Do you realize teeth have been coming through those sweet little gums since Feb 12th? Ugh! I'd whine all the time too. That stinks!

So, that's the rotten life I have led these past few weeks. But, let's not dwell! Let me tell you some of my favorites so far from this fall...

* My tea olive bushes surrounding the porch making my backyard smell amazing

* My weekly girls night in with Jamie

* Attic Sale! A success and so much fun. It cracks me up when women pull their spending money out of their bras.

* Pumpkin Parties

* My back porch full of friends eating Comerford Farm hamburgers

* Our CSA and all of it's members

* Crisp, cool wonderful air

* Afternoon strolls with friends and our babies

* Making Amelia's Halloween costume

* Book club on a sweet friend's screened in back porch

* The arrival of Sophie Newsome

* Amelia's pink converse ALL*STARs

* A weekend at Reynolds Plantation with my husband

* Amelia learning to talk which includes:
Pointing out "Elmo"; saying "Thank you" when you give her something or to ask for something; saying "down" when she wants up or down; "Love You" in the sweetest voice you've ever heard; the dreaded "No"; cookies; "chich-chin" aka Chicken; pointing to pictures saying "Who's dat?" ; "Moooo Cows"; barking at puppies; chasing Molly around the house saying "HEY! kitty-kitty"; plus all of the other chatterbox babbles including "reading" to herself

* A baby who has finally decided to cuddle

* A day at the GA National Fair in Perry

* Sharing a table with 3 girls I have loved for years to celebrate Heather's birthday

* Uggs and Rainbows in the same week

* Having Grandma in town for the DownTown Hoedown

* Skinny Jeans

* Amelia's Wranger jeans

* All my TV shows are new again

* Amelia using her "Prayer hands" while we ask the blessing

* Making my Santa at Phipps appointment

We have had a rocky fall with a few stumbles, but needless to say we are blessed . So "y'all" I hope your fall is as happy as ours!