Chronicling The Comerfords

Friday, May 28, 2010

Atlanta Botanical Gardens

This picture is out of order and I couldn't get it to move. It is a great way to start this blog though, because it is so beautiful! The hydrangeas at the Atlanta Botanical Garden were almost as pretty as my little girl!

On Thursday Nana, Amelia and I loaded up to go to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. In preparation for our trip Nana kept Amelia awake during her morning nap time so she'd sleep all the way there. It worked like a charm and Amelia was a happy little gardener when we got to the gardens.

We originally went to the Gardens because they have been advertising the Canopy Walk like crazy around here. It was really neat and pretty, but I don't think it was worth the money they have spent on advertising. It was a lot higher than I expected (a little too high for me) and it was cool how it was just suspended there, but it wasn't very long. I don't know what I had in mind. I guess I thought it would be all over the gardens or something. To sum up my rambling... it was neat and worth seeing but not my most favorite feature.
The girls on the Canopy Walk

One thing that was super awesome was all of the art in the gardens. There were all of these glass blown fruits and sculptures that were absolutely beautiful. There were pears, apples and peaches. They were hanging from trees and placed all in the edible garden.

While we are on edible topics, the first thing we did when we got into the garden was have lunch. We both ordered the special pimento cheese sandwich and edimame sesame salad. The pimento cheese was spicy and homeade and wonderful. And the salad was just as tasty and unique. This is the 2nd edimame salad I have had and I love them both. I will have to google some recipes soon. Amelia even enjoyed the beans. They were flavorful and cold on a hot day.
Pear Tree

Peaches in the Edible Garden

Speaking of the Edible Garden, it was my most favorite part. They had tons of yummy veggies, fruits and everything imaginable. They even had pomegranate bushes. There was a huge herb wall. It was taller than me and wide. The herbs grew out sideways and there were multiple rows of each. I'm not doing a great job of describing this, but imagine wallpaper made of really fragrant 3-D greenery.

There were also 2 greenhouses with nothing but orchids from floor to ceiling. I think orchids are beautiful. I owned one for about 5 months before I killed it. My friend Andi brought it to me in the hospital when Amelia was born. I remember emailing her on Amelia's 3 month birthday because I was SO proud to have kept both of them alive for 3 months. They are some persnickety little things! I can not imagine having 2 full greenhouses of them. But, oh they were so beautiful!
(Like my necklace?!)

Then it was off to the children's garden. Nana and I kept talking about how much Amelia will enjoy this next year. We will definitely go back. There was a treehouse and a fountain to play in plus much more. Such a fun place!
"I'm so big!"
It was a hot but fun day at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. So hot that we had to stop by The Varsity on the way home for a Frosted Orange. It was Nana and Amelia's first time having a Varsity F.O. and they loved it. Nana said it tastes similar to an Orange Julius (which she loves), but nothing compares to an F.O. in my opinion. "What'll Ya Have?" Awesome happiness, goodness, Thank you!
Due to never ending construction in Atlanta we could only turn right out of the Varsity. This meant we had to take a detour to get home and by "detour" I mean I got us lost. We ended up driving by every Atlanta tourism attraction and landmark trying to get home and laughed the whole way. "Hey, I've always wondered where that was!" We finally got in the right direction and made it home. It was a great day and we can not wait to go back.

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Painted Princess

I know that she is probably too young, but I have been waiting to paint these toes since the day I brought her home from the hospital.

Since Dolly Pardon was on Oprah today especially for Amelia's 9 month birthday AND had a guest appearance by Kenny Rogers singing "Islands In The Stream", we decided we had to do something fabulous!

And she loves them!!

Happy Birthday sweet girl. In one month you have learned to crawl, pull-up, say "Da-Da" and say "Bye-Bye" while waving your little right hand. Everything you do makes us smile. I love you so much. Painting your little toes made my day! That and the fact that I have a secret love affair for Kenny and Dolly!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Belated Mothers Day (Belated blog, not day)

Daddy did Mommy good on her first Mother's Day! We woke up Sunday morning to the sweetest alarm clock. Amelia no longer cries when she wakes up but "talks" and coos instead. Daddy went to get her and they went to retrieve my Mother's Day present. I am terrible with gifts and completely turn the house upside down looking for them. I have no idea what Ben does with them. This year they were in his truck. They came back to bed with a gift bag containing 2 boxes.

One held this:

My Mother-in-law and I were shopping and I went on and on about this cute necklace. She then started a covert operation to call my husband and ask if she should get the necklace for him for me for Mother's Day. I wasn't on the phone but apparently he said he already had something and she said, but she really likes it and blah, blah, blah, I got it! My guess is she remembered the shower head I got for our first Christmas and thought she'd save him a little headache. Isn't the necklace fantastic?! It looks a lot less "bling-bling" on me than it does on Amelia. This was a great surprise being that I had just saw it like 16 hours before and I knew he didn't have time to go get it. Sneaky, sneaky Comerfords...

But, little did she know he had been shopping and it was not for a shower head.

The second box held these:

Aren't they beautiful? He said they were something special for me to remember my first Mother's Day with Amelia. He also informed me that they were her birthstone. Of course I know that, but I thought it was really sweet that 1. he was thoughtful enough to find a Mother's Day gift that was her birthstone and 2. he thought he needed to inform me that it was her birthstone. :) I do love that they are her birthstone so one day she can wear them and she and I will always have them.

What a special gift(s)! By the way, have you ever taken a close up picture of the side of your face? Mine was not so flattering! I swear I am somehow related to Harry and the Hendersons.

Where I fell down on the job was ordering my Mom's gift. I was WAY ahead of the game sending her a link to order shoes she liked. About a week later she responded and I totally did not get them ordered. I'm telling you my mind is not functioning correctly. What kind of daughter who is now a mother and knows the work their mother put in can not order shoes in time for delivery?! Terrible! Anyway, they are in the mail.

Being a Mother is a true gift everyday. Some days seem like gag-gifts but they are gifts none the less. That being said, we definitely deserve a day to celebrate us. Really we deserve one day a week!

Word to your Mother...

By the way, I just googled "Word to your Mother". Urban Dictionary reads "I'm a white boy in need of a cool sounding motto." hahahahahahaha

What in the World is wrong with me?!

I think I am loosing my mind. This evening I went in the kitchen for the 3rd time to decide what I was going to make myself for dinner. The Cowboy is at his monthly cowboy meeting so I'm fending for myself. I thought about going to drive thru and then thought of the work it is to load baby girl up, then got over it. Then thought about the insane buffet lunch I had and knew the Suburban would spin out of control straight towards McDonalds so I stayed at home.

I settled for some homemade beanie weenies because I have a secret love affair with them. I opened the refrigerator to get out the hotdogs and saw this... empty drink pitcher?! What in the holy heck? Those of you who have ever been to my house knows that this holds my most favorite raspberry lemonade. Then I had a flash back to last night. *Key flashback music* Ben woke me up off the couch to go to bed. I realized I was thirsty so I detoured through the kitchen and drank the last of the raspberry lemonade OUT OF THE CONTAINER! I drink out of containers on a regular basis, but I'm going to act like I don't. That being said, I never ever leave an empty pitcher in the refrigerator! And I have opened that thing about seven times today and didn't notice it. I would have blessed my husband out if he would have pulled something like this. You know I used to say that Amelia was sucking my brains right out of my girls but I'm not breast-feeding any longer. Who knows, maybe they are gone. I know the girls are gone but I thought I salvaged some of my brain.

After I gathered my beanie weenies and sweet tea I went into the living room to find this...
I mean, passed out cold in the middle of the living room floor. (I still hate our green carpet) Sweet little girl had a hard day. We went to lunch with the girls, went swimming then had friends over for the afternoon.
So now you know I eat beanie weenies and drink out of the container. Awesome. Disclaimer: I only drink out of shared beverage containers if we are at the very bottom. You don't have to decline my offer of a drink if you are at my house. Or you can just ask me and I will most likely lie to you!

Friday, May 14, 2010

One In A Million

Amelia has learned to pull up. She is so busy that she can not be still. She stands there bouncing on her little chunky knees like she is dancing.

We have found our new favorite tv channel which is a Music Choice channel called True Country. It is all 80's and 90's country music. We laugh about how cheesy 80's country was but sing every word to every song that comes on. It's fantastic!

We have had a week. Amelia has been a little cranky, I've been a little cranky, our main man has been really busy. It's just one of those weeks were nothing really goes wrong but it's full of little hiccups and frustrations that drive you up the wall. You know where nothing can go as planned for one reason or another. I said one day that "things just don't let up in our world, it's always something isn't it?" And then he flashed that amazing grin and said "Nope, it's how we know we are still alive!" And I smiled back.

Wednesday night was book club and I was so excited to get out of the house to be with girls older than 8 months. It was a wonderful night of yummies, good drinks and amazing friends all surrounded by a backyard flowers, water and a sweet golden retriever. There was talk of plastic surgery, boys, babies and Chelsea Handler. All kinds of "Shadoobie"! (Read the book) It was the highlight of my week, possibly my month.

But this happened before I left... It was your typical getting out of the house. Juggling a baby, picking up random stuff the people you live with has left around, all while trying to look put together enough to go out in public. I then walked into the living room and there was my little girl standing at the ottoman bouncing on her chunky knees looking straight at her Daddy. Johnny Lee was on our favorite new channel and my husband was looking our daughter straight in the eyes singing "One in a Million". This my friends, is what life is all about. One of those moments I pray that I never forget. If I were remotely tech-savy I could copy you a link to the song I am not. Google it and it will all make sense. I melted, gained composure and was off.

I know the song writers had this in mind for a man and woman romance but for me, it will always be about a Daddy and his Daughter. My Daughter and her Daddy. She is one in a million. So is he...

One In A Million - Johnny Lee
Sometimes it seems the world's a jungle
Through it all I was born to stumble
Searchin' for somethin' I never would find
I take your love in bits and pieces
Comin' to you only when it eases that lonely feelin'
That gets in my mind and you treat me so kind
With those hard times come a dime a dozen
But girls with your kind of lovin' are one in a million
They're so hard to find
And those hard times come a dime a dozen
But girls with your kind of lovin' are one in a million
I'm lucky you're mine
I know your friends don't think much of me
They say you're a fool to love me
But girl I know they'll never turn you around
You're bound to love, you hard luck poet
When I let you down you don't show it, you know it don't matter
They can't touch what we found when the sun goes down
And those hard times come a dime a dozen
But girls with your kind of lovin' are one in a so hard to find

Monday, May 10, 2010

Girls Beach Weekend

I swear, I really need more time in my day to blog! Can someone figure out how to give me an extra hour or just keep me up past 9:30?

Mom, Amelia and I had a fantastic time at the beach. Mom said it was her "best vacation ever". But, as cute and sweet as Amelia is, I find it hard to believe it was better than St. Lucia. I suppose that is Grandma love. We didn't do a whole lot so I will mainly post in pictures.

We started out with me making about 10 wrong turns in Columbus and adding an hour to our trip. We also found out that Amelia likes riding in the car about as much as her Mommy does. Someone had to sit in the backseat and talk to her on the way there and back. I also discovered that you need one Suburban per child for a weekend vacation. I have no idea what we would have done if I still had the Volvo. I'm sure stuff would have been stacked on the roof, truck and probably the hood!

Due to the crawling phase, we pretty much avoided the beach and stayed at the pool. I am not a clean freak or obnoxious about germs, but sand in the mouth, ears and eyes was more than I could handle. We will save the sand for walking, not crawling and face planting (you will see what I mean in a few pictures). So here is our story:

Mom has a high school friend, Sammy, who has a fantastic house at the beach. He was kind enough to let us come stay there for our trip. We got a great surprise Friday night when he showed up with his girlfriend, Mitzi. Mom and I instantly loved her! They are such a cute couple, I only wish we would have had more time to spend visiting with them.

Amelia loved the pool! It was negative 1 million degrees, but she would not stay out of it. Grandma got her this fun ladybug float and she had a blast. When we'd take her out, she'd pull up on the hot tub (not heated) and play in it. Obviously 8 month olds do not know cold yet.
Mommy and Grandma sipped on Capt Morgan and fruit juice all weekend by the pool and took turns taking Amelia inside for naps. Grandma did way more of this than Mommy but she didn't seem to mind. I got to spend a lot of time reading which was a nice change. Oh and Chelsea Lately, she is my new BFF. I'm sure she'd drive you a little bananas is she were a full time friend - mainly because she'd make you pee in your pants laughing like every 5 mins. It's a funny book. Book Club should be a hoot this week!

I just love this girl. Speaking of love, don't you love my cover up? I got it at TJ Max - Maxinista here - for like $15. It was normally $97.99! Now, it is so cute, but $98?! That's a little silly.
Doing a little poolside Yoga in the morning. This has been Amelia's signature pose for the last month or 2. It is so funny. She will also put her head on the ground and look at you between her legs. She does this all the time which is why there was very little time on the sand.

Yoga on the Green

Friday night we went out to dinner and I had crablegs. I had been craving them ever since we decided to go to the beach and they did not let me down. Us girls devoured the crablegs and wine and beer like a bunch of boys!

Amelia thought it was hilarious! She was also a little ticked that all she got was saltine crackers

3 generations. I couldn't ask for more, except for maybe 4 generations. I miss my Grandma. She would have loved this little girl to pieces.

If this doesn't melt your heart, we are no longer friends and please quit reading my blog. She did love the sand, but I didn't let her get in it. One day soon...

Her little hairs (all 4 of them) curled up in the humidity. Just like her Mama's and Grandma's... Lord help her. We are going break Daddy's bank with all the hair products

As promised, the cupcake wedding cake. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

They also served Gazpacho and Gumbo over grits in martini glasses. It was a sweet beach wedding with an awesome reception. The bride was beautiful and they have just a perfect little family.

It was great beach weekend with great company and a wedding to boot. When are we going back?!