Chronicling The Comerfords

Sunday, April 29, 2012

First Boat Ride of the Season

One of the best things about our wonderful little town is the lake around all it.  One of the worst things about our life here is the fact that we do not own a boat.  I am currently trying to get my husband to buy me a Prius Wagon.  He said I have a better chance of getting a boat so maybe there is hope.

 Saturday our awesome friends invited us out on their pontoon boat. Their daughter in Amelia's class at school and in her ballet class.  It is so much fun to see our girls play and all the grown-ups love each other too.  We are all basically pretty darn awesome together :)  Seriously, life (dinners, outings, etc) is SO much easier if your children are happy.  Our girls played until 11:30 last night and we didn't even realize it was so late because they were having so much fun... so were we.  The night included an afternoon boat ride, docked for a little play time and dinner then back to the house to solve the world's problems over beer and Lionel Richie.

This was Annie's first boat ride. She stayed awake the whole time and seemed to love it.

 Amelia wanted to drive

 These girls love each other. Every time I take a picture I think "this could be in their senior slideshow" I really hope they are lifelong friends.

See how precious they are!

The one good thing about the lake being low is that it makes for a great redneck beach

We weren't planning on the girls swimming in the lake in April but it obviously wasn't that cold. Luckily the red mud came out of the brand new Lily Pulitzer dress Amelia was wearing

 Post-swim Subways for dinner

We have had a rough run lately.  Between Annie's constant congestion, Amelia being a fabulous 2 year old, VERY little sleep and Ben traveling, this Mama has been EXHAUSTED. I tell you, being a Mama of two little girls is something I wouldn't trade for the world, but these past few weeks have about done me in.  This weekend was exactly what I needed.  Daddy was home, the weather was perfect and we spent a lot of time as a family.  Thanks to our sweet friends for adding to our perfect weekend. 

Also, all four of us made it to Sunday school and church today.  It was so good to be there!  Our sermon was on Love in Action.  Remember that Jesus does not have a body on this earth except for ours.  Love others as He would.  You are His mouth, hands and feet to others.

Speaking of love.... how much do you love this picture? I pray these girls are always be close and truly love one another always

Monday, April 23, 2012

Daddy is Home!

13 days is entirely too long to be away from your husband! The girls also miss their Daddy.  Good thing work travel is just seasonal for our family.  I have no idea how wives handle their husbands doing it full time.  Annie was up almost all night with congestion (will it ever end??)  so she stayed in bed with morning with Daddy.  They slept in and he took her to nun school.

This is what living is all about!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

PawPaw's Pinterest Project

Have you gotten sucked into the Pinterest craze because the Comerford house most certainly has!  We have made Amelia's school snacks, birthday presents, door wreaths and shirts for the girls.  We had to recruit PawPaw for the latest idea and he was proud to help. The link called this a Kid Wash, but we (ummm.. PawPaw) have made a few changes and created the Amelia Wash 2012.

Isn't that the coolest thing you've ever seen?!  Our backyard is going to be oodles and doodles of fun this summer!  Thanks PawPaw, we LOVE it!  Now get to work on Grandma's bathroom remodel!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Amelia LOVES Caillou

We do not watch a lot of tv at our house but there is a good chance that when we do it is either Boz the Bear or Caillou.  Caillou is a little more obnoxious in my option (no offense Caillou), in fact the theme song brings Amelia to her feet EVERY SINGLE TIME it comes on.  See what I mean

She absolutely LOVES to sing.  This one is a little sweeter... Hello, How are you?

I love this super silly child of mine!

Annie is 3 Months Already!

3 months old!
13.15 lbs and 24 inches tall (4/16/12)

I just realized I have not done one of these yet!  No wonder the 2nd child always has some kind of issue when they grow up!  Poor things just get lost in the shuffle sometimes...

* We had a struggle to get you to eat for a while and you were SO messy.  You have been on reflux meds for 1 month and it seems to be helping a lot.  You are a really good eater and takes about 3 oz.  You are breastfed mostly but you take 2 3oz bottles at Nun School in the mornings.  You eat every 2 hours like clockwork if you are awake.  We are trying to push you to 2.5 hours but you usually win that battle.

* You sleep A LOT!  During the day you basically wake up to eat then crash again.  When you are awake you just smile and smile. At night you go to sleep between 9:30 or 10 and wake up between 2:30 and 4am for a twilight feeding then fall asleep nursing.  I have to wake you again at 7am to leave for school. You also will fall asleep on your own all day long.  I will lay you down somewhere and you will just look around until you decide to take a nap.  We enjoy this little personality trait :)

* You are a fussy mess from about 5:30 to 8.  You demand us to hold you constantly during this time and we usually do because we haven't seen your eyes all day long.

* Like your sister you LOVE bath time.  You smile and raise your eyebrows the whole time.  Sister likes to wash your head and back (those are her jobs).  You do not like your post-bath lotion rub down.  In fact you absolutely can not stand it and scream the entire time.  Who knows why?  Your Daddy hates lotion and anything greasy so maybe it is hereditary. 

* Also like your sister, you have extremely sensitive skin. We spend a fortune on washes and lotions for you two.  Amelia has gotten a lot better so we are hoping you will outgrow it as well.  In the meantime lube-downs with Aquaphor is a must.

* You love laying in bed and "talking" to your mobile.  You make the funniest sounds and you are quite the loud mouth.  You have the same mobile your sister had and we have videos of her sounding the same way.  It's funny how similar you two can be, but yet so different.

* You will tolerate the swing, but you do not love it all that much

* You love being outside and will fall straight asleep in the stroller or Baby Bjourn.  I guess a little fresh air calms everyone

* You kick your feet nonstop (will you be a tap dancer or soccer player?) and you wiggle all over the place the entire time you sleep.  When you wake up you are on the complete opposite end of your bed.  We keep thinking once you get up and go, there will be no stopping you

* You smile all the time.  It is a big smile that lights up your whole face and closes your eyes.  You really started smiling responsively about 6 weeks and have not stopped.  You are just such a happy baby.

* You have been congested basically since birth.  We do not know if it is the reflux or colds from being a winter baby.  You've been on breathing treatments once (which you did not mind) and we have spent a lot of time sucking your nose (which you mind a lot). We keep saying that although you seem miserable with your colds, you still smile through it.

* You started "Nun School" at the end of your 7th week.  You go to the Catholic church from 7:45 to noon and the people there are so sweet.  Your teacher says she would take you home because you are such a good baby.  Daddy and I call it Nun School because it is so much fun to say.

We love watching you grow, but you are growing SO fast!  Please slow down!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

The Tomb was Empty, The Sanctuary was Full

I was sitting in church on Easter morning in a very un-Easter mood.  My parents had been in town all weekend and were staying with my inlaws.  This made the most sense and they all enjoyed the stay but it had me shuffling back and forth between our house and theirs.  And even though it is just across the pasture, it's a lot of work moving 4 people's belongings back and forth.  We drove to Callaway Gardens for their Easter Egg-stravaganza Saturday and it was not worth the hype.  Don't get me wrong I LOVE Callaway Gardens, but this particular event was not worth the drive (even if I lived next door to the entrance).  And I felt that the person who helped me bring these children (who were on breathing treatments and cough medicine and up all hours of the night Easter weekend) into this world was spending more time watching a little golf tournament about a green jacket than helping me with the girls.  He did mow his parents grass and smoke a ham, but I was requiring a lot of attention that I clearly was not getting.
Soooo back to Sunday in the sanctuary.  We got there right before service began and this meant there were very few seats to be found.  I am already mad because I couldn't get myself and the girls together to make it to Sunday school, then we walk into a packed house and of course our normal a little over halfway to the front on the left hand side by the windows seats are taken.  And all I could think was "Who are all these people and why are they here?  I mean where are they every other Sunday.  You do not have the right to sit in my seat if you don't come to more than holiday services."  I honestly did not have my heart or mind in the right place because I remember those craptastic thoughts and can not tell you one word of our AMAZING pastor's sermon.  And FYI, since January 17th, we have sat in our seats once.  This is because when we do make it to church we are so late that we have to sneak in the back.  One day life will get back to normal.  AND I do love seeing a full sanctuary.  We have such a wonderful church and I'd love to share it with the whole world.  I would just love our holiday visitors to join us other Sundays as well.
Fortunately, we had a lot of fun events that led up to the most important day of our Christian faith when I decided to act like a 5 year old brat and here is your sneak peak:

Our church Easter egg hunt blew Callway's out of the water!

Amelia was serious about hunting some eggs this year!  I even tried to get her to put a few of hers in Annie's basket for a photo and she wouldn't give up even one egg

 This is a lovely, loving picture because it was such a fun day.  Amelia is starting to pose like a thug and I think it is awesome!

Even though the Callaway Egg Hunt was quick and lame, the girls were super cute and rockin some pretty fancy sunglasses

Amelia absolutely LOVED the Easter Bunny both times

 Mom and I got creative *shocker!* and found some fun ideas.  Mom and Amelia made some Rice Crispies Easter Eggs during the week and Saturday night at Nana's we all made a Peeps Cake.  It wasn't very pretty, but it was good!

Last year the Easter Bunny had this great idea of leaving his tracks with eggs and he did it again this year.  Such a creative bunny!

 White Baby makes a good seat

 I love these sweet sisters!

 Happy Easter Annie

 The family photo I didn't want to take (again because I was being obnoxiously emotional)

Have I mentioned how hard it is to get a pretty picture of both girls at the same time?

 Annie is such a pleasant baby

 Amelia had a rough day, because she is 2 after all, but she took a long nap (Mommy took one with her) and we both woke up feeling great.

So, all in all, Easter 2012 was not perfect and my attitude stunk but it was our Easter.  Praise God the tomb is empty and praise God that the sanctuary was full!!  And Praise God my family loves me and is still putting up with me! :)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sacrificial Love

I heard a sermon a month or so ago talking about laying down your life for another. The preacher asked if the Bible really calls us to do so.  Through scripture we learned that yes it does.  In some cases "laying down your life" does mean to die for another.  In other cases it simply means to put aside your current life and live a totally different life for another.  When a man marries a woman there is a pretty good chance he is going to have to change his lifestyle and walk a little differently for the woman he loves.  Older couples who have one spouse who's health is failing lay down the life they have known for 40, 50 or 60 years to care for their husband or wife in a way no one is prepared to do so.

Motherhood is one of the greatest examples of laying down your life for another.  Sure you have the help of your husband, friends and family members but no one can prepare you for the sacrifices you will make as a mother.  It begins with your body turning into an ever-growing incubator.  Then they get here and you give up sleep and eating with 2 hands and the ability to watch a 30 minute tv show uninterrupted and bathing alone and going to the bathroom alone.  This my friends, is sacrificial love!  And we haven't even gotten to the teenage years yet, heck! we are just getting started on toddler years!

As I sit here and down my 3rd cup of coffee, staring at my breast pump that I have a love/hate relationship with (all of you breast feeding mommies understand that when a baby is clogged up, they do not eat well and you have that battle of "will the next feeding do the trick or do I need to use that damn thing?")  and dwell on the lack of sleep I have had the past 2 nights, the frustration of sick children, the guilt-trip you feel from being frustrated at said sick children and so on...  I can't help but to think of all the sacrifices that were made to get me to this point in life.  I am humbled.  At the tip-top of the list is my God and my Mother.  I think the only true way to say thank you enough and to feel somewhat worthy for all that has been given to and for you is to pay it forward.

Take time this weekend to praise first and foremost your Risen Savior followed by your Mothers, Fathers, Husbands, Grandparents, Siblings, Inlaws, Employers, etc etc etc... for all the sacrifices that have been made on your behalf. 

Have a blessed Easter!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Nana!

This weekend we went to buy Nana two hydrangeas for her birthday, one from Amelia and one from Annie.  While we were waiting for the owner of the nursery to help us I thought I would take some pictures of the girls to make a birthday card.  Annie was asleep, as usual, and Amelia... well, she wasn't in the mood....

Take 1

Take 2

3 is not too bad.  Thought we were getting over the hump and could get a better one

This was the final product!  I personally LOVE it!

Sunday after church we had a little birthday party with Easter bunny cupcakes.  Amelia wanted to "help" Nana blow out her candle after singing her Happy Birthday solo.  Annie just sat there wondering when she would get her cupcake

Happy Birthday Nana!  We love you more and more with each year that passes!!