Chronicling The Comerfords

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Going for Frost Bite

Today is the day... it's the first beach trip of the summer... almost summer. Mama will be here about 2:30 to pick up Amelia and I and we are southbound. We are going to see a sweet friend get married on Rosemary beach and decided to make a vacation out of it.

I plan on spending a lot of time by the water. Do you think it will still be too cold to get in the ocean or pool? I bet it is, but who cares?!

I can't wait to mingle around the cute little village in Seaside. We are reading Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang for book club so maybe I'll visit the little bookstore and purchase it for my souvenir.

I also plan on spending a lot of time here:

eating the most amazing cupcakes. Personally, I am still a fan of Sweet Pockets in Atlanta, but ordering cupcakes from an airstream on the beach excites me. And if I am remembering correctly they are also catering the wedding.
But most exciting is this:
SNOW CONES! These are the most amazing things ever! My friend Isa introduced me to them and it totally sealed our friendship for ever. I have had many a snow cones in my time from multiple years at the circus to once even owning my very own Snoopy Snow Cone machine. There has never been a snow cone like these. Maybe because they are in an airstream or because you are at the beach or because they have crack in them. Whatever it is, it's dreamy!
I'm off to put last minute things in my bag. Oh! and WHY OH WHY do little people require so much stuff? I bought a new extra large Scout bag in St Simons this fall to use as my beach bag. Guess what's in it?... all of Amelia's travel "necessities".
See you next week!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

8 Months

It's been a few months since I've done one of these. It is so hard to believe that on April 21st our little girl turned 8 months old! We celebrated Amelia's birthday eating pizza with Katy, Lonnie and Molly (Katy even sang happy birthday to Amelia). Molly is 6 days older than Amelia. I pray every time I take a picture of those 2 cute girls that it will end up in a senior portrait ad because they will be best of friends that long. Wouldn't that be cute?! I shouldn't talk like that because Lord knows they will be in high school before I can blink!

I wish there was a way to put into words the love I have for Amelia and the joy she brings me. She has the funniest personality and the sweetest disposition. It seems that each day she comes up with something new. Today I organized her closet and put clothes she has out-grown into containers. I looked back at the little gowns and dresses and was absolutely amazed at how far we've come. You know, I think we are really going to make it! :) I can't even tell you how I felt, excited for this new little person she is becoming, sadness for the little baby girl that growing too big for my lap...What in the heck?! No wonder so many women are on medication. Motherhood completely destroys your emotions (and your boobies!)

So here is the 8 month wrap up:

* Amelia has not stopped cutting teeth since Feb 10th. As of her 8 month birthday she had 7. On the 23rd the 8th came through

* Ever since the first four teeth came through we have been sleeping through the night again. She goes to bed about 8 or 8:30 and sleeps until around 7:15 or 7:30. She still hates to go to sleep and cries for about 5 mins in her bed before giving in and crashing. She does not wake up crying. Usually I know she is up because I hear her "talking" to the stuffed animals in her bed.

* She still likes to cuddle. Usually its in the same corner of the bed, but sometimes recently its been with a stuffed animal.

* We are trying our best to drink 25 to 30 oz a day. She is eating baby food 3 times a day and yogurt for a snack. We have yet to find food she does not like, which is shown in the fact that she weighs right at 20lbs

* She had her first fever April 6th and it was 102.4. It lasted about two and a half days on and off. Turns out she had terrible allergies this spring. We hope it doesn't become a trend.

* She started crawling April 18th. She's not really fluid with it but she gets where she intends to go.

* She has mastered the sounds "dah" and "buh" but those are the only ones she consistently uses. She "talks" all the stinking time. She also squeals and giggles a lot which is the most fantastic part of having a girl.

* She loves to "poot" with her mouth. She will purse her little lips up and blow out while sending bubbles and drool everywhere. You do it then she copies you and laughs. That has been going on for about a month and we still can't get enough of it.

* She really likes her exersaucer but loves playing on the floor just about as much.

* She has started taking her pointer finger and middle finger from each hand and tapping them together. Her Great-Grandma pointed this out last week and she was right! Amelia does that quiet a bit. Know what else? So does her Daddy!

* She does not like you to leave her. You have to wait until she is occupied to play your exit strategy to get out of the room.

* The one big negative right now is biting. It's become a new trend. I know she is just figuring out these new teeth in her mouth, but how to you discipline an 8 month old? I don't mean nibbling but the child breaks the skin!

Obviously, I could go on for days and days but I think I have hit the major points. I will leave you this adorable picture of Amelia, Molly and their Daddies on Amelia's 8 month birthday.

8 Months

They Should have Named it "Lake Amazing"

Last weekend we had a family getaway to visit our friends Brandon and Kelly. They have a lake house a little over 2 hours from us. Since we are so adventurous (insert sarcasm) we took the scenic route that took WAY longer but was so pretty. Lake Arrowhead is in what I would call the mountains, but those of you who really do live in the mountains would probably call it foothills. Regardless it is such a beautiful place.

More beautiful are our friends that live there. The last time we were at the lake it was BK (before Kelly) and let me tell you, it is amazing what a woman can do with a place! No offense Brandon! The house was always nice but now it has pretty paint and furniture and decor on the walls. It is so homey and wonderful. It's also amazing what a woman can do with a man! Brandon is one of Ben's best friends from college and has been one of my favorites since the first time we met. Ben and I also felt the same way about Kelly the first time we met her. It's just so awesome to see such wonderful people so happy. We sat around at dinner on Saturday night talking about our lives before we found each other and how happy we all are. In a world that has become so negative about just about everything (marriage included), it's so nice to hear other people openly speak about how happy they are.

Amelia loved Brandon, and not just for his glasses

And she and Kelly are best buds. I'm not sure which one had more fun...
Speaking of our dinner Saturday night... it was one of the best parts of the weekend. Kelly marinated veggies all afternoon, Brandon made beer-can chicken and they both went on the grill. We had dinner on the screened in porch with white wine and finished off with a dessert buffet of strawberry shortcake and Rice Crispy treats. Ugh, my mouth is watering now. Kelly and I enjoyed a reasonable amount of dinner and picked on the boys because their plates looked like this
Yes, that is 1/2 a chicken. They both told us this was reasonable, but I'm a little skeptical. However, I will not dare mention how many Rice Crispy treats the girls devoured.

During all of the catch-up and eating, we did find time to actually get out on the lake. Here are some pictures.

Amelia sunbathing

Boat Ride

Napping on the boat worked very well. I'm thinking we need a boat!

It was an amazing weekend at an amazing place with amazing friends. We hope to see y'all soon!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

"A picture says a thousand words"

One picture can sum up our whole week. Beautiful weather, everything is blooming, sweet summer clothes and baby in a craptastic mood. Tomorrow starts a new week!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pollen Be Gone!


I really appreciate you bringing spring to us. It was a long winter and we all know what a grump that made me. You and I have never had problems in the past. I know a lot of people don't like you but I'm not that kind of girl. Until you do something to me personally we are cool. I have always said that any little headache I get is worth it for my flowers to bloom and things to turn green.

The below picture of my grill and patio does not do justice of your work this year. It seriously looks like an elementary school kid beat the chalkboard erasers all over my porch.

Like I said, we've always been cool, but Pollen, you crossed the line this year. My baby is absolutely miserable thanks to you! She is so congested she can not eat and is now running a fever. I really don't appreciate that you send my Mama into a tailspin every year, but she's old enough to take care of herself. Messing with my baby girl is a whole new ballgame. It's time for you to pack up your dust and get the heck out of town or else!

Best Regards,

Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail

Amelia's first Easter was better than I could have ever imagined! For the first time in a bazillion years the weather was fantastic. I wore a shrug over my dress and almost burnt up!

Easter starts in our house on Palm Sunday. I absolutely love Palm Sunday service. When those sweet little kids come down the center aisle in church it makes my heart melt. I kept thinking that next year Amelia just might be old enough to wave her palm branch to the Lord. I don't know why that particular service pulls my heartstrings. I think the excitement and love that children have for Jesus is something I envy.

Here is Palm Sunday at our house

(These were actually taken in front of our neighbor's house. Hope they don't mind! Their house is for sale. The house is just as cute as this pretty bush. Wouldn't you love to be our neighbors?.... Heather? :) ....)

On Wednesday we went to church for the annual Easter egg hunt. Amelia loved the Easter bunny. She kept rubbing the soft fur. The egg hunt was not as egg-citing for her. I put her down in front of an egg and she was happy. She's a simple girl not needing a lot of excess. One egg will do just fine, thank you!

On Saturday my parents came and spent the night with us. Amelia's Grandpa made her Easter basket this year. She actually sent him an email saying she would like it for her birthday, but no need to make the girl wait until August!

Amelia's dollhouse bookcase made by Grandpa! Her Mama absolutely LOVES it!

My hunny-bunny and her Easter Basket
We hosted Easter lunch at our house this year. My parents, Ben's parents and Amelia's great Grandma and Grandpa were able to come eat with us. We had way too much good food. The best part about hosting Easter lunch is 3 days worth of yummy leftovers in your fridge!

We didn't have our entire family but we were thankful for all that were here. Sometimes I wish we were all in small community where everyone was in town, in the same church and you had dinner on the ground. The worst part about holidays is the travel and decision making of where you will land from year to year. It was sweet when Amelia woke up from her nap and everyone was here. She looked from person to person smiling as if she was saying "Wow, what are all of you doing at my house?!" These are sweet little moments I hope I always remember (probably not which is the main purpose for this blog).

Amelia with Grandpa and Grandma

Amelia with Great Grandma and Grandpa

Amelia with Nana and Pa

I hope each of you were as blessed as we were this Easter. Remember to keep the celebration all year long. He is Risen and here everyday!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday - More Awesome than Holy

First... To clarify, I think being Holy is incredibly awesome. I just feel like today for me has been more awesome than Holy (not that its right or a good thing). It just is what it is.

It's like 80 something degrees outside! Usually we get our last cold snap on Easter weekend, but not this year! What a Great Good Friday! Amelia and I had a picnic lunch outside on the porch. Then Grandpa and I took her for a stroll. She fell asleep on the ride so I strolled her right inside in front of Grandma's recliner (in case she wakes up). Which brings me to the current state...

Sitting outside with a Malibu Rum-fruit juice concoction in the sunshine. It was almost worth the worst winter ever to get this kind of sunshine the beginning of April.

Would you like another drink? Don't mind if I do...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Things I "Need"... like, say, a Kindle...

I am at my parents house tonight blogging from my Mom's laptop. How in the world did I get left behind in the world of technology by my Mothers?

Not only does my Mom have a super-cool laptop, but my Mother-in-Law got a Kindle for her birthday this week. I have not bought my book club book in 2 months in hopes that I would breakdown and buy a Kindle. I found a new one on Craigslist for $160.00. I was going to buy it, but my part-time conscience kicked in and said, "Hello, you do not have $160.00 for a play pretty because your 7 month old play pretty needs a car seat."

And while I think I would be a better blogger... I mean I would probably be discovered and paid big bucks to blog if I had a laptop, but it is not a necessity. Our desktop computer is probably 25 steps from any point in our house so I really don't think I can justify a laptop. But, boy this thing is nice. We did have a laptop once because the hubby's job provided it and we totally picked up someone else's internet connection in my neighborhood. I would have felt bad about it but it was when we lived in the ATL and none of our neighbors were nice anyway.

You know what else I need? A Nanny! As I sit here and blog, my sweet cheeks is passed out in Grandma's lap. It's nice to have an extra set of arms for the baby girl to rest in from time to time. Maybe my parents could just move closer. That would be a lot cheaper than hiring a Nanny.

So, if I had a laptop, a Kindle and a Nanny I would be a serial blogger, well read and more productive in general.

We really need to sale some cows...

Oh, I also need more faith.