Chronicling The Comerfords

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's been a big week...

We are finally moved in to our house! Everything is not completely unpacked and we have to go clean the apartment this week, but we are in. This task would have not been nearly as easy if it were not for Ben's parents getting us moving help. I felt bad about not being able to pull my weight, but the baby is a little more important than all the stuff we had in those boxes. Plus, as the guys brought over loads, I unpacked boxes so a lot got put away in a hurry.

We have been showered with gifts of food and household items to welcome us to our new home and the neighborhood. You know, for a while I could not figure out why Ben wanted so badly to move back to the town we now live in. I was even more confused about why people who live here literally think this little town, that doesn't even have a Target for goodness sakes, is so great! But I can now officially say that I love it. We still don't have a Target, but I am learning that the community of people make up for it. We have a wonderful church family here and the friends we've made can not be replaced. We were both so tired and physically aching from our move, but every time we turned around someone was at our door and brought a smile to our faces. It's not about the food or gifts (which were all fantastic by the way!), but it's the love and friendship we have been shown since we've moved here. We are so grateful for everything!

On Sunday my parents came and brought us the best gift, their couch! We really needed a new couch and we love the one they have so it is perfect. Mom also brought her awesome red beans and rice for lunch and flowers that make my kitchen look so pretty. We walked around the neighborhood and had a great afternoon.

Amelia started kicking last week and that is so cool! It's like someone is thumping the inside of my belly. On Sunday morning we were laying in bed because we are now walking distance from church and there wasn't reason to rush. That being said, we will probably continue to drive anyway, but at least for once we were on time for Sunday School. :) Amelia happened to be up early so the Hubby finally got to feel her kick. He said "there are 3 of us now!" Patty looked at him like he'd lost his mind so he said, "Sorry Patty, 4." Call me crazy, but I really think that cat knows what we are talking about.

Life isn't perfect by any means, but we feel so blessed for our family, friends and new home. I assume life will be full of stresses and worries until we pass on to Heaven, but if you pay attention there are a lot more blessings than stress here on earth.

Stay tuned, interior pictures will come soon...

Saturday, April 18, 2009

It's not Augusta National...

... but it's our new home! As I watched the Masters last week I kept thinking about how great it is going to be to have a yard again. We are in the middle of a busy 2 weeks moving into our cute new house, but I wanted to take time to share some outside pictures while everything is still somewhat in bloom. Inside pictures will have to wait until after next weekend. Our house has the most beautiful azaleas lining the front and back yard, I only wish I would have gotten there earlier to take pictures. Not that they ever really looked like Augusta National, but in my eyes they were close enough!

Welcome home Comerford's!


Off the deck. That thing to our back right of the built in bench is a frame with hooks. It is the the future home of Amelia's swing!

View of the backyard from the deck

Pretty azaleas flowing over the picket fence in the backyard

Front side yard and great bench. I don't know if there will ever be any long term sitting here, but I'm sure a few pictures will be made!

Azaleas close up

So, that is it! Isn't it cute? We are So, So excited. Why in the world would anyone live anywhere else but the south?! Come visit us soon!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Movin on Up...

... to the the east side... Actually I am directionally challenged so I have no idea if we are really moving in an eastern direction from our current place, but We Are Moving!! Yippee!

My dear friends know the frustration I have had with finding a house in the town we live in. The apartment walls have closed in, then expanded and closed back in, but they were always better than anything we have looked at to buy. Last week while on a walk to keep my prego rear-end in shape my friend and I saw the cutest house for rent. We went to peak in the windows and the door was unlocked. So, knowing God worked that out just for us I gave myself a tour (it's vacant, don't worry). I brought the hubby over to see the cuteness of the house and he loved it too, then we found out it was in our price range, then I prayed and prayed and on Monday signed a lease. We meet this coming up Monday to do a walk through and get our keys! We will spend the next few weeks moving since we do not have to be out of the apartment until April 30th. Hopefully, I can post some pictures soon. I have the prettiest azaleas blooming in my rented yard. Amelia has her very own room and a swing in the backyard. The hubby has a deck to grill on and I am happy as a girl can be.

I leave in the morning to go spend the night with a sweet, sweet friend in the ATL and I'm finally getting my hair done while I'm there. Whoo-hoo!!! Maybe I will post some belly pictures after I get my new do. I swear, I stand at the bathroom with my baby belly tweezing the greys out of the top of my head feeling so old... then I watch The Hills, remember how immature I really am and feel all better! :)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

What's in a Name?

Not much but cuteness for our little girl. There was a time where I thought our baby's name would be so special and carry such a legacy to something. I refused to go trendy for the sake of having a cool and popular name; in fact I avoid them like the plague. I didn't want him or her to be 1 of 5 people in class with the same name. More importantly I wanted to use a family name. Our little girl was to be named Annie Kate... that's until the hubby shot it down! Annie is my first name and my great-grandmother's name and it is not over-used nowadays. Perfect! Well, Mr. Comerford said Annie is a nickname and he wanted our daughter to have more of a formal name. I guess when she becomes the doctor or lawyer or scientist that she will surely become she may want a more formal name.

After going through the best baby name book ever (thank you Jamie) a thousand times and agreeing on nothing, I had lost hope. Our baby girl was either going to be named Duchess or Will (the boy name we will eventually use if we have a little guy). I changed my Facebook status to ask for suggestions for names and got some great ones and some goofy ones, but got the right one. I still think it's a little Jetson's Space-age that I found my daughter's name on an internet networking site... oh well. A friend in Athens aka "The greatest place in GA" sent me a message with his suggestions, his wife's suggestions and his daughter's suggestions. The suggestions really didn't workout but his daughter's name stayed with me. I was hesitant to ask the hubby about another name because I didn't want another veto. I finally sent him an email with the name and he loved it! Yippee, let's jump for joy! We've learned through this process that people are very honest when it comes to their opinions on baby names. Most we have talked to love our name and some will say the "it will grow on me" or "not my first pick" comments, but everyone has their own taste and we are ok with that. Wait until they see how stinkin' cute she is! :)

I am no longer worried about our little girl's name and the legacy it holds. She will be very special and have her own little identity. Who knows, her name may one day be a legacy for her great-granddaughter. Plus, she will always be a reminder of a sweet family from a town I love. Thanks to Dan, Cory and Amelia for the inspiration. In August I look forward to introducing you all to Amelia Claire Comerford.

Here's a picture from out 18 week ultrasound.

By the way, we may have just secured us a house. I am nervous and excited all at the same time. Please say a prayer that we are following God's will. We should know something soon.