Chronicling The Comerfords

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I had a boss once that has 4 little (no longer little) girls.  While I'm sure he and his wife are not perfect parents, they did a lot of things that stuck with me.  A few of them we do in our own house almost 10 years later. 

One thing he talked about doing at dinner was High-Low.  You will go around the table and tell your highest point of the day and the lowest point.  It's a great conversation starter and you learn about everyone's day.  Here is my High-Low for today...

High!  Seeing this activity in the backyard.  Everyone likes to see their grass being cut, but especially when it's done by a cute husband.  Not to mention Amelia wanted to drive around the yard with him in the Barbie mustang! This was a precious moment!

Low!  Amelia also thought it would be a great idea to write an "A" on my car with a ballpoint pen! I blame this totally and completely on her Grandma.  My mother will stick a magnetic University of Alabama A on anything that will stay still long enough.  Just so you know, Clorox Foaming Bathroom Cleaner will take pen off a car.  Truthfully it was not really a low because it was so stinking funny!
Low was actually dropping her off at school and her whining and crying and acting like a turd because she was tired and grumpy this morning.
Annie was awesome and fun all day long.  Another high!  Year one of life has not been my most favorite year with either girl.  Annie has good days and bad days but knock on wood, the good is starting to get more and more (this week anyway! ha!)  I think the fresh air and great weather is helping everyone!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Starting the Summer at Seaside

This post is brought to you live from the beaches of South Walton County.

No lie prefer the Georgia Coast. St Simons will always hold a special place in my heart! But, Seaside has its own special atmosphere of awesomeness.

Mama and daddy needed a break so we took it. Extra special shout out to Grandma and PawPaw for keeping the little lovebugs. I'm sure they are enjoying their weekend as well.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

It's Sunday at the Ponderosa!

We LOVE Masters Sunday! Until the day we are able to get Sunday tickets we will grill out, watch golf and enjoy cocktails admiring our own azaleas.

It's not Augusta but we love it... More!


This past weekend we had a great big sister day.  Nana took me, my sister-in-law and all the big cousins to The Fox last Sunday to see Mary Poppins.  It was such a great show and the kids did awesome!  I was a little nervous with it starting at 7, but it was not a problem.  There was some antsiness about 30 mins before intermission, but then we walked around and got cokes so the second half was just fine.

The show itself was so good!  I would highly recommend seeing it.  From the stage props to statues that come to life to Burt tap dancing upside down on the top of the stage.    While I was glad to see Mary Poppins "fly" in with her umbrella on cables, Burt was a little bit much.  Don't get me wrong, it was REALLY cool.  The tap number of Step In Time was one of my most favorite parts of the show. But we are there to see a live show.  It doesn't have to be a 3D movie.  We are going to see an amazing stage and talented performers not death-defying stunts.  I mean the top of the stage at the Fabulous Fox Theater is high people!  There is no way I would go up there.  Amelia agreed.  She said "I wouldn't go up there, that's way up high!"  That being said, Burt was a champ and did a great job.  To be able to mimic the same tap steps upside down that high up takes talent.


Since we weren't leaving until later in the afternoon and I already had Daddy committed to hangout with Annie all day, Amelia and I had a big girl afternoon. 

We went to eat at our most favorite sandwich shop, Panera Bread.  I do not guess that is just a sandwich shop, but whatever you want to call it, it is good! 

After lucnh we headed to Belks for Mama some new outfits and make up.  I let Amelia sit in the chair at the Clinique counter and put a little light blush on her.  Before I knew it the lady behind the counter was over giving her a 3 year old make up.  She put on some lip gloss and even gave her a little sample sized gloss to take in her own special bag. Our Clinique lady is named Ginger and she goes above and beyond in every way. We love her!

We had such an amazing day together.  Amelia felt so special all day!  She has been going around ever since singing "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" and "just a bowl full of sugar helps the medicine go down". ;)  What a great experience!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Are we officially "In Between"?

I'm driving up 29 headed towards Athens, Georgia. Only I'm not going to Athens. There is a huge concert in Athens tonight but I am going to a small town outside of Athens to book club. I drive with mixed emotions of wanting to be at the concert but so excited to be at at bookclub.

The last time the cowboy and I went to Athens for a concert we were two of about five with black x's not on our hands meaning that we were over 21. We were there seeing one of our most favorite bands and what we thought would be a crowd our age. Not so much! Tonight will definitely be a much younger crowd although I have many friends there.

So what am I jealous of? I like the performers but not all that much. I like the girls my bookclub much better. We will have better food and better wine and beer. So I think it's the fact that I'm not sad about going to a book club over concert in Athens is what has me a little bummed. It makes me feel old. Clearly I am not old but it's moments like this that makes me think "could I be on the verge?"

I think I am not old but then think how old I thought 34-year-olds were when I was 21 or 18 for goodness sakes!

It's days like this when I realize I have two kids and I get excited about things like having enough time to shave my legs in the shower. How did I get here so quickly?

Don't get me wrong I love all I have and I'm so excited about how far I've come and all I have to look forward to, but GEES!

So, no we are not old but most definitely in between!

Also I did this whole blog post with Siri! I couldn't have done that 13 years ago! I had to edit once I stopped but Siri is finally starting to understand my southern accent!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Good Morning Farm

It's Spring Break in our town.  We did not go anywhere.  Good thing too, because it rained at the beach almost all week.  This morning I sat in the living room and drank coffee by myself and looked at this

/-*/No, we are not on spring break.  This is just the view from our living room window.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Throwback Thursday

I suppose it's time to get on the bandwagon with a little bit of Throwback Thursday.  Here's a picture of me and my girls, all the same age!

Here's one of Daddy.  Not the best quality, but you can see how cute he is!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter on the Ponderosa

Oh Easter.... What a day!  I think every day that is supposed to be a big deal when you have kids becomes a dramatic mess.  Easter took the cake this year.  Can you believe the Comerford family did not even go to church?!  What in the world?!  Every time we just can't get it together in the mornings the "head of the house" likes to say "the church is not a building we are the church.  The church is where we are."  Sounds good enough, right?!

While I like to think we are moved into our house, there are still little odd and end things at the rental.  They WILL be out before Sunday!  Apparently "little odd and end things" means Annie's Easter shoes and Ben's ties.  Also we did not get most all of Ben's clothes from the dry cleaners and the combination he was planning on wearing out of the house was not acceptable at all.  Not that any of these are really good reasons not to go to church, I realize that.  So we got the girls dressed thinking we would just go see the Easter bunny in their Easter dresses.  While taking pictures on the front porch, the swing flipped over and both girls hit their faces.  By this point we were just D-O-N-E with the whole process.  Once the rest of our family got out of church we met up with Ben's brother and his family to have Easter lunch and an egg hunt.  The day ended up being amazing. The morning, not so much!
See sweet Annie's swollen cheek. Poor thing!

Someone felt awfully pretty this day!

SO pretty!

This is the best one we got...

Change into some comfy clothes and get some fresh air. That makes everyone feel better!
We didn't dress up and show off our cute Easter clothes at church, but Jesus is still alive and in the world today.  We love Him and we thank Him for all our blessings no matter where we are or what day of the year it is!

2 Weeks of Farm Life

We've been on the ponderosa for almost two weeks now and I have to admit... I LOVE IT!  The fact that I am only 11 miles from the middle of town yet feel like I am on my own little piece of the world is amazing.  I have huge windows with beautiful views.  My children are in heaven playing outside with so much space.  And while I still need blinds, the master bath is under construction and we need more home decor, this house looks and feels like it is mine.

We had a few friends from our playgroup out Friday for an Easter Egg hunt and I received so many compliment on my house. Nothing will make you love your house like people bragging on it!  Our town has this crazy attitude about living in town verses living in the county.  I think it goes back to before the school system was consolidated?  What do I know?  I'm not from here (but I do love it here!).  I do agree that in town living is precious!  I love all the homes and I love being able to walk with the stroller to parks and shops.  I get it and tried REALLY REALLY hard to stay in town.  We looked at every possible house on the market. The thing is we just could not find a house we liked as much as this one.  Since we made the decision not to do public school right now, school districts are not an issue.  Anyway, when we made the decision to move back to this area, I knew I wanted to live in town and once here most of the people around me affirmed it.  It took a while to retain my brain from that thought, but I'm so glad I did!

The sun rises over a beautiful pasture through my living room window.  We've spent multiple evenings on the front porch after dinner.  Amelia has a tree she climbs or she plays in the front yard while we slow life down a little in rocking chairs on our amazing front porch.  As Ben says "this will really spoil a person!"  Life is definitely peaceful out here and it is good for our souls and I imagine our health too.  We can't wait to continue to grow our family (in years not numbers!) here.

May we always feel as blessed for this gift as we do right now.