Chronicling The Comerfords

Friday, March 30, 2012

Amelia and the Cholesteatoma

Sounds like an interesting title doesn't it? Maybe I could write a children's book to pay for this surgery...

A few weeks ago we were at our pediatricians office for a completely different matter and she found what looked like a tiny pearl in Amelia's ear. She said it looked like a cholesteatoma, a benign tumor behind her eardrum, and referred us to a pediatric ENT. This week we met with the ENT to confirm that it was indeed what our doctor thought and set up surgery. Good news is that we have some time because it is so new.  We are going to wait until school gets out so she will not miss anything there.  I almost hate that I am waiting until may because it gives me more time to dwell on it.

Here is what I've learned so far (and let's remember I am just an Mrs not an MD)... As far as the tumor goes there are 2 types, one you are born with, which she has, and one that is acquired. She has the better of the two and she is the earliest detected case he has ever seen. This is great news because it is not touching the eardrum yet and he feels pretty certain it has not grown too deep towards the brain bones. From what I understand Cholesteatomas themselves do not seem to be so bad. They are not cancerous and would never become cancerous. They are just a mass of growing cells. The problem seems to be the location. They grow out and rupture the eardrum and cause hearing loss or grow in and cause an infection around the brain (super bad news). He will know more when he gets in there, but he is thinking this will be a best case scenario procedure. From the small growth on the outside, there should not be much growth on the inside either.  He said our pediatrician was basically a rock star (which we already knew) for noticing it this early. So, while I am not excited at all that we have to go through this I feel pretty comfortable with the situation.

I am most nervous about the pre-op blood work, putting her to sleep and the pain in recovery.  Our appointment at the ENT was pretty miserable.  I basically had to lay down on top of her to hold her still while a nurse held her head still.  She was not in any pain at all, just nervous and upset.  I can not imagine how she will be when they start poking her with needles and put a mask on her little face.  The good news about Scottish Rite is they let the parents stay in the back until the children fall asleep.  I'm sure this is great for the children and AWFUL for the parents.

I also found out that the ENT doctor is married to a girl that my husband went to school with.  Although I have never met her and do not know this man at all, it does give me some comfort.  You know, my people knows his people.  That alone makes you a better surgeon, right :)

Keep our family and Amelia's little left ear in your prayers over the next few months.  I know everything will be just fine, I am just a nervous Mama.

Doesn't seem to be bothering her, does it?!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Princess Pigtail

Amelia is now 2 years and 9 months old.  She has never had a haircut, not even a trim.  Even the boys in her class has more hair than she does.  Sunday afternoon Mom put pigtails in her hair for the first time and she was so excited.  Yesterday she wanted me to put them in so she could wear them to school.  I started sweating!  I have no idea how to fix my own hair muchless anyone else's.  But we got them in and she walked into school SO proud showing them off. 

This morning was picture day and I was bound and determined she would have the prettiest pigtails ever for her pictures.  She is cute as can be!

There once was a time when I would be 10 mins late to work because of a fun late night the night before.  Now I am 10 mins late for work trying to perfect pigtails for picture day!  Ironically, both lifestyles give you a headache and both are so much fun!

Hopefully the photographer the school hired will do a much better job taking her picture!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Loving Linden Tree - Helping us tell our story

You know the saying, a picture is worth a thousand words?  That is definitely true with Linden Tree Photography.  We are so thankful Lindsey has come into our lives.  I can try to recap with this blog, but Lindsey can do a much better job with just a few snapshots and 2 videos that are very, very special to our family. Enjoy!


October 2011

Welcoming Annie

She also made Annie's birth announcement and our 2011 Christmas Card.

Isn't she WONDERFUL?!  The pictures are perfect and she is so great to work with!

A Colorful Afternoon... Amelia Turned 2!

Having a February birthday I always longed for warm summer parties.  Having an August baby has taught me that summer parties are tough too.  It is HOT!  I was busy making a baby in the heat of the summer so I did not have much energy.  I did want Amelia to have a special day though.  Around her 2nd year she was obsessed with reading, coloring and "jumpy jumps".  We decided to have family and just a few friends over for a colorful party on the ponderosa

 Favors of colors, books and "chewy candy" aka fruit snacks

 Thanks to Pintrest for this colorful snack idea

 Kathy Pirrman made an adorable and yummy crayon box cake
 Amelia loved having her very own jumpy jump in the front yard for a couple of days

 Heather made Amelia her crayon birthday dress

 So much fun to have your very own special suitcase


Turning 2 is so tough!  :)

Amelia's Christmas 2011

I am going to go back in time a little bit to chronicle some big events.  These are mainly for my benefit.  Living with old people has taught me a lot.  One big thing, you need as many reminders as possible because one day your mind is going to be gone.  More importantly, time goes by SO fast.  Slow down and enjoy every second of these sweet, stressful days.

Here's a little snapshot of our Christmas 2011

This was the first year Amelia was old enough to decorate her pink tree.  She did not remember anything about Christmas last year so it was all a surprise.  She loved her tree and loved that it was in her room.  She decorated it and rearranged it almost every single day. She was also pretty bummed when we took it down.

 SO proud!

We went to a local Christmas tree farm to pick out our tree.  We did not have much of a winter this year so it was a beautiful day.

 A beautiful tree and happy girl!

Daddy was traveling so much last year.  We had a friend give us tickets to the lights and Aunt Jamie went with us.  A girls night ended up being more fun anyway.  We did miss Daddy though

We went to a Christmas lunch and Santa made an appearance.  Amelia LOVED this Santa.  She followed him all over the house and sat in his lap twice.  We have no idea why but all Amelia asked for was carrots. She did this all season long.  "Amelia, what do you want Santa to bring you for Christmas?"  "Carrots!!"  This was the theme of Christmas along with "Baby Jesus' Birthday".  She was super-duper excited about celebrating Jesus' birthday.

 Writing her list at Santa at Phipps

 She did not like the Santa we actually paid to see.  In fact her Santa picture has all 3 of us in it because she could not handle it.  This was a terrible night.  I should know now that anytime you plan a fantastic event and set high expectations with a 2 year old, it is not going to go over well.  We had all 4 Grandparent there for Santa and she lost her mind when she saw him.  We went out to a great dinner and I had to take her to the bathroom and threaten to spank her to get through it.  Then we went to the Pink Pig which was another bribe to get through dinner.  It had closed 5 mins earlier and they would not let us in.  It was beyond frustrated with the entire evening, but it was our Santa at Phipps 2011 story and part of our life.  I'm sure one day it will be funny.  It's still not right now! :)
 Amelia started taking ballet in August and it is precious!  They had a Nutcracker luncheon in December.  We went with our friends Ada and Joni.  We had lunch and watched the older girls do some Nutcracker dances.  Amelia and Ada had a blast watching the big girls, making cookies and making an ornament.

 2011 Christmas Parade

 This was the first year Daddy was not in the parade so he was able to join us

 Pajama Day at school

Putting out reindeer food

And Santa's milk and cookies

 Santa came and he brought carrots!

 And a princess kitchen

 And a piano (and a swingset that we did not get a picture of because it rained for 2 days)

 Merry Christmas 2011

We also had the most fantastic Christmas card ever that I will have to attach later because I can not find my proof at the moment.  Stay Tuned...

Back By Popular Demand

Ok, so "popular" may be a stretch but I have had 4 people in the last few weeks ask about my blog so I am back in action.  I really do love blogging but first my computer crashed, then we moved then I became so nauseous in my first trimester that I could not even look at a computer screen.  A LOT has happened in the past 9 months since I last posted.  In an attempt to make this a short story rather than a novel I will hit the high points and maybe back track with a few other blogs.

All in one week in the the middle of June Hubs was asked to interview for a job, was offered a job and we moved in with his Grandparents.  Grandpa was not doing well at all and our lease was up on our favorite Springdale house.  We were asked to move in with G&G to help them out and for them to help us.  We thought Grandma would need help with Grandpa and Ben was about to start traveling A LOT so it was a win win for all.  We are now 9 months later and both G&G are doing good.  Actually, we are about to move out one year later this coming June, but more about that later.

 20 weeks (I was not as good at taking preggo pictures this time around)

Fall was super tough.  It's good thing I was not blogging because it probably would have been pretty negative.  2 year olds are something else!  It's a day to day battle of love them vs sell them.  Add your husband traveling for the first time in your marriage and coming home only long enough for you to do his laundry all topped off by the fact that you have 85 year old roommates.  AND lets not forget those pregnancy hormones!  We did go to one football game (tailgating while pregnant sucks!) and I decided to take Amelia to Cracker Barrel for pancakes on Halloween instead of trick-or-treating because again Ben was out of town and I was tired.  But we made it through and are better for it.

 34 Weeks and 5 Years of marriage

I suppose I should mention our anniversary since it is kind of a big deal!  We were married 5 years in December.  What a ride!  We have lived in 2 cities and 4 houses.  We have had a combined total of 6 jobs thanks to a crappy economy and made 2 babies thanks to a gracious God.  Since we could not go far away due to baby Annie we went to one of our most favorite restaurants and booked a hotel room 2 miles from our house.  That was my idea.  I did not even think that by husband lives in a hotel room half the time. He was not overly excited at first but it ended up being fun and hilarious.  These are the decisions you make when you live with your Grandparents!

Dr Bowie and I scheduled an induction for January 17th, 2012.  I went into labor with Amelia 10 days early and she was about 8 lbs.  We were right at my due date with Annie and still no contractions.  I did not want to birth a huge baby and she was hanging out on my sciatic nerve so it was time for her to come into the world.  Our sweet, sweet friend Isa came in on her day off to help deliver baby Annie.  We love her and have NO idea what we would do without her.  Isa and Dr. Bowie brought both of my girls into the world.  With such a great beginning of life, I expect big things from those girls!

We got to the hospital about 6:45am.  Isa was waiting for us and had by room set up with candies and gifts because she is amazing like that.    Dr Bowie came in and broke my water around 8 am and I got my epidural around 11:00ish. Epidurals are fantastic!  This particular epidural completely numbed my belly,my  legs and my toes and nothing in between. Good news is that contractions are terrible and I could not feel them at all.  Bad news is that delivery was not as exciting. We were just about to redo my epidural when I felt a lot of pressure and Isa checked me.  Turns out I dilated from a 5.5 to a 9.5 in about 30 mins. Delivering with total feeling in your girlie parts (why didn't I just type vagina?  Why is that such a no-no gross word?  I mean a whole lot of us have one.  It's a normal word like neck or arm, but whatever) was not as bad as I thought it would be.  In fact I almost threw up with Isa said, "So, we do not have time to redo your epidural.  We need to deliver." She left the room and was calling Dr Bowie on his cell phone and everything was really fast and crazy.  Apparently when she checked me the last time Annie was about to say hello and was coming with or without Dr. Bowie.  I pushed for about 15 mins and Annie was here!  Delivering without pain meds was not anything I would ever choose to do again, but I did it.  I am a complete wuss and it really wasn't as bad as I thought.  I mean cussing makes everything less painful right?! ha!   

 Welcome to the world Annie Elizabeth Comerford
1/17/12 1:04pm 7lbs 4oz 21inches long

Me, Isa and Annie 

Husbands are great and all, but I could not have gotten through this day without these 2 ladies.  And yes, this was right after delivery!  I have NO IDEA why I look like this.  I guess when you deliver in 15 mins, you keep your good hair day. 

 We are now a family of 4

 Amelia has loved sweet Annie ever since she found out about her.  It was a little overwhelming when she actually got here.  Everyone wanted to hold her and Amelia would cry when they did.  I mean, the girl had waited months for her little sister and she literally did not want to give her up even for a second.  It was really sweet.

 Annie was jaundice just like her sister, but a little worse.  She had to stay a little glow worm while we were in the hospital for 2 days.  Don't you love her bow?  The sweet nurses did that every day!

Annie's coming home outfit was so special. Grandma bought her a new dress and Nana gave us Daddy's baby blanket to wrap up in.

 Welcome to the Ponderosa Annie!

Welcome Home Big Sister!

Amelia went home with Grandma and Paw-Paw the day Annie was born and stayed until Sunday. G&G left for FL the morning after we got home. It was so great to have a few days with just me, Ben and Annie to get adjusted to home.  This was Amelia's special Big Sister gift when she came home.  Luckily she likes her sister more than the doll!  She had a rough few weeks adjusting to little sister but we are now in a good groove 8 weeks later.

Fast Forward...

Annie's first Sunday at church
 Daddy and his Valentines Loves

 Happy 2 Months Annie!

 I know I will eat this statement in a few years, but I LOVE having 2 girls! 
Daddy still has his cows so it's a fair trade!