Chronicling The Comerfords

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My 2nd House is the Waffle House

Seriously, if you don't love the Waffle House something is wrong with you. I...umm... Amelia was craving Waffle House this week so her Daddy took us there tonight. I thought he was going to have cow duty and would be home late but he called and surprised me with a Waffle House invite. I had mentioned to my Mother-in-Law earlier in the day about "Amelia's" craving so when Hubby got rained out she passed on the message to her son. I have really have a great Mother-in-Law. I take opportunities such as Waffle House date nights to remind him that I'm not nearly as high maintenance as he acts like I am.

I do have one sweet friend who had never had Waffle House until she married. She thought it was disgusting! I think as long as her Mama isn't within earshot she will now admit that it is good. I suppose some people can't help how they were raised and she is slowly over-coming it. :) She did get fussed at this year for going to the Waffle House in a Charity Ball dress. Her Mom called and she told her she was at the Waffle House and would be there shortly to pick up the children. The only response from her Mom was, "In your dress?!" Now that is silly! I mean, who has not been to the Waffle House in a cocktail dress or formal gown?! Besides having consistently awesome food, it is good for any attire from all walks of life. Really, there is not much perfection in this world, but Waffle House you are there. Do you understand my love and obsession? Surely you do!

Speaking of love and obsession... who's ready to pack up their pumps and head to Athens for a little football?? I AM! The emails and jokes and SEC helmet schedules are starting to surface and I'm ready! I hope Amelia can make a tailgating appearance this year. Maybe later in the schedule before it gets too cold. We'll see. We are going to have to do something otherwise we'll pick her up from Camp Roll Tide and by the end of the season she'll be yelling things like "Rammer-Jammer" and "Give 'em Hell Alabama"!

1st Game 2007

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Whirlwind Weekend

My weekend started with my husband saying "I know you are pregnant, but you really don't need to let this get you worked up. It's not a big deal." WHOA! We almost wrecked! Almost meaning, he just about got his lights knocked out and the only reason he did not was because he was driving and I was carrying precious cargo. I'm so sorry but I think when I am waiting on someone who was supposed to meet me almost an hour and a half ago and they are not here and are not answering their phone, that allows me to "get worked up". Especially, when it is the father of the child I am carrying! Even if pregnancy hormones are causing me to get worked up about something that is not justified, you probably shouldn't bring it up. FYI, if the hormones are raging, talking about them is not going to help! Of course there was an excuse, we all have them, and at some point during our hour and 45 min commute we became fine again. Why is it the people you love the most can drive you up the wall the quickest?

Anyway, we had a great dinner and evening with my parents and Hubby came home. Saturday morning Mom and I got up and went to the local Farmers Market on the square and it was so much fun. There were lots of natural and organic foods which is always good to see, but regardless it was all great. The best part was I got to meet up with a dear friend from high school, Pharron. He is living near my parents right now and he came to meet us. He and I re-connected on "The F&B" as he called it and I'm so glad we did! He is a women's fashion stylist (I suppose that's close to his title). Basically, you can hire him to dress, style and shop for you. I so wish I could afford him! I was walking around feeling pretty casual-cute for a pregnant gal until he started talking about his world and fashion. Suddenly I felt jealous and my cotton ensemble from Target wasn't quite as cute. Good thing I was starting to sweat so I did have a little bit of sparkly bling going on around the forehead area. Haha Plus, I know he's just a boy from the Gulf Coast at heart who happens to be absolutely fabulous!

Mom and I brought home breakfast which did not go over as well as planned. Breakfast was great, but Grandpa was not. It was not a good day for him. I tell you, all of these mental diseases are awful! I'm going to have to put them on the Why List for when God and I have a chance to talk face to face. I know everything is supposed to have a purpose and meaning, but I just don't get it. Nothing about a sickness that makes you lose your mind (literally lose your mind) makes sense to me. I won't go into details because the way man on Saturday was acting is not my Grandpa. I'll just leave it that it was a total wash for him. You know those days where you just want to go to bed and try it all over again? That was pretty much it. I just pray the doctors can find a way to help him and all other people and their caretakers in the same situation. In the meantime the Good Lord has given my Mother an extra dose of patience and strength. She really is amazing.

When everyone was good and frustrated it was time for the next event of the day, Sadie's first birthday party! The whole weekend trip was centered around this little girl's special day. Her Mom has meant the world to me for many years and now I love her and her Daddy just as much as I do her Mommy (almost... :) ) In one month Heather has thrown the perfect baby shower and the perfect 1st birthday party. She may have a 2nd career choice of party planner on her hands. Here are some pictures of the the cuteness...

I'm not sure if she is sharing with Mommy or trying to get her out of her photo-op!

It really does not get much cuter than this child

Sunday was just what the doctor ordered. I got to wake up in my own bed with my Hubby (who is no longer on my hit-list). We had breakfast and coffee then off to Sunday School and church for a great service and fellowship. After church we had lunch then headed to Babies R Us and Target to test drive strollers and pick up some odds and ends with gift certificates. The one downside for today was I did get an annoying email from someone that annoys the heck out of me. They always seem to come on Sundays and send me straight over the edge. Good thing I've been to church and can usually cuss about it to the Hubby and let it roll off. Do you ever think that some people are put in your life strictly to tick you off on a regular basis? I think it's a God test. He's using them to teach us something like patience or kindness or something to better ourselves. I just want to say, "I accept my F, fail me on this one and we'll talk about it later".

All in all it was a good weekend. It had some rocky moments, but it's ended on a good note. I am about to take my awesome strawberries Mom sent home with me to the couch and find something to watch on that silly box we pay way too much money for every month. I still think the cable companies should give us a summer discount.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Summer Boat Rides with a Fancy Camera

For our 2nd anniversary, December 9, 2008, my husband bought us a rockstar camera. Knowing how much I enjoy taking pictures (he calls me a Japanese tourist) and that we would be having babies soon (we did not know I was already pregnant) he wanted to get me a really nice camera. One of his friends had bought a new camera and was taking amazing pictures. Of course, the Japanese tourist in all of her jealousy kept talking about how awesome the pictures were. Without me knowing my sweet Hubby did research, talked to his friend and bought me the same camera. What a great surprise! We had talked about needing a new camera because ours would not turn on most of the time, but I had no idea he had this in mind.

So, it is now July 2009 and I still have no idea how to use my fabulous camera. It has all kinds of buttons and dials and settings and I do not know what to do with any of them. Not that this stops me from taking pictures! We have had some afternoon boat rides with beautiful sunsets recently. Here is the camera and it's unqualified photographer at work.

34 Weeks

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's Not Always Easy Being a Grown-up

Right now some cute, young Southern Belle from Mississippi is driving my Volvo home from her girls week at the beach. I'm sure she is great, but right now I don't like her all that much.

While going over the part time salary-baby on the way-Husband works in real estate budget for the bazillionth time we decided to try and sale my car. It would be super helpful to not have a car payment and my Grandpa has a car he can't drive that he has offered to let us borrow as long as we need. So we posted the car on Auto Trader and about 10 days later we get the call. A peppy girl from MS that would be passing about 2 hours from our house wanted to know if we could meet her somewhere to test drive my car. She sounded interested so we agreed. That was Saturday. Today her bank transferred funds, our bank transferred the title and she is probably listening to the radio bubbling with the girls about her new car. I know this feeling. The Hubby bought me my Volvo when we were engaged. I had really wanted a Volvo and he wanted me in a safe car on the roads of Atlanta. I was giddy all the way home and I still love that car. Today I've realized that while I did love my car, I also loved the fact that my husband bought it for me. Just like our cute, adorable, too small house in Atlanta. Not anything fancy, but it was our first home. These things are really hard to give up. But when you are a grown up you have to look at hard cold facts and budgets and checkbook balances and they make your decisions. At one time I thought grown-ups did whatever they wanted and could not wait to be one. Not so much...

But here's the thing, the sacrifice I made today is a material possession. As was our perfect first home. Life has a lot of little stepping stones and some are easier to move from than others. I'm sure it's always hard to move from your "firsts". Like I will probably have a hard time moving from this house where we will bring Amelia home for the first time and she will probably take her first steps. Oh, and in case I haven't mentioned my Grandpa is letting us drive a really nice car. It's not like I'm going to have to tint the windows to ride around town or anything. :)

The greatness of being a grown-up is realizing the true joys. To realize what really matters (as hokey as the saying has become). I am giving up a car so I can have afternoons at home with my daughter and so my husband can be a little less stressed about the economy and money. We have now moved from our first home, sold the first car we owned together but both were done to put us into a better position to bring our first child into our lives. I mean really, the decision is not that hard. As I sit here and talk out my frustrations or hormonal emotions I am being kicked in the side of my belly by a little girl camping out in there for the next few weeks and wouldn't trade our decisions for anything. That Mississippi Southern Belle had a great girls week at the beach and is most likely singing along with the girls probably with the sunroof open and more power to her. Those are fun days.

But, I have had fun days this week too... From Saturday to Monday my parents and husband worked really hard on our little girl's room. Paint was finished Monday night and I have been in there everyday since organizing, rocking, staring, wishing and imagining. It's not quite finished but here is a little sneak peek...

Don't you love it?! I think the colors look a little funny because of the sunlight in the windows. It is a perfect little girl pink. I will take more pictures when we are done.

As I sit here and re-read my blog for grammar corrections (so funny because I am horrible at English and never know what I'm looking for) I realize I am a little overly emotional about a car. Maybe it's pregnancy hormones, but it's how I feel so the entry makes the cut.

Monday, July 20, 2009

A Sweet Sprinkle

On Saturday Jamie and Paisley threw me a great shower. It was a quaint little group of close friends and it was just what I needed. It was at a little restaurant/wine bar (that I can't wait to go back to in a few months) and the food was incredible. We had these mini BLTs and chicken salad in pastry puffs along with fruit punch and cake. I'm telling you, if no one brought gifts and we just sat around and ate the food, I would have been just as happy. I was the person that lingers around the buffet the entire party, but hey, it was my party and I'm pregnant so who is really going to stop me?! Everyone was snapping pictures so I really hope some are sent to me soon. In the meantime, here is a preview...

My pretty hostesses. Thanks girls for a fantastic shower!

Look at the baby carriage of fruit! Such a neat idea. Creativity amazes me.

And my fabulous cake! The top layer was chocolate and the bottom strawberry. I tell you, I have had the best cakes at my showers. I have wonderful options for birthday cakes over the years.

Me and Amelia with our cake. I am 34 weeks here.

Amelia's room also got painted this weekend. Grandparents are such cheap labor and look at the joy on their faces! ;) I think Mom was having a good time. Sonny was just faking it for the camera, but we thank him all the same. We really do seem to give him a lot of chores, he must love us a lot!

I will take nursery pictures once I get everything fixed up in her room.
I did not hardly sleep at all this weekend so I was in a daze and grumpy. We didn't even go to church Sunday (which always makes me feel worse). Ben stayed gone pretty much all day Sunday and hung out with the guys. I was really glad for him to be gone because I could have snapped at nothing at any given minute. I think I cussed the tv multiple times for having nothing on. I mean, regardless of how much sleep I've had I think we should get a discount on cable during the summer months because there is NOTHING ON! Who's ready for September sweeps???

Saturday, July 18, 2009

1, 2, 3, Floor

Pregnancy insomnia just plain sucks! Really, it does. Then when you tell people about it they smile at you and say, "Just wait." or "It's just preparing you for what is to come." Guess what? You are not making me feel any better. At least when I am waking up for a screaming child there will be someone else up to keep me company. My lazy cats who adore me won't even keep me entertained until at least 6am.

We had a wonderful fun supper (I called it dinner earlier then my friend, Doug, explained to me the difference in dinner and supper and I realized that we do not eat "dinner" all that much. I say supper from time to time but I just thought it was my Lower Alabama slang coming out.) Anyway, we had a wonderful supper tonight (technically last night) with our friends, The Haralson's. Our little girls are due about a week and a half apart and we live strolling distance from one another's house. We were laughing/guessing about what's to come and Lonnie said that the only thing that would really ruin our friendship is if Amelia and Molly grew up to hate one another. To which Katy and I both told him to shut his mouth and informed him they would be locked in a room together for hours until they worked out what ever is bothering them. :)

*Molly Brown has entered the room and has settled in my lap to go back to sleep. Thanks for the company MB, but it looks like you are rubbing it in.*

In our town, it is rare that you go out to eat and do not run into someone or many someones you know. Friday night was no exception. We had great fun, great food and great company. So, after a great supper I was happy, had a full belly, took a bath and read myself to sleep at about 9:45. I woke up sometime in the midnight hour, back to sleep, 1, back to sleep, 2, back to sleep, 3, an hour later still awake, decide to blog my frustrations. I am a little less bothered now that I realize it is Saturday and I can take a nap at 6am or whenever if I can ever fall back asleep. I remember nights not too many years ago that I would be just getting in from a night out somewhere around this hour. This was also during a time when I thought 30 year olds were old... maybe we are! Time really does fly.

Anyway, I haven't stopped long enough to update because it's been a fast and productive week. I had a lot to do and got every bit of it done. 100% of my laundry is done and ironed, the house is clean, the bed linens are changed and I wrote some insurance. If I haven't mentioned lately, I am so blessed to have 9-1 office hours. Pray that we are able to continue to make it work.

Last weekend I went to my friend, Corie's, bachelorette party. Have you ever been to a bachelorette party pregnant? It's a little different. I played the drinking games with white grape juice, laughed, cut up with the festivities and instead of a hangover I had powdered donuts in bed waiting for everyone else to wake up. Did you see I said bed? Yes, when you are preggo you are granted a bed instead of the floor or blow up mattress. All of the girls got along and had a great time. I left before the Saturday night bar festivities, but Friday's cookout and Saturday on the lake was great fun.

Here's Corie. Isn't she going to be a beautiful bride? She's going to be a fantastic wife as well. She and Tom have known one another since forever and have dated since high school. They are going to be great to one another and will have a blast on the next part of their journey.

And I am aware that this is a terrible, horrible picture of me looking large but it's the only one I have. And for the record, my beverage of choice in that koozie is a diet Dr Pepper. Kris, Jennifer, Corie and I all worked together until that cute blind date I went on proposed and took me away from Athens. I could go on and on and on for days about these girls. It's very rare to have a job where the people truly are your family. Everyone advertises it and wants it to be true, but it's usually not quite there. We were. They are. I miss them.
Disclaimer: I love where I am now and wouldn't change it.
Athens was just a great phase in life for me. My first apartment on my own, it's was my own little town outside of my parents. I guess it's kind of where my individual life began and it's also where it ended. Memories were made, lessons were learned, friendships were found and when my time was up a husband swept me away (really took me kicking and screaming, but I'm glad he did). We will travel back to Athens in a few short weeks to celebrate Corie and Tom's wedding. I can't wait for their special day!!

Mama, Sonny and Grandpa are coming today. The boys are painting Amelia's nursery while the girls go to a shower for me and Amelia. It's going to be a great day... if I can stay awake...

Molly Brown is now snoring so I'm going to try and join her. Wish me luck!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Weekend of Independence, A Week of Dependence

Our 4th of July weekend was fun, productive and restful. We both had Friday off so we did some yard work. I love being outside in the yard so I loved it! The Hubby would rather bush hog a 100 acre field that mow a 1/2 acre yard. Regardless, we mowed, picked weeds and put out flowers and mulch. After we were done the place looked fantastic! I smiled, looked at my sweet, patient husband and said "See how great it looks? You should take pride in our yard." He responded "I take pride in you being happy", smiled and got a beer out of the fridge. What can I say to that?

Saturday was the 4th of July. We had a lazy morning then headed to my 2nd home, Publix, to buy our part of the evening grill out. Once we were fully stocked with food, beer, water and floating noodles we headed to the Newsome's dock for a day in the sun. Technically, it was Mrs. Newsome's parents, neighbor's dock but why get technical?! Everyone decided to show off their Olympic diving abilities by cannonballing off the dock. Amelia and I talked it over and decided we would stay on the lower deck and play photographer.

Here we have Mrs. Newsome. She was actually the 1st to go and it was her idea. She has also beaten the boys at golf and she could have played at Wimbledon if she didn't already have plans. I think she is a rockstar.

And Mr. Newsome. He actually just got back from fighting for our country. You know, we really shouldn't have made him do the grilling since we were celebrating what he and people like him do and have done for us in service. Sorry about that! :) I don't think the military taught him a proper cannonball, but we'll let it slide because he is master of the grill.

And the Hubby. It's doesn't matter what he does or how goofy it looks because he's so stinkin' cute.


As you can see not one of them did what most would consider an actual cannonball, but they all had really good excuses so I gave them each a 10.
And, our family 4th of July Picture. Amelia loved the water! Really, she does. I don't know if there is less pressure under water or something but she bounces all over the place every time I'm in the pool or lake. I bet she's going to be a waterbug like her Mama.

Sunday we went to church, ate lunch, napped and went to a friend's house to grill out. Fun times, fun weekend!! Oh, we also had a major storm Sunday night with limbs falling out of trees and everything. We had about an hour and a half of no power and candle light. It really was nice after the storm settled and everything was all quiet and candlelit, but Monday morning I was bummed to see all the debris all over my newly manicured lawn. Oh well, it gave me something to do Monday afternoon... a fun game of pick-up sticks.
This week I learned that my body depends on sleep. In fact, when you are told you need a good 8 hours of sleep, it's true. 3 hours really does not cut it. I also learned that without sleep my body depends on coffee, coffee with a lot of sugar! I have had a horrible time staying asleep, but last night was much better. I hope it is a trend. I had my 32 week check-up today and everything looks great. I was told I can take Benadryl to help me sleep (I really should run to Publix before I try to go to bed). Amelia has also turned head down now. I am kind of bummed I can't have a 34 week ultrasound, but I'm very thankful she is behaving like she is supposed to! :)
Tomorrow I leave for a girlfriend's bachelorette party. I am very excited about 2 days with the girls in the sunshine. Also, I get to carpool with Jennifer (you saw her as a host at my most recent shower). We are so excited to have some car time to and from the party to catch-up without the interruption of kids, husbands and life. YIPPEE!!
Have a great weekend!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Wanted: Sleep

Well, I was going to try to upload some fun 4th of July pictures, but nothing is uploading. I'm guessing that blogger is just as sleepy as I am. I am going on about the 4th night in a row of seeing every hour on the clock. I fall right back asleep, but I can't stay that way. I suppose my body is preparing me for what's to come, but I think I need as much sleep as I can get before that crying at least every two hours bundle of joy gets here. I am so tired today that my whole body is sore. I have done everything I can think of to avoid the couch/bed hoping to be completely worn out tonight. We had a terrible storm last night so I even went around the yard picking up limbs to get out of the house (ok, by limbs I mean really big sticks, but whatever). Sorry to complain, but sometimes it just needs to be done! Thanks for listening.

I will try again tomorrow to post some fun pictures. Hopefully me and the computer will feel more up to it then. If y'all see the sandman this evening, or maybe some sheep, send them my way...

Oh yeah, I am also trying to decide which baby monitor to buy and I have no idea. Any suggestions??

Saturday, July 4, 2009

31 Weeks

Here's 31 weeks. I forgot to post it last week.
Happy July 4th Everyone! We are about to head to Publix to pick up side items for the grillout then get our floats and head to our friend Paisley's dock for an afternoon on the lake. We deserve a day of relaxation after our productive July 3rd. We cut grass, pulled weeds, put out mulch and planted flowers (all pink in honor of Amelia's upcoming debut). I am sore from my toes to my head so floating around in the lake is going to feel awesome. Have a great and safe holiday and take a few moments to remember what we are celebrating.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Weekend Update: Mama Dates and Showers

Happy Humpday Gang! The great thing is that we are halfway through the week but only have 1 more work day. Yippee! The hubby and I are doing yard work Friday morning and I am excited about it. Really, I am. We have the cutest home and have completely neglected the yard. So, we are being very American this weekend and working around the house.

This past weekend I was in the great town of Snellville with Mom while the Hubby and Sonny were out of town. It's not what it used to be but Everybody is still Somebody in Snellville. Friday night Mom and I went to purchase Amelia's car seat. That is the best gift we have gotten yet! My parents have already bought us a really nice video camera so we did not expect anything else. Then Sonny asked what was something we really needed and I popped off very quickly, a car seat. It is a true need; the State of Georgia requires us to have one to bring our little girl home. Now if we could only figure out how to put it in the car...

While we were driving back Mom mentioned something about getting her toes done, but I did not know that she meant that night and for me to get mine done too! I was so excited I could have blown up. I was supposed to get a pedicure a few weeks ago, but since the Hubby and I are on a Dave Ramsey cash system I did my own toes. Now, we really need a car seat, but I really needed a pampering pedicure session. It was so fantastic (even though Mom got the pedicure lady in trouble and after a lot of non-American-speak I only got half of a massage and a bad attitude). It was pretty funny but my left leg felt deprived. See how pretty...

Thanks Mom!

Friday night Mama, Kitty and I climbed into bed to fall asleep to What Not to Wear. And at some point in the middle of the night Mama and I both woke up with calf craps in our right legs! Crazy huh?! I'm not sure if Kitty was karate kicking us or the pedicure lady put a voodoo curse on us.

Saturday morning we had breakfast of coffee and powered donuts and got ready for my shower. Here are some pictures:

Jennifer and Heather with their precious daughters were great hostesses! This shower was everything a baby shower should be. The games we fun, the decorations were so pretty and adorable, the food was AMAZING and the hostesses are two of my best friends in the whole world! I couldn't have asked for anything else!

This is Amelia's cake that Jennifer made. She is so talented. And the dish you see to the left in the picture is this blueberry casserole that is laced with sin. It has to be. It is so stinkin good. I was going to ask Heather for the recipe, but I'd rather just as her to make it for me! ;o)

Me with my presents and this picture doesn't include all of them! Amelia and I were showered... wait... thunderstormed... with gifts. The Hubby and I are so blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives and we can't wait to bring Amelia into our world.

Me and Mom

Me and Nana (The Hubby's Mom) I am one of the fortunate ones with a great Mother-in-Law. She is wonderful and is very excited about her 2nd grand-daughter

My friend Kris never intended for part of her gift to turn into a "Roll Tide Moment", but it did. Mama, the #1 Alabama fan has seen enough baby Georgia stuff and was so excited to pull an elephant out of the bag.
Oh, see the clothesline in the back? Those were also gifts but were decorations as well. Isn't that the cutest idea? I told you, these girls throw a great shower.

This bib says "My Mom is hotter than your Mom". Don't hate... I didn't pick it out... but, Amelia will wear it with pride. haha I love it!!

Mom and I with Amelia's car seat. Yay!

Me and most all of my shower guests

Amelia's wall hanging. So pretty and so perfect!

All of the ladies at my shower wrote 2am well wishes on the backs of diapers to keep the Hubby and I entertained. Some are really, really funny.
Well, that is your sneak-peak into the weekend. I came home Saturday night. Hubby and I had a great dinner out and Sunday was Sunday School, church, lunch and a nap. I was a tired Mama after all of that excitement.