Chronicling The Comerfords

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Attic Sale Find:Part 2

I'm thinking is it not going to get much better than this. A Strawberry Shortcake television! Do you know how awesome Super Mario Brothers and Duck Hunt would have looked on this jewel?

I may by it for our room. I will just put it on my side of the bed. No football on this tv! I don't really think it would be great for our marriage to have 2 tvs in our bedroom, but it's not a bad thought.

Art - By Request

You know comments really are one of my most favorite things on earth. Well, not really on earth but definitely in cyberworld.

Besides, you really should respect the wishes of your fan club.

Ask and you shall receive! EA, here is the masterpiece.

Makes your Tuesday complete doesn't it?!

School Days

Amelia just completed her first full week of school. She is going to a preschool program at a church in town from 9-1. It is perfect for my schedule and we are excited about her being involved with other children.

The week started a little rough because she still has not given up that morning nap. We heard "she is so sweet, but she doesn't want to go to sleep when she is tired". Yes, we know. We have been there for a whole year. They finally figured out the baby girl still loves to swing. So if she gets cranky, they lock her in and turn it on. They still do this at our church on Sundays. Some days she naps and some days she does not. We have heard that she is the most expressive child, which we also knew. By the end of the week everyone was on the same system and things were smooth sailing.

It took 1 week and 1 day for me to get my first piece of refrigerator art but it is finally here! I open her sweet pink and green book bag everyday looking for something special and all I find is unused diapers. That was the story until today.... there is a picture of a tree with stickers of apples all over it hanging front and center of our refrigerator!

Here are some pictures from Amelia's first day of school - 08/23/2010

Notice there is only one picture with the bow. She has started taking them out and throwing them down. It makes me sad!

And we are off

"Bye-Bye Mama" So excited for school!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Kate Plus Nine

I am so mad at myself. In a moment of weakness I did it. I didn't mean to, it just happened. There were no other options at the time and I stopped. I spent 30 mins of my life watching Kate manage her fleet of children and those are 30 mins I can not get back.

I will admit, I was obsessed with those cute little babies for many years and I was always intrigued my their marriage. She was so mean to him and he just took it. But then she did have Bible verses on index cards everywhere. Maybe she tried but was just stressed out (and rightfully so. I have been stressed and snappy for 2 weeks straight and I only have 1 child). I was also amazed at the organizational skills she had. I was a fan of the fam until the separation. I lost a lot of respect for both of them, but especially her.

Let me say... I was introduced to a fantastic blog recently. This blog is written by a beautiful person who had some nasty things said about her because of her appearance. I think she is a really pretty girl so I do not get the comments in the first place. My guess is there was some jealousy or envy that turned into hate and meanness. Sometimes the people our world are just plain ugly. Anway, she wrote a blog reminding everyone that the people behind blogs are human and have feelings and they get hurt. I completely get that! Now, that being said, if you put yourself out there for the public via internet or tv or any other form of media you should expect criticism. That is just how it is. It's not right, but it's the world. I mean you can pick up any of my favorite gossip mags at any point and see them talking about how such and such beautiful person is gaining weight or getting wrinkles or whatever. We talk about people, it's what we do. If we weren't concerned with other peoples business the cash register lanes at Publix would be really boring and there probably wouldn't be Facebook! *GASP*

I should start this next paragraph out as "I'm not trying to be ugly but.." Ha! You know you've done that! Or perhaps you are reading my blog from somewhere above the Mason-Dixon line?

Anyway, I vowed during the separation that I would never under any circumstances turn on one split second of her show and and risk even one penny going in her pocketbook. I can't even remember some of the things she said now that made me so mad (Seriously, mad? I mean I don't even know this woman. The Hubby gets on to be for this silliness often. But he didn't know the stars in The Notebook and they still made him cry. Same thing.) Back on point... My main frustration was that I do not see how a Mother of 8 children going through a divorce could think it is a good idea to film this part of their lives.

Maybe I am so passionate about it because I am a child of divorced parents. It is tough being a kid in general, then add cameras, and then a separation and not just a separation but an ugly, ugly situation between parents and now to still film children getting adjusted to a broken home. I have only been a parent for like 372 days, but I think that was a poor parenting decision. You can make a fool of yourself acting like you can dance, as if you are even a star, all you want. Which honestly, I would rather you not because I really like that show. But in my 372 day seasoned option, I think you should go back to nursing and get the cameras out of those sweet children's faces.

I have not one single thing against reality tv. I already dearly miss some of my very best friends, Lauren, Lo, Whitney and yes even Spidei's shenanigans. I think reality tv (or as my way too mature husband likes to say "you like all tv for the 16 and under crowd") is fantabulous. I just have a problem with filming your babies while life as they know it is gone. That's a tough place. Disclosure: I was very small and do not even really remember the divorce. So thinking about it, perhaps I do not have the first hand experience to know. AND really I should technically never pass judgement. I just think it's a selfish way for her to make some moolah. Which, by the way, obviously does not go to that fancy new hair-don't! Now that was just plain mean, but that can be fixed. She is a pretty lady with terrible extensions.

I am off my soapbox now. On a more pleasant note, have you ever heard Sugarland cover Irreplaceable? It is playing on my computer right now. It makes me extremely happy!

Maybe I should have been reading my book for book club instead of watching crap-tv. But then I wouldn't have gotten to blog-vent. :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The BIG "Partay"!

First I have to say that I LOVE Urban Dictionary. Everytime I am about to use some spunky lingo or wording I do there to make sure I have the slang spelling correct.

This is how partay is defined... The other definition of party. In times of today, a party is usually associated with alcohol, drinks, drugs, sex, etc. A Partay is a party without drinks, drugs, or anything considered inappropriate for people of the age 17 and under. A partay can consist of hanging out with your friends, going mini-golfing, dancing at a dance, and much more as long as it involves having fun without doing drugs, drinking, having sex, etc.

Alrighty... so here is the scoop on Amelia's First Birthday Partay!

I did not sleep at all. I woke up about every 3 hours. The excitement of a child leaving for Disney in the morning! About 5:45 I finally got out of bed. About 6:15 Ben joined me. At 7:30 the birthday girl woke up. She and I put on the coffee while her Daddy went to Tylers, our most favorite biscuit place.

Amelia was so excited to see biscuits and gravy for her birthday breakfast

We practiced blowing out the candle

Yummy! Thanks Daddy!
Grandma putting on Amelia's birthday bloomers she had made for her.

At 3 o'clock we gathered at the best ice cream shop in town.

The Sugermeyer's are such wonderful people and they serve fantastic ice cream. Amelia has been strolling up to the ice cream shop since birth so it was only appropriate to celebrate her birthday with them. Thanks Sugermeyer's for making our day so, so special!!

Here are some of Amelia's best girl friends enjoying ice cream...

Julian enjoyed the balloons the best!

Jennifer made Amelia's cake, smash cake and cookies for party favors. Didn't she do a fantastic job?! The cake was so cute and so tasty. She also drove 2 hours to deliver the cake, be my personal party planner and celebrate with us. I could not have pulled this day off without her help. She is a baker, artist, decorator, photographer, bridesmaid and one of my very best friends! I think we'll keep her around for a few more years! :)

Our friend Heather @ made Amelia's birthday hat. It was a perfect match to her dress! I really do have some talented friends. Good thing because I am definitely not!

"Happy Birthday to you... Happy birthday dear Amelia..."

Miss Neat Thing would not "smash" her cake. We tried and tried. I suppose she didn't want to mess up her outfit!

She and her Great-Grandpa did enjoy eating one of the icing ice cream cones off the big cake.

She was a complete ham all afternoon!

If the cakes and cookies were not enough, Jennifer also made her this great picture frame to keep as a memory of her first ice cream birthday party!

Amelia with her Grands and Greats!

Did I mention Amelia was born on Ben's Grandparents 60th anniversary? They are the couple between Ben, Mom and Sonny. They love it! The gift that keeps on giving! :)

Amelia's Grandma and Grandpa gave her my rocking chair as one of her birthday gifts. It was given to me by my Gaga and Grandpa and now it is hers. She says "wock, wock"

Party is over, time to go home

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl! You have given your "Mama" and "Dada" an amazing year!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Big Week in Pictures

A little "snapshot" of Amelia's last week before turning One!

"Ho?" also known as "hello"
Sunday afternoon calling Jamie and Pete to see what time they are coming for dinner

Looking sporty in Pete's shades

Monday we had a little afternoon photo shoot in the backyard
Amelia is not a fan of hats

Also not a fan of anyone else having her hats

But when you are this cute, who needs a hat?!

Tuesday we put on our gameday attire with hopes that it would magically bring cooler temperatures. It did not work...

BUSTED! We also did our bi-weekly dresser clean-out

But when she is this cute who cares if she destroys her room?

Look at my mess!

Wednesday we put out flowers to spiff up the yard a little bit for the big day

A year later and Molly Brown and Amelia still are not friends

Thursday we wore our new dress from Grandma and played in the front yard

I can stand up all by myself! But not quite walk yet.

Friday we went to Open House and met Amelia's new teachers

When we got home there was a birthday present on the doorstep
addressed to Amelia Claire Comerford all the way from Houston, TX!
Thanks Great-Grandma Ann and Great-Aunt Sharon!!
Friday night The Meeks came over for dinner and cookies.
After they left it was off to bed to get some rest before the big day!
What a wonderful week it was!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Meet the Teacher

I have to set the alarm for 6:30am. It's been a while since I've done this. I usually wake up with the birds but lately the Comerford house has not rolled over until 7:15 or so. I am still blaming the heat for everything.

Tomorrow I am working 8-12 so I can leave an go to Open House at Amelia's Pre-School. I have all of her school supplies in my greenwise bag and her immunization records are paper-clipped onto the bag. Amelia has a fun Lilly Pulitzer shift dress ironed and ready to wear to meet her teacher. But guess what? I don't think I'm ready for this.

I will admit that up until this day I have thought all you Mom's were so hokey getting all dramatic about starting school. I mean, in my opinion, there just isn't enough handprint art in the world. I can't get enough of it. We may have to purchase a larger refrigerator.

But something clicked today and I realized that it's not about starting school. It's not about sending her to a new place. It's about taking that next step in life. It's about this little person that I so carefully brought home from the hospital sitting in a classroom like a big girl. Every new step and growth phase is a cocktail of excitement and heartbreak.

We just had a momentary pause while I went to answer a crying baby. This never happens at 11pm and if it does she just cries it out. Tonight she is laying in my lap sleeping on my chest. Maybe she knew Mommy needed a little love.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Color Me Medium Ash Brown

I just colored my own hair. I've done this about 5 times in my whole life. I stress the entire 15 mins (because I will not leave it on the instructed 25 mins) and it's never really that bad. It does seem that no matter which shade I use it always comes out the same color. I always thinks it has a hint of red in it. My real life hairdresser once said she would put more "ash tone" in my hair to make it look less red. So, here I go with 5A Medium Ash Brown.

My hair does not look like this picture. Much like the time I bought Eva Longoria's hair color of choice and nothing about me looked like her. In fact this color looks the same as every other Loreal color I've put on my hair. Good news is that it is not that bad and really not as red AND the sterling silver sparklers are gone. I will have to take a picture one I have some makeup on my face.
I have no idea why women decide to take such risks right before big events. I'm not talking the "I'm going on a date with the guy I met 3 days ago and I know he is the one" picture. Because we all know it gets framed or Facebooked (if the relationship makes it that long) and it eventually gets thrown away. I'm talking the "your daughter's first birthday is in 4 days and you will have these pictures the rest of your life" picture.
Or even better... the "my Granddaughter is due any day now so I will take my chances at Super Cuts for the $8 special" picture.

Good thing Amelia was so cute to take all the attention. This did not work out so well, did it Grandma? :-)
At least we know that no matter what we do, a quick trip to McDonough can fix most anything.

Attic Sale Finds - First of Many

As part of my service hours I am required to price and sort for our annual Attic Sale. I headed out Monday night to do my first pricing and sorting shift of the year. Attic Sale gets a lot of grunts and complaints but I love it! Usually I work with someone I really don't know that well and that is always fun. Plus it raises a load of money for charity. And to top it you find some pretty interesting stuff.

This one however, is a jewel! Isn't this amazing?!! It could be yours, perhaps it was yours? I can't believe someone would give this up.

Stay tuned for more great finds....

Oh and my friend brought Monday supper by while I was gone. She asked where I was and the Hubby said "somewhere counting money or something for JSL". He listens well!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Turn Around... Life is Good

It's a new day!! Turns out Amelia had Roseola. High fever, then rash. I hate for her to be sick but I'm glad to know she did have a sickness rather than it being me who caused an allergic reaction with bath wash.

She still had the rash yesterday. It was not a pleasant day, but it was definitely not the worst. I would post a picture but she spent the entire afternoon completely naked while I applied hydrocortisone cream and let her air everything out. I don't think she'd appreciate her naked self on the Internet. Her Daddy was not impressed that I was letting her crawl around without a diaper but I figured a little tee-tee wouldn't do much damage to the lovely green carpet.

After VBS last night I met Daddy in the driveway to drop off the little girl and I headed to book club. Fun girls talking about a great book over beer and food makes for a great time. It was just what the doctor ordered for Mommy.

A great nights rest means a great morning. We all woke up in a good mood. Amelia's rash was gone and she was back to her old self. I knew we were headed in the right direction when I woke up to her talking and playing in her crib rather than screaming.

After work we headed to the new Fresh Market. It opened yesterday and today it was PACKED! Did someone say the economy is bad? I don't see it! It is great to see that so many people support local foods. Of course, everything is not local but a lot of it is. I will always be a Publix girl, but I will definitely be frequenting the Fresh Market for things. Their meats and produce looked (and tastes) fantastic. They also have a great selection of cheeses and a whole olive bar. Martini anyone?

Amelia posing with the beautiful sunflowers. Flowers are another great thing they always have. They have a great price on them too!

While we were out and about, we turned Amelia's big girl seat around. She can now see everyone and look out the window. She thinks she is something else. A week from Saturday she will be 1. Am I excited? Not really. It's actually quite devastating. I suppose she has to grow up but I feel like we are living in fast forward.
I am about to pour some milk, get the cookies and watch Project Runway. The Cowboy is at Bible study. Let's see if laying the in bed having milk and cookies with Tim Gunn can beat beer and book club with the girls. Ummm.... this one will be close...


I spent all week teaching some amazing children at Vacation Bible School this week. Our church's theme was Galactic Blast off and it was a blast! We made "moon balls", we blew the lids off film canisters (seriously, they hit the ceiling tiles) and we even made slime!

Just thinking about the energy bottled up inside these sweet kids makes me tired. What a wonderful gift it is to be able to help form a child. Thanks to all the parents to brought their children out this week. They were all wonderful and we really enjoyed their laughter, excitement and spirit.

For those of you who are not members of our church, you should come visit. We have a terrific children's program on Wednesday nights and great service on Sundays.

Amelia got to spend the week with her friends in the nursery. She has so much fun there. We are so blessed with such sweet women in our nursery. They love our babies!

"Hey!" From my first year at VBS