Chronicling The Comerfords

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Our local art museum had an event called Bedazzled last Saturday. Me and the Hubs got dressed up (and I mean shaved the legs, perfume, mascara, eye shadow with some sparkle and a fancy shirt dressed up!), left Amelia with Nana and Pa and headed out for a night on the town. It was so much fun. The art was yarn art, which was very cool, the wine was fantastic and friends were all over the place. This event was also the same night as our local college homecoming so all of downtown was busy. We left the museum and walked 2 blocks over to a local bar to see who was there and it was packed too.

It was such a fun night out with my handsome hubby! Doesn't he look great? Weight Watchers has stolen almost 50 pounds from him! I have to keep strolling to keep up with his good-looking self!

2 Months

Amelia is now 2 months. Month 2 has been a lot better than month 1. We have finally realized that there is not too much we can do that is going to harm or destroy her and it has made life a lot easier.

I really am never this serious

This is more like it.

Some 2nd Month Memories:

* Still loves to stroll
* Bathing is getting more and more fun. She now takes baths with Mommy and kicks all around. I think she is ready to swim
* Started smiling at 5 weeks and does it more and more
* Is still a lazy, laid-back baby most all day
* Is not laid-back from about 6:30 to 9. This is what we call the witching hour. It may or may not show up, but if she is going to cry and show out it's during this time. We just keep our fingers crossed
* Loves her mobile and her activity floor mat. She has started "talking" to the characters that hang down and tries to grab them. She can't purposely grab hold but gets really excited when she swats one.
* During the night she sleeps from about 9:30 to 6:30 and may wake up once around 3 or 4 for a little snack and falls straight back to sleep.

We just love this little girl to pieces!

Back to Work

On Oct 19th I went back to work. Honestly, I was excited about it until the week before, then I got sad. Well, it was kind of mixed reviews... I was bored at home and missed my job but I was sad to be on a schedule where I HAD to work and HAD to be away from home. While I know staying home full-time is not a lifestyle for me (unless we win LOTS of money and I can be a lady of leisure with a maid and a nanny on the beach with a private jet), I was not 100% sure I wanted to be so regimented with my schedule.

We are now 2 weeks in and I am SO happy. First I love my job, not necessarily where I work (no offense) but I have lived in 3 cities doing what I do and I just love the nature of my work in general. Second, I really, really do love the people I work with. I am so glad to not only get to use my brain for grown-up tasks and conversations and problem solving, but I am really glad to see the faces of my co-workers everyday. I do know that I do not want to ever go back full time unless we need it to live, but I am so happy to be back in the action. This is my busiest time of the year at work and I have not worked it part-time so we'll see how hairy things get. Hopefully, I can keep my head on straight. I'm a little nervous about it, but excited too. I would so much rather be busy.

The downside... Amelia's sleepy time is in the morning. The child really does not get woken up good until about noon. When I was home I did all of my chores in the morning and the afternoon was our playtime. Now I work in the mornings and the afternoon is still our playtime. So, when does our house get cleaned? When I am hosting book club or Grandma is coming to visit. Now, understand that I am a neat freak and the house is "straight" most all the time, but really clean, not so much.

Our book club book this month is The Help. I am only on Chapter 3, but I really like it and would highly recommend it. Funny though, I sit in bed at night with a glass of wine reading a book about maids thinking, "Wow, I really should have cleaned today..." then I just take another sip and turn the page!

First day back. It was SO stinkin cold!

Amelia just thought it was another day at Nana's

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

38 Minutes

Tonight we decided it was the night for the sweet sleepy-head to put herself to bed. We (oh crud! I just realized I did not kiss her good night. Shoot, crap, arghhh! Worst Mother of the Year award given to me!) Ok, so her Daddy kissed her good night (I will kiss her good morning.. in about 4 hours) and he put her down in her crib. She cried for 38 minutes and is now sound asleep. I know a lot of people have a hard time with this but we did not. While Amelia is a really, really good baby and falls to sleep easily during the day she fights it like C-R-A-Z-Y at night. We hold her in our arms for over an hour with her wiggling and crying almost every single night. So, tonight the only difference was our arms had a break.

Update: Mommy walked in her room just to make sure she was still breathing and really just asleep. Yep, it woke her up.... back to square one...will try to not do that again.

All this is because I realized yesterday that I start back to work on MONDAY! BOO! I am really excited (ok, that's a little strong)... I do not mind and am somewhat looking forward to going back to work. It is so helpful that 1. I only work 9 to 1; 2. Amelia is staying with family & will be close by; 3. I really do love my job and the people I work for and with. The problem is I now have less than one week to love on my baby all day and get her sleeping at night. She is a wonderful sleeper, it's just getting her to fall asleep that is the problem. Unfortunately the 3am rocker parties have to cease when Mommy has to work during the day.

Update: 21 mins after wake-up and we have had silence for about 5 mins. I will not enter the room this time!

Well, I think I am going to bed to fall asleep to Andy Griffin reruns since my baby girl is asleep and my husband is consumed by a dumb shoot-em up boy movie in the living room.

Night Night!

Monday, October 5, 2009

True Confession

Of all the accessories I own for my hair, I have one favorite and there is not a close second. Of all the money I have spent on so many products to try and tame my crazy head of hair, there is one simple jewel that stands the test of time...


Isn't she lovely?!

Though I seldom wear it in public (usually in the drive through line only) I always have it near by and almost always in my hair when I'm at home. I only have 1 lone survivor left and I'm thinking of buying more, but I'm sure they will not be the same. This one hot pink loop of goodness has been washed and worn to the perfect texture, it's like those old t-shirts you can't throw out. As much as I love my Chi straightening iron, aquage hairspray and Pureology shampoo and conditioner (I'm not afraid to admit I spend a good amount of money to have sub-par hair), nothing beats pulling up the good morning mess in my scrunchie for the the day. Sure ponytail holders are classier or whatever, but OH the headaches! Never does my dear hot pink friend make my head feel like someone has been trying to pull my brains out the back of my head all day.

So girls, what do you think? Let's bring the scrunchies back!!