Chronicling The Comerfords

Monday, August 31, 2009

Amelia's Arrival

What I've learned in week 1 is that my child does not like me to be on the computer. They say a picture can say a thousand words, I sure hope so. I will type as long as the sweet bundle of love allows. This is a condensed version of the arrival of Amelia.

It turns out the "back spasms" I was having on 8/20 were early contractions. I called my friend, Isa, who is a labor and delivery nurse to find out what she thought was going on. She said to drink a ton of water and walk around, if they were false they would go away. They did not. Thankfully, they did not get really intense until about 11:30pm so I could finish Project Runway! :) The Hubby had been at Gridiron and when he got home I had my watch, pen and paper timing contractions. His "what do we do now" expression was priceless. After pacing around the house and getting in and out of the bathtub I decided it was time to go to the hospital.

We arrived at the hospital about 2:30am and by 5:00am on 8/21 I had my epidural and was sitting pretty. I have a whole new appreciation for women who do not use pain medicine. I have no idea why you would do that to yourself, but kudos to you because I am not that strong at all! A little after 7:30 the 2nd best part of the day walked through my door, ISA! She is a sweet, sweet friend of ours and was able to be there for our entire day and deliver our sweet baby girl into this world (with the help of Dr. Bowie, of course. ha!). I was so worried that I would go into labor when someone else was on duty, but The Good Lord worked it out for us. Dr. Bowie is absolutely amazing and was so encouraging during the whole delivery. I suppose you would have to know both Isa and Dr. Bowie to understand, but there was just this calm spirit in the room during the madness they call birth. They are both Christians and amazing people, but I now see that they are also outstanding at their profession. Amelia was so blessed to be welcomed into our world by the team that delivered her.

Amelia's Daddy was indescribably perfect. From him trying his best to console and help me through contractions, to keeping me company during those long hours of waiting, to being right there as we watched the little person we created come out to join us. I joke that he looked at the whole thing like a science experiment, but he really did. He was so excited and in awe of what was going on.

My Mom was superwoman. We had a lot of family in and out during the day, but Mom stayed there constant. Not sitting on the couch but usually pacing around my bed taking care of me. I can't imagine what it is like to be in anticipation of your daughter birthing your Grand-daughter. I knew she was amazing, but the nurses and her son-in-law raved about her all day. We all agree that the day could not have happened without her. I think she could have a job at the hospital if she wanted one! :)

I was blessed with a great labor, delivery and recovery. Either I am made to have babies or I got lucky and should stop while I'm ahead!

So that's our Labor Day in a nutshell. Here are pictures to tell the story:

Sweet smiles, but wondering if we are ever going to be ready to birth this child.

Isa capturing Daddy looking at his little girl for the first time.

Amelia and Dr. Bowie

Meeting my little girl

We make a great team (and a cute baby)!

Yay Isa!! Thank you for being a special part of our special day. We love you!

Family of 3

Daddy has found a new love

Welcome to our world
Amelia Claire Comerford 3:57pm 8lbs 2oz 21 1/2 inches

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Make It Work!!

I have been waiting months for the season premier of Project Runway and it is finally here! I can never decide if I have a bigger crush on Tim Gunn or Heidi Klum, they are both so stinkin cute! The Hubby is at his Gridiron meeting (which is basically Junior League for boys in my opinion except they do not have service hours) which means I can watch my most favorite show without interruption or quiet eyes rolling at the tv. Or at least that's what I thought...

They say "a baby really changes things" well, our sweet Amelia is not wasting any time. I suppose I forgot to mention to her how important these few hours of television on August 20th would be to her Mommy. I have felt pretty crummy all day and have had back pains on and off with no rhyme or reason. I decided ordering a pizza and having a date with Tim and Heidi would do the trick. Ummm... not so much. My back pains have been every 4 to 6 mins but only last about 30 to 45 seconds. I called my sweet friend who is a labor and delivery nurse to explain the situation (and to make sure the hospital has Lifetime just in case). Apparently these are not active labor contractions because they need to be closer to two minutes. So, I sit on my couch with a pen, paper and watch and try my best to watch my show. Mommy just needs a few more hours and you can have me for the rest of your life.

By the way, I just went to take a shower and wash my hair just in case I have to go to the hospital. I packed all of my bags and they are ready to go. You know what this means, right? I won't go into labor tonight. Just because I am prepared. But that's ok too. I now have 2 friends joining me for a pedicure Saturday morning and The Hubby's Grandparents are having their 60th wedding anniversary party Saturday afternoon. We'll see...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Last Supper

We have been planning for weeks to go to a great new restaurant in town for a big Pre-Amelia date night. We kept putting it off and putting it off and finally decided we should go tonight. OH my goodness, it was worth the wait! Everything was so good and so perfect! I started feeling a little pain/pressure yesterday and this morning it was worse. I called the nurse just to run everything by her and she asked me to come on in. Everything I'm feeling is normal of being this far along but with multiple things going on at once, she wanted me to get checked. I am still dilated at a 1 but I am 90% effaced! My doctor said it wouldn't surprise him if I went into labor any second or waited until next week. Isn't that a big help?!

We both kind of went into rush mode today. We had our date night and took the maternity pictures we'd been putting off just in case. Our friend Nancy took our pictures and we had so much fun. Hopefully she got some good ones! I would say the list is checked off and Amelia can come anytime BUT my friend Heather is coming to see me Saturday. While I'd love to have her here while I am delivering I'd much rather us get a pedicure and have a girls day first. Maybe I'll go into labor while our toes are drying! :)

Anyway, stay tuned for updates... 38 weeks and 4 days... the countdown is on!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

One of the Frozen Chosen

I have been meaning to write since Sunday, but hey, it's only Tuesday. I have no idea how I fill up every single day but I do. People tell you that you are supposed to rest and relax in these last few days/weeks/whatever but that is a joke! It's tough trying to stay ahead at work, keep the laundry caught up, keep the house cleaned and pick up all the last minute items. I do a great job then slack off, back and forth. I will bet you a million bucks that I will go into labor one of the few days when my house is a mess and the pantry is empty, just because it works that way. Speaking of labor, I am 38 weeks and that's about it. No new news.

I don't think I've mentioned that my husband is also my Sunday school teacher. He is an amazing teacher; I really think he missed his calling. He is on a rotation with 3 others and this Sunday he taught on Acts. Have you ever read Acts? I am just starting to really read into it, but it's a great book of the Bible. It's neat to look at the early ways of the church and compare to where we are now. You can always tell when a good lesson is planned (or probably more likely, that the class is finally awake. haha) because the discussion gets good and we are late to 11:00 service. I have no shame in this whatsoever. If we are late because I can't get my hair straight or can't find my earrings, that's a little different. But if we are talking about Jesus, I will march straight down the aisle to my pew in the front and not think twice about it. It's like I'm wearing a sign that tells the whole church where I've been. Not that they have a clue or care, they probably just want me to sit down and get my big ol'belly out of the way.

Well this Sunday we were late. The Hubby ran over and my pregnant waddle delayed us plus I had to make a potty stop because it is a long walk from Sunday school to the sanctuary :). I get back into the narthex and my better half is no where to be found. I look all around our normal area and finally my girlfriend points and says, "He's right there." What?! Of course I didn't notice him because he is in the back of the church! Gasp! I thought about marching right up the aisle to our spot then thought better of it and sat with my husband. All throughout the morning announcements we had a conversation of how he knows I don't like sitting in the back and why are we back here etc. etc. I really think it would have ruined my morning and completely took my focus... this is how I know God exists and pays attention...

When it was time for us to do our typical, "take a few moments and shake hands with the people around you" our pastor said we are going to do something a little different. Now, I usually shake and greet, but never leave our pew because I'm afraid I won't get back in time and would just rather stay close to homebase. This Sunday we were given specific directions. The people at the front of the church were asked to go all the way to the back, back to the front, left side of the church to the right and so forth to greet one another. Still not realizing God's point I thought, "Well, good! At least all of our friends will know we are here this Sunday and I can say hello even though my silly husband sat us in the back." You see, there isn't much talking after service because we Methodists get out just early enough to get to our cars and beat the Baptists to lunch. We have to make sure we get on out so we don't have to wait at the restaurant. HAHA It's funny, but pretty darn true... at least in our family. Back to the point... After we all sat back down our pastor said something along the lines of "now that wasn't so bad, I bet you met someone new, it's nice to see different faces" or something like that. Then he spoke the words (these might not be exact, but they are what I retained)... We as a church should always speak to a new face. Some of us just like to come in and go to the same spot and sit down like we are the "Frozen Chosen". Everyone snickered and knew it was true but God gave me a big ole nudge and said "Pay attention to Me and My Word, not your stinkin pew." Got it!!

That being said, next Sunday you'll find us in our typical pew because that's where I think I pay attention best, but I'll make sure to speak to a new face on the way there. If you ever wonder if God is working in your life or paying attention, just wait, He'll show up.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Jamie to the Rescue

After all that fussing the day got better. I laid in the tub with bubbles up to my ears until my toes and fingers looked like prunes. The Hubby called to make sure I was okay and we laughed at every little detail that went into one big crappy half-day. The laughter was just enough to get me up and going and now my whole house is clean, sheets are changed and 2 loads of laundry are folded.

AND... while our town still does not have white 11x14 picture frames we do have the best chicken tortellini around and Jamie.... Tonight I get both! Any minute now Amelia's Aunt Jamie is going to walk through the door of my clean house with dinner in her hand and we will have a fantastic girls night over a shared dish of pasta and junk tv. What a perfect way to end a less than perfect day.

Love, love, love Jamie. She was once my husband's friend, but I stole her fair and square!

Praise God for the love of a good husband, laughter, good food and great friends!

Things that may send me into labor today...

It has been one of those days. Even if I were not 9 months pregnant and hormonal it would have been one of those days. I know labor is going to be the hardest thing I've ever done up to this point in my life, but I think I would prefer it over today...

1. Boys drive me up the wall. By boys I mean grown men who are idiots. I will not elaborate but know if you are not a boy I am not referring to you. I am also not talking about my husband; he is behaving these days. :)

2. Stupid excuses. If I can't use the fact that I've been carrying around a human being in my belly for 9 months as a good excuse, you have nothing I am interested in hearing

3. I have spent the last 2 days getting color put on my hair and it's still not right. I love the new hairdresser I went to and the 2 colors are very pretty, just not me. Yesterday was way light, today is way dark, but hey, I'm only about to start taking pictures of one of the biggest events in my life, no big deal... We'll try for somewhere in the middle in a few months. She really is great.

4. My cat just now pooped in the litter box right beside the computer. She has been outside ALL DAY, why did she have to come inside and stink me out of the one room I really want to be in?? This is has been my day...

5. No where in my town sales 11x14 white picture frames. Do you realize I am going to have to drive 45 MINUTES for a plain white 11x14 picture frame?! I tell you, I do love this town but sometimes it's all I can take.

6. People stare at me everywhere I go. They don't ask when I am due or what the heck is wrong with your belly or why do you waddle instead of walk, they just stare. Guess what? It's rude to stare!

Normally when I am this frustrated I clean my house from top to bottom, but I have absolutely no energy. It really is a mess though. Anyone feel sorry enough for me to come clean my house??

I hope you have a great rest of the day. I am going to fill the jacuzzi tub up with bubbles even though it's only 3:59 in the afternoon.

All of this makes be think of those goofy people who have bumper stickers that say "blessed to be stressed"... Seriously, you are nuts. Okay, so I know I have a TON to be thankful for but right now I just want to be mad so stay clear! :-)

With love, NC

Sunday, August 9, 2009

What A Difference a Year Makes

We had a great time in Athens and at Corie and Tom's wedding this weekend. I will post more about that shortly.
While resting from the weekend on the couch tonight I received the cutest picture from our friend Shana. It's a picture of the Hubby and I from her wedding last summer. The picture brought back so many great memories from their fun and special day. Then I thought about the wedding we just got back from. While both weddings were a ton of fun and so very special, one thing was very different... us! My, how times have changed! It's all for the good, but these weddings seem years apart. Last night I enjoyed dancing with my husband, a little modified, but we danced. He is a wonderful dancer and I love having him twirl me around (whether it's in our kitchen or at a wedding). However, if he would have tried to dip me at this wedding, we would have both been on the floor and I probably would have went into labor! haha

Richardson Wedding - Summer 2008

Dimitroff Wedding - Summer 2009

Friday, August 7, 2009

Encore, Encore

I think the greatest thing about moving into a home with an established yard are all of the wonderful surprises you get throughout the year. When we moved in April all of the azaleas were in full force and beautiful. At some point in May the oak leaf hydrangea off the side of our back porch bloomed these huge white flowers and they were just as pretty. All spring we had these wonderful surprises literally popping up all over the place.

Well, here is it August and the azaleas in the backyard are blooming again! I wish the ones in the front yard would too, but I'm not going to get greedy. My only guess is that they are the Encore azaleas. I assume that's it because they are clearly newer than the large bushes in the front yard. I am so excited! The blooms are just starting but everything is becoming so pretty and pink. I think they are here to welcome Amelia home!

These line the garage. They are trying to get here on time

These are around the deck along the sidewalk. They are red so maybe they are kicking off football season.

We have had a lot of blessed surprises lately. Honestly, I have put God on the back-burner a little bit this summer. You know that friend that you keep meaning to call, but never quite get around to it? That's been me and God. I have gotten to caught up in summer and life and forgot why it's all here. Thankfully, He has not felt that way about me. God is alive and well in the Comerford house these days. We have some exciting things going on and are so thankful.

I just finished packing my hospital bag and put the carseat in the car. We are headed to Athens tomorrow and I want to be prepared just in case Amelia decides to make her appearance while we are there. The Good Doctor says he doubts it, but you never know. We are going to Corie and Tom's wedding and I know it will be perfect. They are a wonderful couple and are so deserving of this special weekend. We are also really excited that we are getting to stay with some good friends while we are in Athens. Chris, an old friend of ours who set us up and actually went with us on our first date, and his wife Sarah are hosting us while we are in town. They are both great friends of ours and so much fun. We are going up early Saturday to be able to spend time with them before the wedding festivities start. I am wearing a fantastic outfit to the wedding thanks to a completely borrowed wardrobe from multiple great girlfriends. I have been hoping Amelia would stay put at least until late Saturday night because I really want to wear this dress. Isn't that silly?! I will post pictures next week.

Oh yeah, I transferred prenatal vitamins to Walgreens today. They sent me a $25 check in the mail to activate with a prescription transfer. I am now the proud owner of $25 worth of free diapers (actually about $22 in diapers and a tube of toothpaste). Mommyhood is already starting because I would have loved to blow that money on lip gloss, sour patch kids and gum and maybe some new eyeshadow I would never wear. I just stayed clear of cosmetics went straight to the diapers. Thinking of how cute Amelia's tush will look in those little things was helpful! :)

Have a fun and safe weekend.