Chronicling The Comerfords

Monday, January 28, 2013

Happy First Birthday Annie!

So Annie really did turn one!  I'm just a little behind.  Sometimes doing life gets in the way of my computer time.
Here are some snapshots of the main event!  The idea was a Winter ONEderland.  I had SO many great ideas, but since I did not get to the store until 5:30 Friday night to plan for a birthday party at 10:30 Saturday morning, a lot of them did not happen.

One thing that did happen was her AMAZING birthday cake!  Isn't it cute?!
Best part is that it was SO Yummy!

We had a brunch of fruit salad, pigs in a blanket, spinach dip, juice and those cute milks in juice boxes. There was supposed to be a years worth of picture snowflakes on doilies all over the room but instead there were 3 handing from the light fixture

Cute birthday girl in sister's hat

She really is so pretty
Look at that face!  Girl loves to eat! 

She definitely took a chunk out of her cake!
She loved opened presents and all the paper 

Amelia was not interested in posing for a picture since it was not her party
But Annie had a blast!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Less iPhone, More iPray and iLove in this house

Tonight we went to hear Ken Bevel from the movie Courageous speak. A church near us hosted him and I was not going to let my husband miss the chance to hear how to better lead our family! Haha just kidding... Kind of...
Being parents is not something to take lightly. It is a huge responsibility!
Things I learned in no particular order:
1. If a child can recite Barney, Veggietales and Sesame Street songs she can learn The Lords Prayer
2. Children need consistency. Everyday and everywhere. What happens at church should happen at school should happen at home. Pray every day! Read scripture every day! Make them yearn for it! In return, yearn for your Father as well
3. Be unified in your family. One reading the paper, one texting and one watching tv all in the same room IS NOT unity.

Check out Deuteronomy 6 and live it. We are going to do our best to do so

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Birthday Girls

Annie had a wonderful birthday party which I will get around to posting this week. In the meantime check out all this fun...

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Talking to Jesus in the morning

It was an extremely whiny morning in the Comerford house. I've had a pretty crummy attitude lately so I be been trying to pray more in the mornings.
This morning I read a devotional about bring a more sacrificial mom and how you can give more to your children. Honestly, it just ticked me off and I went to get a bowl of cereal. I ate my cereal steaming about how much I already give blah blah blah.
Then the girls woke up in a crummy mood. Ben helped me get everyone out the door (that was an answered prayer). Once we were in the car the whining continued. I had this grand idea to ask Amelia to pray with me. Fail! "Hey whiney 3 year old that can not get it together, lets stop everything we are doing and talk to Jesus." Great idea, bad timing. Perhaps talking to fairy godmother and Bippity Boppity Boo would have been more effective?
As I was laughing about me praying through the morning, a sweet friend reminded me that I planted a seed. I'm trying...

Monday, January 14, 2013

Good Thing She Can't Reach The Hot

This is Annie's new trick.  Truth, she usually gets her hand popped for this.  It's just pretty funny... I mean dangerous so I took a picture before telling her "no no" this morning

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Go Dirty Birds!

I am not going to pretend like I give a rip about professional football because i do not! BUT the Cowboy sure does! Thank goodness The Falcons pulled one out today and its a good thing because the other game that went in this direction did not turn out so well...  GO DIRTY BIRDS!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Why didn't I think of that?!

We have had many tailgating chairs.  We take them everywhere and they are super comfortable.  Look at this highchair!!  Best Highchair EVER!

If Annie was not already almost a year old I would buy it right now hands down.  There is still plenty of time to get use out of it right?  I really think she would like it for her birthday. Am I completely wasting my money?  I am going to research and see if I can find it cheaper.

WHY oh why couldn't I have thought of this?  I really need to put some of my ideas out there.  How can I make my millions??..... I mean this is going for $70.  Is it really $60 more stuff than a $9.99 tailgating chair?!  No, absolutely not.  If it is a baby product the price automatically goes through the roof.  Much like maternity.  think think think...

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Vanderpump Rules, her staff... not so much!

I LOVE reality tv!  It is my guilty pleasure that takes me away from all that is life.  Now I do not watch just any trash tv.  You have to either be extremely rich or extremely hot to get my attention.  Much like finding a husband! haha

I was sitting on the couch this afternoon while Amelia was in ballet and Annie was napping.  This was after my marathon whirlwind of picking up 2 babies from 2 morning preschools and getting one changed and lunched and to ballet in about 15 or 20 mins. So, I was vegging on the couch during Annie's power nap and decided to watch my recorded Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  This recording went straight into Vanderpump Rules (loved the segue!), what in the world?!  Those girls are horrible!  I realize they are probably getting paid to hype it up but Hello, mean girls!  I sat there and thought, My girls sure are dramatic right now, but at least I don't work at SUR! haha

A note of good news.  I totally neglected everything in the house and Annie didn't whine a bit! We spent sometime on the swing set, in the playhouse, playing in the grass then moved it into the playroom.  We ate dinner together, bathed her, played a little more and then she went to bed.  So there is nothing wrong with my baby at all.  As long as I do not pick up the house, wash clothes, go to the bathroom or cook dinner she's a happy camper.  I can pull that off right?

Whiny or not, this little love is mine.  She will be 1 year old in less than 10 days and it blows my mind.  Slow down my little whiny drama queen, slow down. Mommy loves you and your snuggles.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

"Look at my name!!"

Just when you are in a foul mood and feel like the day has caved in. And you've failed like 18 things just today. And you just want to go to bed without cooking your family dinner because you are done... Your 3 year old says "look! Look at my name!" And what you've been working on all Christmas break comes to fruition and you realize "I am making a difference!" So you give her a big hug and kiss and say "WOW! I am SO proud!" And you turn on Old Crow Medicine Show and cook a dinner that is pretty darn awesome!
Good night at Camp Comerford!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Should Only Children have only one child?

I will make this short because Annie is napping and my string cheese didn't cut it and I just remembered there are awesome leftovers in the fridge.

I have thought all weekend, "If my children know what I think of them they will need therapy and I would be ashamed!"  I love them, like really, an unhealthy amount of love, but they drive me up the wall!  Saturday afternoon I called the cowboy and request him home from the farm without delay.  I was breaking down.  He offered for me to go shopping and spend the night off if I needed to. I thought about it but that is such a waste.  Instead I took the big sister, who has been extremely neglected lately, with me to buy materials for my new sewing machine.  We took another friend and her little girl.  She picked out fabric for a Valentines outfit, got to buy her own craft and we had dinner at a hibachi steakhouse.  It was SO MUCH FUN!

Today Amelia went home from preschool with a friend and it has just been me and Annie.  We went to Publix, had a little snack and played.  And it has been fine! 

So here's my thing, maybe I just don't do well with 2 kids?  Maybe my sweet nerves have been an only child their whole lives and just can't take it.  Or is this normal in the younger kid ages and stages?  Does everyone lose their minds multiple times a week?

On a side note, Annie whines and cries A LOT!  Really at home she cries more than not.  Yesterday the cowboy played Stay-at-home all day dad and was like "What in the world goes on here?!  Is she ok?  Should we take her to the doctor?"  I asked at school this morning how she is there.  If they thought she could have an ear ache or belly ache (we changed her to milk middle of last week).  And they politely said "I just think Annie may be a little bit rotten!"  HA!  Thank you! I feel the same way.  There is nothing wrong with this baby.  She just likes to be held so she follows me all over the house crying.  We are just glad she still goes to bed between 5 and 5:30.

LOVE the babies, just trying to figure it all out.  And sometimes you just need to vent!

My mantra for 2013 though is To spend less time on the house and more time on the people in it. This is SUPER hard for someone who likes all the throw pillows in their place at all times.  I'm working on it....    

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Learning to Like to Cook

I do not hide the fact that I do not like to cook.  I have no idea why, but I just do not enjoy it.  There was a short time period (pre-babies) where the hubs and I would hang out in the kitchen together or on the back porch grilling and that was a lot of fun.  We would snack on cheese and crackers and drink wine while cooking together.  It was relaxing and fun.  Those days are gone for a while...

We joke that cooking skips a generation in our family.  My mom learned to cook from her Grandmother and she is a great cook.  My Gaga, my mama's mama, hated cooking.  She would whip up a lemon icebox pie every now and then but that was about it.  Then there is me.  So, so far it is every other generation which means Amelia should be a chef.

Regardless of family history, I am bound and determined to get her to enjoy cooking more than her Mama.  Truthfully, that will not take much!  Since we have passed No Cook December and are now on to a New Year, I have brought her into the kitchen with me.  She is off to a good start!

Side note: My Mom informed me that you can pit cherries by smashing them underneath a knife just like you bust op garlic cloves. No cherry pitter needed in this house!

We made Bing Cherry Crisp

It was Yummy!

Tonight we made Clean Eating Smashed Sweet Potatoes

(smashed, not yet cooked)

And earlier in the week we made Lemon Rosemary Chicken.

Let's not forget about our kitchen supervisor!
Cooking is still not my most favorite thing but it is much more fun with my Sous Chef!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Nothing like having apple juice in a champagne flute to make you feel fancy!

This has not been the easiest year.  In fact a lot of it has been pretty darn hard!  I have no regrets but I am most definitely ready for a clean slate.  Cheers to lessons learned, blessings received and new beginnings!

FYI... we are all asleep before 10pm (maybe before 9:30) on New Years Eve.  We were all well rested on New Years Day and it was glorious!

Billy's Finest Moments

This was our first year with the Elf on the Shelf. At the beginning I thought "Wow!  This is great! We should use this idea all year long!"  Then I ran out of ideas.  It was hard finding somewhere to put him where Annie could not touch him.  The one time he was touched and "lost his magic dust" Amelia had a fit.  I think it will be much easier next year when Annie doesn't want to destroy all that Billy sets up.  We were pretty much limited to the kitchen and bathroom counters and a few little shelves around the house.  It was a lot of fun though

He partied with the Nutcracker

He prayed to Baby Jesus and remembered with the celebration was all about

He sent Amelia to Breakfast with Santa

He took some friends for a ride

He rode into Bethlehem on a giraffe

He acted silly for pajama day

He packed the girls' bag and went to Grandma's

He played Holy Cow 

He cheered on the Bulldogs (unfortunately they lost)

He brought candy canes for our sweet girls

He took a North Pole bubble bath
He had a tea party with Cinderella

He reminded us to feed those hard working reindeer

He borrowed Amelia's hair bow
He left at lunch on Christmas Eve to retrieve a special surprise 

He returned at dinner time with 2 beautiful nightgowns to wear and sleep well
Billy was lots of fun and Amelia loved him but I'm glad he is hibernating in the North Pole for a while!



December.. we did everything but sleep!

In the world of insurance you are used to things being busy in December (the dreadful 1/1's).  It's just unfortunate that things kick up an extra notch at home as well.  From singing in church to breakfast, lunch and dinner with Santa, moving the lazy elf (he will have his own blog), playgroup and preschool parties and a little sickness.  I am ready to crash by New Years.  This year was a real doozie! 

So the blog doesn't end with me sounding like a Scrooge, I will give the bad news at the beginning.  It's a good thing we overloaded and took so many pictures pre-Christmas because we didn't get hardly any on Christmas.  Annie woke up from her nap on Christmas eve with a 103 fever.  We spent a few hours Christmas Eve night at the Doc in a Box and Pharmacy thanks to a virus (probably flu) and an ear infection.  Also, Ben's very sweet but very sick and very tired Grandpa died on Christmas Eve. He was so ready to go home so it was a wonderful Christmas for him.  Even though it was expected as he had been in hospice for a week it was still a sad day for our family.  Christmas was tough because everyone wanted to be so happy but there was a bit of a dark cloud with Grandpa missing.  On top of all of that we could not keep Annie's fever down.  She was screaming and clingy all day long.  We did our normal of waking up Christmas morning at my parents then traveling to Ben's at lunch.  I didn't even open all our presents at The Comerford's before leaving.  Annie was just inconsolable and felt terrible. Honestly most in the room felt terrible.  I know I felt tired from lack of sleep. I was frustrated at Annie being sick (not at her just a the situation), I was bummed that I couldn't take my hands and mind off of Annie's fever to experience all the joy Amelia was feeling, I was sad for the men and wife sitting in the room with me that was having their first Christmas without a man they'd known all their lives.  There was just a faint gloom hovering.  And the material person in me was quite ticked, if I'm honest, that all my efforts were going to pot because of all of it.  This my friends is why we all need to focus on the "reason for the season"! Because the joy of the birth of our Lord and Savior is NEVER lost!  There was SO much to celebrate, but I had a pity party.  I was tired and I'm ok with it. 

Now that that is all over, let's get to some JOY!  Because folks, this December was filled with joy!

We scheduled our appointment with Santa the Sunday after Thanksgiving to beat the crowds. Success!

Amelia made her list

Annie didn't mind Santa at all this year as long as her sister was on his lap as well.  If sister moved she screamed and was outta there!

Amelia rode on the parade float this year for her school.  It was fun at first, but she was worn out by about the time we reached the town square.  It's tough having such a big audience :)

Since Daddy used our truck and trailer for the float, Annie rode too.  She slept the entire way in her carseat in the extended cab

The first week of December we had to make a road trip to Childrens Healthcare.  Annie had 2 UTI's pretty close together so we had to have a renal ultrasound an dye test.  Thankfully, everything is functioning properly.  Just a few fluke UTI's

The tests were pretty miserable but we made it through

While we were in outpatient care, Amelia and Nana were at Lenox Mall riding Macy's Pink Pig
I don't know if it is the precious pudgy cheeks or the nose, but I think these two look alike! :)

Amelia did not remember her pink tree but she had a blast decorating it all by herself.

On the evening of Dec 9th Amelia sang in big church for the first time with her choir.

Gingerbread Houses were made with our cousins

Amelia had a special Big Sister afternoon seeing The Nutcracker with Mommy.  It was such a great production and Amelia enjoyed it so much.  She liked watching the big girls in her ballet school dance in beautiful costumes

Annie had her first Gus's breakfast experience

We spend the night at Reynolds Plantation with Nana and Pa and had breakfast with Santa

Annie played in the sand for the first time

Reynolds is slowing passing right by St Simons as my most favorite place on earth

Amelia ice skated for the first time while we were there and she is hooked!

We made out a list for Santa

All per her request

And she dropped it in the mail

Amelia got to fish for the first time. She even liked the worms. YUCK!

Nana and Pa left with the girls around lunchtime on Saturday and we had Reynolds all to ourselves for the afternoon. We had a great lunch, I got a massage, Ben rented a dumb boy movie in the room and we napped!  It was glorious!

We had a great dinner on the back patio watching the sunset over the lake.  After dinner we took over the couch in the lobby and sat watching the fireplace with a little bourbon while live music played in the background.  It was one of the best anniversaries we've ever had!

Amelia had her annual spend the night party with Jamie and Pete

Which includes a carousel ride! (4 times!)

Then it was off to Grandma and PawPaws for another breakfast with Santa and all the fun that goes on at Grandma and PawPaws

Sweet Annie on Christmas Eve Eve getting ready to go see the lights

And our pretty big girl

Amelia enjoyed watching the lights from the sunroof

Amelia and PawPaw made cookies for Santa

Annie and I were pretty bummed to spend Christmas Eve at the doctor

Santa Grandma and PawPaw showed up with the Barbie House!

Gum for the girl who loves gum the most! (She gets that from her Mama)

Merry Christmas Morning

A few days later Annie's fever broke and she finally feels well enough to see what she got for Christmas

With all the highs and lows, it was still a Joyful Christmas in Comerford Land!  I hope yours was as well!