Chronicling The Comerfords

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Irritable, that's all, Just Irritable

There aren't too many things that get me completely bent out of shape. I am a woman therefore I can turn overly-emotional in a second flat. But I tend to consider myself a pretty happy gal. HOWEVER, if you do not let me sleep or do not feed me I turn into this crazy beast.

The love-child has been waking up every night (morning) since the holidays around 2am. She eats and falls back asleep all within maybe 30 mins. It all started when she was sick and couldn't breathe well, but now I think we have formed a habit. Multiple people have told me to let her cry it out, but that would take longer than giving her a snack and putting her back to bed.

Sometimes it is fine, but this week it is getting on my nerves. Probably because when the baby isn't waking me up the Baby-Daddy is because he is sick and has a horrible cough. At 2am we were discussing the sheets being damp. Every morning this week when my 2am alarm goes off, I have woken up to wet sheets (and no, not "you wet the bed" wet). I asked the sick one if he was breaking fevers during the night or something and he went into a science fair hypothesis dissertation about moisture in the sheets and the covers blah, blah, blah. I have no idea what he said, I started seeing red and apparently snapped something back (I have no idea what I said either). The last thing I remember is him saying "I'm just trying to explain something and you are calling a jury trial." Apparently I was rude. Babe, I apologize. I am not mad about what you were saying and I appreciate your AP Science explanation, I am just mad that we are even talking at all!

Here's the thing. No one should be talking at 2am. I don't care what the conversation is about. If you are talking to me at 2am and I can hear you that means I am not sleeping and that makes me angry! This rule does not apply when I wake up overly emotional about our kitty dying and my baby cutting her first tooth all in the same day. In this case it is perfectly rational for me to wake up the entire neighborhood sobbing about the fact that life is passing by too quickly and slipping right through my hands. Other than extreme circumstances just mentioned, there should be no conversation at 2am. Oh, wait... the one and only other exception is if I am dressed cute as can be and am in a bar. If this is the case it means a.) I have had a few drinks because I am still up at 2am and b.) I have a babysitter because I am in a bar at 2am (now that I mention it, this scenario sounds pretty darn enticing!)

It also seems to workout that work-fairy sprinkles an extra handful of craptastic dust on your desk when you are tired and already grumpy. And, why is it that we think we should not take time to fix our hair when we are in a bad mood? Because the world definitely does not say "Look at her hair. Bless her heart, she must be having a bad day. Let's send her flowers." At least when you take time to get dressed you can walk into the bathroom and say "Well, at least I look good, got that going for me". This is a much better option than holding it all day so you don't have to see the mess! haha

The good news is it's hump day! I'm off to take a nap before my sweet, understanding husband gets home.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Grandma Comes To Town

There is something special about going back home. I love being at my parents house, sleeping in my room, sleeping in my room with my girl cuddled up with me, riding the streets of Snellville (that now have WAY too much traffic on them). I seriously hope I can talk my husband into continuing to spend Christmas Eve night there because Santa totally comes to Snellville each and every year. I know he will be able to find Amelia there just as well as here.

All that being said, there is nothing like having house guests. You don't have to check the weather to decide what to pack, load the car, plan around baby's nap time, drive, all that happy stuff. This is a modest hint for all our friends up the road... COME SEE US! I especially love when Mom and Sonny come our way. I love our town, I love my parents and I love showing them off to each other.

This weekend the Cowhubby went to a Cowboy something or another so Mama came for a Grandma Slumber Party. We played Friday night until we all fell asleep in the living room. Then Amelia went to her bed and Mama and I fell asleep to the Olympics in my bed. The Lovebug joined us around 5:30 and we all snuggled in the big bed.

We got up this morning to sunshine coming in the windows. Amelia and I introduced Grandma to Gus' Grill for breakfast. We also ran into a few friends there that Grandma got to meet. She was really excited to let Amelia try pancakes, but Amelia wasn't so excited about it. However, she did eat a whole bunch of cheese grits. Not exaggerating, a WHOLE bunch! I know I read in some book about what, when and how to feed your child and I don't remember where it said cheese grits, but I am pretty sure it was about 6 months. :)

We did a little Wally-World shopping after breakfast then it was play time. Amelia got to try out her outside swing for the first time because it was 70 DEGREES!! Yippee!! Do a happy dance! She LOVED her swing and Grandma loved pushing her in it.

It was such a wonderful special time. I did miss my husband and I'm glad he is almost home. There is just something so special about girls and their Mama's and their Mama's Mama!

OH! I will have to take a picture of the mountain of clothes Grandma brought Amelia this weekend. She hit 2 kids consignment sales last week and set us up for summer! I tell you, those sales are where it's at. Such great deals on clothes that have been worn maybe twice, some still with tags! Wish there was something that fabulous for my size. Anyone want to sale me their cute clothes for a dollar or 2??

Friday, February 19, 2010

Taco Smell

I am a fan of Taco Bell, don't deny it you know you love them too. If not, your loss. Today was a little much even for me. The lady at the drive thru today totally smelt like feet. Really, it was bizarre! It was the odor the the Hubby has when he comes home from the farm and takes his work boots off. Speaking of... Dear Red Wing Boots: for as much as we pay for you, you should come with smell goods for the feet!
So, money taker smelt like Red Wing Boots, food giver at the next window had some sort of infected growth on her earlobe, but guess what??? My 3 soft taco supremes were "G-Double O-D" good!

It is an amazing Friday! The temperature finally got above 55, the sun is shining and Grandma is also here for a slumber party. (The Cowboy went to some kind of Cowboy event)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

An Uninvited Visitor

The doorbell rang today. I looked through my peep hole and saw 2 cute girls on my doorstep. This is a lot better than the very nice, but somewhat sketchy guy that comes by wanting to rake the yard. However, that is a great segway for me to tell my husband that me and Amelia would be much safer during the day if he would do a better job on the lawn... it never flies.

Anyway, the 2 cute girls were Jehovah's Witness. I will honestly admit I do not know first hand the details of their belief. I know gossip and I know they usually ride bikes around in black pants and a white shirt but that is about it.. I will also honestly admit that my excitement of these cute girls (one named Mae, I wouldn't be opposed to naming a little girl Mae, it's an adorable name) dwindled dramatically when I saw her Bible and she said she was a Jehovah's witness. Actually, my excitement dwindled when I saw her Bible. Seriously?! What a terrible Christian am I? They apologized for showing up unexpected (the leaf boy never does that, nor do bills) and then asked if I would mind them sharing a short piece of scripture with me. Of course I allowed because I am now invested and did I mention how cute and nice they were? It was a about 2 verses then they asked if I would mind them leaving me with two magazines. What's two more magazines to stack with all of the free baby and parenting magazines I get every stinking week? You would think the publishers would realize that a first time Mom does not have near the required time management skills to read magazines on being a parent, we just go with trial and error. Back to the story, sweet Mae and her friend thanked me for my time and carried on. These are very short editorials that I do plan on reading soon so I'll let you know the scoop.

Here are my points:
1. What an awful person to get disappointed when I see someone at my door with a Bible
2. It's always good to remember appearances and reputations aren't always what they seem
3. Is it really so bad to be polite and share the Good News to random people?
4. Even if going door to door isn't your thing, what have you (I am asking myself here) done this week to glorify the Lord and/or let people know about Jesus?
5. There is something to be said for getting outside of your comfort zone every now and then

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Nonesuch Better Way to Ring in The New Year

For New Years Eve our friends, The Meeks, invited us to their family beach house for a long weekend. It was a much needed break from the November to February work madness. Plus, we love our friends. They also have a baby girl so it was perfect. We also rode girls in one car, boys in the other so it was a fun 4.5 ride of girl time for us. Here are some pictures from our wonderful trip.
Ryan, Isa and Baby Josephine
Happy New Year!

We drove 4.5 hours to do a lot of sleeping! ha

Amelia rolled over on New Years Day!!!

We love flip-flops in January

We had a COMPLETE MELTDOWN at NYE Dinner. Daddy and I took turns walking around the restaurant (eventually staying outside). He would eat a course, then my turn, then his... It stunk but we were with good company and so far it doesn't seem to be a trend of 2010

Amelia and Josephine on the way to shop in Seaside and get Lilly Pulitzer dresses. They were really excited!

There will be many years of these sweet friends playing at the beach

Hibernation... It's what I do

I hate winter. I really do. I realize the Good Lord created winter for a reason and I'm sure it's great for everything to die back and re-grow in the spring. BUT, does it have to last this long?! I honestly think I get a mild case of the winter blues so I just stay put. I hate winter clothes... Itchy sweaters are awful and blue jeans never fit me right. Which means I just stay in my house where jogging pants and long sleeve t-shirts are appropriate attire. This is not a very good excuse for not blogging in 4 months because since I'm couped up in the house I should have a lot more time on my hands.

Well, here are my excuse(s): November to February is my busiest time of the year in the insurance world. This was my first year working 9-1 and it almost kicked my tail. I did come out victorious but it was a long, tough battle. It was tiresome and stressful and the fact of the matter is that I could not justify "playing" on the computer while the rest of my life seemed to be falling apart. That's an exaggeration but when other parts of your life feel like they are all being done half-arsed, it's hard to add something else to the plate. And sweet Amelia, she has grown up while I've been gone from the blogging world. Excuse number 2: My child is going to be 6 months old this week! In my over-emotional winter-depressed state of mind, I feel like life is passing by too quickly so I have chosen to nap on the couch with my baby from time to time instead of blogging. Besides, how great does 15 posts of "Crappy day at work, napped with the baby" sound? To clarify, I love, love, love my job and what I do but I had to really work on those time management skills these past few months.

So, here's what you get... a snap-shot of the 2009 holidays and big events in between.

Thanksgiving -- My family has never done a big Thanksgiving. There are only 3 in our immediate family and Christmas was always when we drove back home for a big celebration. The year Ben and I got engaged his parents invited my parents for Thanksgiving and it has stuck every year since. The first year I had no idea my parents were coming but they all worked together and surprised me. It was awesome and I was definitely thankful. It's such a blessing to have all of my family in one place for at least one special day each year.

Nana and Pa with Amelia and Luke (Amelia's cousin)
My sister-in-law (Luke's Mama) made these fun shirts for the kids. Aren't they precious?!

Grandma and Grandpa with Amelia

We all had SO much to be Thankful for this past year!

Amelia's Baptism -- On December 20, 2009 we welcomed Amelia Claire Comerford into the family of God. It was a wonderful celebration of friends and family. The morning was so hectic as we tried to get 5 adults and 1 child ready in 2 bathrooms, plus eat breakfast and start lunch. But we got to church. Our little family of 3 lit the Advent Wreath and Amelia was Baptized. The picture below is one of my most favorites of our family. Funny thing is that we were not this picture perfect happy family. The Hubby and I had just had a verbal altercation in Church in front of our family because if we took another picture he would have to wait in a long line at his favorite fried chicken sanctuary. Sure is a pretty picture isn't it?! It really was a wonderful day.

Christmas -- Then came Christmas! We did as we always have. Christmas Eve night we make the drive north to my parent's house. We have a wonderful coffee table dinner of cheeses, summer sausage, chips and dip, hummus, homemade sweets and whatever else you can think of to accompany wine. All of this is to the soundtrack of my Mother telling you the lines to It's A Wonderful Life about 2.5 seconds before they happen. It is a perfect way to spend Christmas Eve. We get up Christmas morning, open stockings and presents then Mom makes us a Christmas brunch. This year it was her homemade biscuits. That was a present in itself. Also, Amelia had her first cereal, which she wanted to feed herself. Around 2pm we load up and head back to Ben's parent's for Christmas there. These are 2 completely different Christmas' all wrapped up into one day. My family Christmas is laid back with coffee and mimosas while the Comerford's is 8 grown-ups and 4 children. It is paper flying everywhere, kids squealing and grown-ups smiling trying to show off their goods in the sea of paper. It is a wonderful, exciting experience for me coming from my little family. After we eat a good late lunch Ben and I come home to our house. We exchange gifts and enjoy the peace and relaxation after a big day.
First Cereal

Merry Christmas 2009

So, that is my abbreviated winter 2009. While winter is terrible and I am in a foul mood for about 4 months, at least there are some wonderful holidays thrown in. Come on spring!!

Long Naps Soothe My Soul

When this happens for over 2 hours I can do so much! Such as, drink a cup of hot tea on a freezing day, get caught up on the stuff I didn't get done at my 9-1 job, laundry and BLOG! Hip-hip-hooray