Chronicling The Comerfords

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Where it all begins...

Ok, so the hardest part about starting a blog is where to begin, what to say. I have asked myself a thousand times why I want to blog and I'm still not quite sure. I absolutely love reading my friends blogs, but I really don't think my day to day is blog worthy. So, final answer... I'm doing it for me. I am in the middle of what is so far the most exciting part of my life and I just want to "Chronicle the Comerfords".

In 3 days I will be 30 years old and let me tell you, I am SUPER excited about it! Isn't it funny how life takes so many twists and turns? You wonder if you are ever going to find your way out of wherever you are, then all of a sudden you wake up one morning and realize God really does know what He's doing. On December 9th 2006 I married the most amazing man. Talk about God knowing what He's doing.. I could have never picked my hubby out myself. The past 2 years have been fun, crazy, stressful, blissful, frustrating and absolutely perfect. We live in a small town outside of a small town that's outside of Atlanta. We prayed for months for the opportunity to be here and here we are. It's not quite how we planned and we haven't fully "arrived" to our plan, but God is still working and life is good.

The Comerford's in true form (in love and silly)

On December 27th 2008, we found out that we are expecting our first child! I did not think I was pregnant (the hubby did) so while he was away watching football I took a test to prove him wrong. Then I took another test to prove the first test wrong. All 3 of them were right and I am now 10 weeks pregnant! Due to great anniversary gift and not really needing anything we had decided not to exchange Christmas gifts with each other this year. So I found it very ironic that we did indeed give one another a gift (I think it would have been cheaper to buy presents!) We are both so excited, we can't stand it. Some days it's overwhelming and I have been sick the past 5 weeks, but I have this sweet little feeling that it's all going to be worth it!

Telling Hubby "Looks like we got each other something for Christmas after all... Daddy!!"

So, that is a little about us and where we are now. I hope you continue to enjoy our journey (and ignore my grammar errors!) :).


  1. yay! yay! yay! yay! I am so glad you started the blog!!!!

  2. I am so excited to see you blogging!!!

  3. Welcome to the blogging world! I think you will do great!