Chronicling The Comerfords

Friday, March 20, 2009

How Great Thou Art

It is the first day of Spring! Are you as excited as I am??? I saw pollen on my car this week for the first time and got so excited. I (knock on wood) am one of the few that does not have allergies so to me pollen was a welcome sign of the season I love the most. I HATE winter. I am sure there is a divine purpose for the dreaded time of year, but I have no idea what it is. As we were getting ready for church 2 Sundays ago and I put on a way too springy dress with a denim jacket and open toed shoes, my hubby said "It's amazing how much weather changes your mood." I have focused on is comment for almost 3 weeks now and he is so right. I think I get a serious case of the winter blues. Do you think this is a medical thing where Great American Insurance would say buy me a winter beach house for the price of my co-pay? Maybe I should try...

Once a month during the 3 seasons the Lord loves the most (spring, summer and football) my hubby and I go to this amazing chapel in a town about 30 mins from us. His boss has a horse farm that puts half of Kentucky to shame and back in the woods behind it is a small white wooden chapel. It is an amazing God-story (and blog in itself) of how the chapel came to be, but it is there in the midst of trees and green, green grass and wildflowers and these spaniel puppies running around and sweet music. I will tell you that you park and have to walk maybe 5 mins down 1 of 4 paths to get to this chapel in the woods. Each path is named after a grandgirl with her own special flowers planted along the way in hopes that one day she will walk her path to get married there. If that is not the sweetest thing you've heard today, I want to know what is?! I want to get married there (to my hubby of course)! So, as I'm walking and looking at all the signs of spring I can't help but think of what it ahead. I love Easter. First and foremost for it's meaning but also the pretty children in their Easter best, me in my new dress, the eggs, candy, the great lunch, just all that Easter is. Then I have not 1 but 2 beach trips planned this summer, some fun baby showers and I end the summer with a new baby! Does it really get any better?

I now sit in this beautiful house of God, humbly called a chapel, and the speaker opens with a prayer about new life and spring and I am on cloud 9. We sing a mixture of praise and worship songs and old hymns that send chills all over you. We ended a powerful praise song that went right into the chorus of How Great Thou Art and I look around at so many men with eyes closed singing to their Father. I don't know about you but men worshipping is so attractive to me. Not in a McDreamy lustful way, but in an way where I am just in awe of the passion they are feeling. Now comes the sermon... As I am in a house of God feeling so full, I was quickly reminded the I was worshiping the creation not my creator. We talked about solid foundations and how the absence of fear does not bring you security, but the presence of God brings you security (and everything else). We all have idols in some form or fashion and have things that bring us happiness but I strive for a day where nothing will steal my true joy. I mean, I spend 4 of 5 months of the year in a craptastic bad mood because it's cold! Not because something terrible has happened at work or in my family or anything else, just because I'm cold. Now really, that's just a little silly to waste that much time because I get dry skin and hate itchy sweaters. I have about 8 months of warmth coming up. Maybe by next November I'll have my mind right! :)

Remember, happiness depends on the happening around you (which are not a solid foundation), but your true Joy is found in the Lord and that is unshakable!


  1. I knew I should have gone with y'all.

  2. That sounds like a wonderful Sunday. I love little chapels like that. I have always wanted to go to the chapel at Callaway Gardens for a service. I went to Camp Calvin with the middle school kids at church for a couple of years and I love the calming effect of nature. We even had a sevice right beside the lake one time.