Chronicling The Comerfords

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Miss Duchess Comerford

We're having a girl! What a great way to end the week! We went to Baby Waves in Columbus, GA on Friday and it was so much fun! We would highly recommend it. Baby Waves will do ultrasounds at 16 weeks, so we took our little baby on a field trip. The people there are so nice and friendly. They play music in the background and spend an hour just showing you fun stuff about your baby. They made her move around and she had a photo-shoot from every angle.
Here she is just being sweet.

Before showing you the sex of your baby, they give the Daddy a list of top baby names for a girl or boy (depending on which one you need). Then they give you a candy bar to tell you what you are having. Remember the old commercial "Almond Joy's got nuts, Mounds don't!"? Well, we got our Mounds and list of girl names. I thought it was so cute. Ben has said it was a girl all along, but I thought it was a boy. He was such a proud Papa! The ultrasound continued and I look over to Ben only to find him eating the Mounds! So much for the souvenir.
We have no idea what we are going to name Miss Comerford. We can't really agree on anything. On the list of girls names that they gave us, Duchess is in the top 40 (seriously it is). We have decided to call her Duchess until we come up with a better name. Hope it doesn't stick! Duchess Comerford, kind of has a ring doesn't it?! haha
Here is a picture of her "Tutu" as the funny ultrasound lady calls it.

I learned really quickly that while my baby is going to be the cutest thing I will ever see in a few months, she a little creepy right now. Don't judge! It's ok to say your child looks creepy when she has no muscle mass and looks like Skeletor. She had a lot of personality in the video, but the still 3D pictures are a little much at 16 weeks. Take a look for yourself. She is waving, trying to be cute to compensate for her lack of beauty.

We went to visit my parents Sunday and 2 really great things happened (well, 3 if you include the ribs for lunch). 1. They got us a rockstar video camera for the baby. I am so excited. It is really nice and I really, really wanted one. Such a great and thoughtful gift. 2. I brought the baby book I bought up to show Mom. Step back... I don't think I've mentioned the baby book... have I? Anyway, Ben and I took a day trip and visited a town near by that has the oldest bookstore in GA. I love Beatrix Potter and the store had a baby book with her drawings in it. I had to have it. Back to Sunday... I am showing Mom and she said, "do you have your baby book". And I say "no, I don't know when I've seen it last". She said, "I think you had a Peter Rabbit baby book too". She goes to get mine and there they sit on her coffee table, side by side, the same exact book! Isn't that awesome?! Funny how the Lord does thinks like this! I can't wait to see all of the other miracles He shows us during all of this. I hope and pray my daughter loves me as much as I love my Mom and I hope she loves my Mom as much as I love my Gaga. There is just something wonderful about girls (no matter how sassy they become in those horrid teenage years I dread).


  1. YAY! A GIRL!! That's so exciting!

  2. The same baby book? Rockstar awesome.