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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Our February

So, I promised I would be good blogger and I have good intentions. Part of it was that our Charter internet stinks, but that's a whole other blog that's not worth my time. Anywoo... this is mainly a "photo-blog" to share our February with you. You would think I would have been a lot more active being that it is my birthday month, but I wasn't. I suppose I was just busy making a baby... that is SUCH a great excuse I plan on using as much as possible!

So February technically starts out with my Mom's birthday on the 1st. She is amazing, you'll hear more about her in the future I'm sure. We had brunch together and it was pretty low-key because we had just came off a night of Sonny's surprise 60th birthday party. SO much fun.

I came around on February 4th. I am awfully glad I get my very own birthday but I have thought I time or 2 that it would be fun to share it with my Mom. My wonderful friends and husband tried to plan a surprise party for me, but I figured it out and Ben confirmed. Sweet little Baby Comerford had me pretty darn sick around my birthday and I just thought throwing up at my surprise 30th birthday party would be embarrassing. I cancelled it. In return me and the hubby went to The Ritz Carlton. We go take-out from our most favorite Chinese restaurant in Atlanta (Chin-Chin) and watched a movie in this big comfy bed you see below. After I took the most relaxing bath in a wonderful tub. I told Ben I think The Ritz runs special relaxing water through the pipes!

This is a view from our room. We were in a corner room at Peachtree Rd and Lenox Rd

Another view

After a very relaxing not-so-sick night, we had room service. This was our breakfast. There was very breakfast item imaginable on this tray and we tried all of them.

How many of you looked this lovely at your birthday celebration?! Amazing service, comfy robes, incredible room, fantastic view, YUM-yummy breakfast and the sweetest husband ever. I could not have had a better birthday. I also got to go to Sweet Pockets ( for birthday cupcakes and had lunch at Ted's with the Meadow's the next day. It was perfect!

We also had lambs born in February. They are so cute. They just play and play. I think they think they are cows.
I am the official tractor driver when Ben puts out hay and I'm pretty darn good at it. It the Volvo goes to Volvo Heaven, I may just drive the tractor.

The lambs. Aren't they cute?!

Sweet, sweet

And how did we kick off March 1st? WITH SNOW! We heard warnings, but thought they were a hoax. It was snowing pretty hard during Sunday school, but it wasn't sticking so we went onto 11 o'clock service. We got out of the sanctuary about 12:10 and it was piled up! We used the winter gear on the Volvo for the first time and it works (good to know). I had no idea I drive a 4 wheel drive vehicle! Impressive!
This is the front pasture at the Comerford's

The barn, isn't it pretty?

Front pasture again

This was towards the end of the day and my most favorite picture!

Sledding... on a trashcan lid... behind a Kawasaki Mule... at 14 weeks pregnant... FUN!

The lid didn't quite workout for the funny hubby

But we fixed it and he shows off with no hands!

So, I turned 30, made a baby, spent the night at The Ritz, played a farmer's wife and played in snow. It was a great month! March has been fun as well. We have had highs of 80 degrees this week! Ben and I had a whole day together playing around this past Saturday in the great weather. We found Georgia's oldest bookstore and bought a Beatrix Potter baby book as a souvenir. I have already started working in it and I love it. We are supposed to find out if my little bump is a boy or a girl tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed that the baby is not bashful!

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  1. I LOVE it. You do more in a month than I do all year, my little baby maker.