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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Practicing for Sleepless Nights

Why oh why Mr. Stork do I have to sleep on my side for the next 5 or so months?! I have heard all of these rumors about my heart and the baby's nourishment, but seriously I REQUIRE SLEEP! I was once a belly sleeper but at some point became a back sleeper (I think that happened when I put a tv in the room and started falling asleep to it) and at no point have I been a side sleeper. Last night I was a "side layer" all night with my big pillows in shams trapping me in this horrid position, but I did not sleep. I think I dozed off once only to be woken up by my hip tingling because it had fallen asleep. So obviously, my hip is the only part of me that got a good nights rest last night. And do you want to know what is on tv at 3,4 and 5 am?? Infomercials and Rosanne reruns. They must air her shows over and over again all night. I thought about coming into work at 5:30am as I laid there stressing about an unproductive day due to being tired. Then the fear of the alarm got a hold of me. I have the code to my office building but I am always so afraid of entering it wrong or something and the police showing up with sirens blaring to arrest me for breaking in. That is my excuse for arriving after 8am every morning.

Do you know what is the worst part about being awake in the middle of the night? Looking at your sweet hubby and 2 cats all scattered around you sleeping so peacefully. Really, I wanted to punt them off the bed. I think Ben would be a little tough, but I bet I could clear Molly and Patty half way across the room. Luckily, I love them too much and I'm not that delirious yet. Instead I did that thing where you just wiggle around and huff a lot hoping you might accidentally wake them up then they can talk to you until you fall asleep... didn't work, they didn't budge, not one of them.

One of my most favorite hobbies is washing the linens and shaving my legs. Girls, there really isn't much better than clean sheets and smooth legs stretched out as far as the hubby will allow without invading his space. I'm sure that is one of the many luxuries that is coming to an end. How can a little girl who is 5 oz and the size of a turnip living in my belly control my world?? I will tell you how, because I am now the proud owner of a pair of the softest pink socks that are too small to fit on my finger. These cute socks are just sitting in my closet waiting to go on that little girl's feat. So, if I have to lay wide awake on my side instead of sleeping on my back for the next few months to get her here, that's what I will do... just forgive me if I'm a little grumpy! :)

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