Chronicling The Comerfords

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Rain Rebels

While I am very thankful that all of the lake levels in GA are coming up, I am a little sick of the rain. I am trying to use it as an excuse to buy a boat though. I mean, there is a seriously possibility I could have to take a boat to work in the next few days if this keeps up.

I was supposed to drive the 1 hour and 45 mins to my parents house today to go do baby registering with my Mom, but she called it off yesterday due to her meteorologist skills predicting bad weather. Something to the effect of "you and Miss Comerford do not need to be on the road with tornadoes around." Followed by "I'm not worried about you but all those crazy people on the roads." I realize I am only a few short months away from learning to use these annoying mommy-catchphrases for myself, but GEES! It is a heavy sprinkle around here. I just called her again thinking I would drive on over and got a negative. I am SOO tired of sitting in my house.

I noticed just now that I do not have one single trash bag, which is a necessity. Now I have a reason I have to leave. I then looked around and found almost empty shampoo bottles (mine is only sold at Target in these parts) so I'm off to Target. In our quaint little GA town there is nothing except Wal-mart and I am told by my Dad that I can not shop there because "they are putting the country out of business". I just called my sweet also prego friend to invite her along for the ride only to find out that she was instructed by her Mother and Husband that she did not need to drive the 30 mins to our nearest Target this morning. Her hubby went to work and mine is at the farm leaving us bored stiff in our homes. We both thought about the fact that while our Mothers love us, grounding is really out of the question so we are going anyway!

We promise to drive slow and carefully while watching out for all the other weirdos on the road. Target and Panera is calling our names....

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