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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's been a big week...

We are finally moved in to our house! Everything is not completely unpacked and we have to go clean the apartment this week, but we are in. This task would have not been nearly as easy if it were not for Ben's parents getting us moving help. I felt bad about not being able to pull my weight, but the baby is a little more important than all the stuff we had in those boxes. Plus, as the guys brought over loads, I unpacked boxes so a lot got put away in a hurry.

We have been showered with gifts of food and household items to welcome us to our new home and the neighborhood. You know, for a while I could not figure out why Ben wanted so badly to move back to the town we now live in. I was even more confused about why people who live here literally think this little town, that doesn't even have a Target for goodness sakes, is so great! But I can now officially say that I love it. We still don't have a Target, but I am learning that the community of people make up for it. We have a wonderful church family here and the friends we've made can not be replaced. We were both so tired and physically aching from our move, but every time we turned around someone was at our door and brought a smile to our faces. It's not about the food or gifts (which were all fantastic by the way!), but it's the love and friendship we have been shown since we've moved here. We are so grateful for everything!

On Sunday my parents came and brought us the best gift, their couch! We really needed a new couch and we love the one they have so it is perfect. Mom also brought her awesome red beans and rice for lunch and flowers that make my kitchen look so pretty. We walked around the neighborhood and had a great afternoon.

Amelia started kicking last week and that is so cool! It's like someone is thumping the inside of my belly. On Sunday morning we were laying in bed because we are now walking distance from church and there wasn't reason to rush. That being said, we will probably continue to drive anyway, but at least for once we were on time for Sunday School. :) Amelia happened to be up early so the Hubby finally got to feel her kick. He said "there are 3 of us now!" Patty looked at him like he'd lost his mind so he said, "Sorry Patty, 4." Call me crazy, but I really think that cat knows what we are talking about.

Life isn't perfect by any means, but we feel so blessed for our family, friends and new home. I assume life will be full of stresses and worries until we pass on to Heaven, but if you pay attention there are a lot more blessings than stress here on earth.

Stay tuned, interior pictures will come soon...

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  1. I know how hard it is to want to help move but you just can't because you are pregnant. I was about 6 months pregnant with Charlotte when we moved. Take pleasure in knowing that you are getting the new house ready for your growing family and you are taking baby Amelia along for the ride.