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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Movin on Up...

... to the the east side... Actually I am directionally challenged so I have no idea if we are really moving in an eastern direction from our current place, but We Are Moving!! Yippee!

My dear friends know the frustration I have had with finding a house in the town we live in. The apartment walls have closed in, then expanded and closed back in, but they were always better than anything we have looked at to buy. Last week while on a walk to keep my prego rear-end in shape my friend and I saw the cutest house for rent. We went to peak in the windows and the door was unlocked. So, knowing God worked that out just for us I gave myself a tour (it's vacant, don't worry). I brought the hubby over to see the cuteness of the house and he loved it too, then we found out it was in our price range, then I prayed and prayed and on Monday signed a lease. We meet this coming up Monday to do a walk through and get our keys! We will spend the next few weeks moving since we do not have to be out of the apartment until April 30th. Hopefully, I can post some pictures soon. I have the prettiest azaleas blooming in my rented yard. Amelia has her very own room and a swing in the backyard. The hubby has a deck to grill on and I am happy as a girl can be.

I leave in the morning to go spend the night with a sweet, sweet friend in the ATL and I'm finally getting my hair done while I'm there. Whoo-hoo!!! Maybe I will post some belly pictures after I get my new do. I swear, I stand at the bathroom with my baby belly tweezing the greys out of the top of my head feeling so old... then I watch The Hills, remember how immature I really am and feel all better! :)

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