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Thursday, June 25, 2009

30 Weeks

I went to the doctor for my 30 week appointment on Thursday and everything looks great. He doesn't think Amelia has turned where her head is facing down yet, but he's not worried about it at this point. My thought is, "Would you want to stand on your head for the next 2 months?" Not me. Anyway, if she still feels like she isn't head down at 34 weeks he will do an ultrasound to see where she is. Honestly, I would love for you all to pray that she will not turn down until say, 35 weeks! I would love to see what she looks like in the womb at 34 weeks. We'll see...

This picture was taken on the way to my friend Kendra's surprise 30th birthday. Her sweet husband got everyone together and she had no idea. Happy Birthday Kendra! You are a wonderful person and the hottest almost-30 year old I know! ;)

It's always so good to see the girls. I hate that we've moved so far away, but I love them just the same. I hope that all of you have that handful of girls that are 100% completely irreplaceable. Husbands are great and fantastic in their own way, but just not the same. I'm not sure how we have all managed to grow up so fast. These 30th birthdays have been much different than the 20th ones. My oh my, our daughters are going to give us everything we deserve! :)
I leave for Atlanta Friday afternoon and I am so excited that I couldn't sleep past about 3am Thursday night/Friday morning. I kept wanting the time to fly by and the alarm to go off. Mom and I are having a slumber party. Maybe we will be rebels and sneak Kitty in to sleep with us while Grandpa is off with the boys. Grandpa and Kitty do not co-exist very well so she has been demoted to the garage for a little while. Saturday two of the girls in my above mentioned handful are throwing me and little Amelia a shower. Honestly, I think I am more excited about spending time with the girls than any other gift I could receive. I really need a helicopter so I can just zoom to town when I get ready to see them. I wonder if anyone got Amelia a helicopter??...

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