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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

St Simons Island

Me and the Hubby just got back from a much needed week in St. Simons. I absolutely love that place! When we were getting life insurance policies Hubby asked how much I thought we should get. I thought it was very simple, "Enough to buy me a place in St. Simons." Now, I would rather live in Alaska with my husband than be without him for a second, but when the Good Lord decides to takes him home y'all know where I'll be.

My first trip to St. Simons was with the Baptist Student Union and included foot washing in the gazebo at the light house. The 2nd experience was Georgia/Florida weekend. Two very religious experiences at opposite ends of the spectrum! I grew up going to the gulf coast and had never seen the ocean or the GA coast until college. My first thought was it was dirty and ugly. I soon learned that real non-processed sand is not sugar white. It only took one good weekend on St Simons to win me over for life. There are so many memories on that little island, most of which I would never put in writing. I was actually looking through old pictures to tell this story and there weren't many I wanted circling the internet. So, we'll start with the beginning of my favorite part of life so far, our wedding...

My bridal luncheon was at the Beach Inn Bed and Breakfast. It was a sweet little tea party and just perfect. See the Georgia flag behind me? Everyone on St. Simons is a Georgia fan (if not, you better not tell anyone! lol)

We got married at The Lovely Lane Chapel and had our reception at the King and Prince Hotel. The ballroom overlooked the ocean and at sunset we walked down to the beach for some more pictures. Can you see the glow? I was such a happy girl... still am. Truthfully, the "glow" is me freezing because it was in December and the windchill was 19 degrees.

Don't you love this picture?! We really aren't this attractive, we just had the best photographer ever! Fine Photography in Athens. Barry did my friend Heather's wedding and I loved him so I booked him too. He'll travel anywhere and is fantastic!

Another amazing Fine Photography photo

My, how times have changed. There is not one single photo of us from this week, sad, I know... I had great intentions of taking a cute picture of us on the steps of the chapel where we were married and all of that greatness, but never followed through. I did visit for the first time the Bailey Boys outlet. I had no idea what Bailey Boys was until March. I can tell you every great restaurant, clothing store and bar on the island, but I had no idea they made trendy children's clothes there. Truthfully, I had no idea children had name brand popular clothes. I have SO much to learn. We did make one drive through the drive-thru liquor store for the Hubby some beach beer, but all my spending money went to Bailey Boys on the cute little outfits below.

As we were crossing the causeway coming home we talked about how different things will be the next time we cross that bridge. Life sure has changed since the first time I crossed the Torras Causeway, but I have a feeling it's about to get a lot more exciting. I can't wait to introduce Amelia to my most favorite place and have her grow up loving it as much as I do. Hopefully, she'll do her Daddy proud and be there that last weekend in October in about 19 years as a GA Bulldog. And there will still be many fun grown-up weekends on St Simons in our future as well. So far life has just gotten better and better as I go, why stop now... this next step is going to be blast!

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  1. It is wonderful that you have so many special memories of that small island. You will need all of the rest you can get now because soon your little girl will be here and she will take up every nanosecond of your life........and it will be magnificent !