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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Unconventional Fathers are even more special

This past Sunday I spent the day with Mama and 3 amazing men. I don't ever remember us doing really big elaborate dinners for holidays (mainly because there aren't that many of us), but that doesn't make it any less special. The 3 men we celebrated Sunday over waffles and bacon for breakfast then chicken and dumplings with peas and cornbread for supper are 3 of the most amazing men I have ever met. I am so glad Mom can cook because if I tried to honor anyone with food, they would not be quite as excited! haha

In the yellow shirt is my Grandpa. Mom and I moved in with him and my Gaga when I was very young and stayed until I was 12. He let me waste gas driving the riding lawn mower all over the yard, he watched cartoons and Wheel of Fortune with me and some mornings we "accidentally" missed the bus and he drove me to school. He always shared his oatmeal cream pies, but never his flu shots! He and I have never really sat down and had long conversations or many short ones for that matter (that was my Gaga's job) but he said a ton cuddling up with you on his place on the couch and giving you a million kisses.

This is my Sonny. Mama "fell for him" when I was 13-ish. Literally, she fell down... on him... and they kissed... and lived happily ever after but that is a whole other post. So, you have heard about Mom, seen pictures and those of you who have met her understand that she is a complete mess and irresistibly cute all wrapped up in this little fireball of a package. However, she had a teenage daughter! I mean, come on, I would have said, "Bert, you are fantastic, let's meet back up in about 10 years." If you have ever been a teenage girl or have had one, you understand exactly what I am talking about. We are terrible creatures for a good many years and Sonny just took it all in stride (along with a little lip biting, fussing and cussing). You know when you birth a child you kind of have to love them, there really isn't an option. I'm sure Sonny thought Mom was cute and their love grew like other traditional relationships. I was just part of the package and I was a choice of love and not an easy one at times. I think that makes our father/daughter relationship even more special than most. In about 2 months my Sonny will be Amelia's Grandpa and that is going to be awesome!

This is Amelia's Daddy. I know to most of the world he's not technically a Father yet, but really he is. He has done such a great job of caring for us since I have gotten pregnant.
For almost 4 years he has done an amazing job taking care of me and loving me. He brings so much joy, laughter and peace to my life. I have no idea what in the world I would do without him. We have no idea how to be parents or what in the world we are supposed to go with this sweet little girl that has been camping out in my belly the past few months. One thing is sure, we will figure it out together. This man will give her more love than she could never need and that is the most important part. He is going to be a great Daddy!

Georgia Football, his first love... we are slowly taking over! :)
I am sure Amelia will learn the majority of her math skills by football statistics or something, but that's ok too.

These are his Father's Day Gifts from Amelia. Her gameday attire.

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  1. Ok I will admit it....I am a little misty eyed by this post. You write so lovingly about the men in your life.