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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Who is this Overly Emotional Pregnant Lady?

As I sit here and blog I am eating a coffee cup of Rainbow Sherbet. I actually love sherbet more than ice cream, crazy huh?! I'll finish you off with telling you that I really am not a big chocolate eater and could pass it up at anytime. I'm weird, but love me anyway, I will share my chocolate with you... :) Back to the point... every time I pull my favorite frozen treat out of the freezer I think it should be spelled sherbert, everyone says it that way. Don't they?? Maybe they don't. I remember someone telling me one time that what I am eating is Sherbet and Ernie tells Bert "Sure Bert" aka sherbert. For some reason I always look at the label just to make sure and they are right.

Speaking of Sure Bert... my Mom, Bert, is taking care of my Grandpa right now. If we are truthful he's always been a little gruff and cranky (in the sweetest, best Grandpa ever kind of way) but these days, depending on which side of the bed he wakes up on, he is bringing out the Grumpy Old Men mentality. Mama was waiting on Sonny to get home this afternoon and they were going to have a talk with Grandpa. Do you remember those afternoons when you knew as soon as your Dad came home they were going to give you "a talk"? I bet it's weird giving one of those talks to your parent though. Grandpa gets a little looney but I wonder if he ever laughs a little and thinks he is giving her back just a little taste of what she gave?! Just kidding Mama, kind of.. haha :) Some days you have to find laughter in something. I'm thankful for a lot of reasons that my Mom is young. Maybe when she is at the point where she can no longer live on her on we'll just get a double bed room at the beachfront retirement home and play bingo and Yahtzee all day.

Just so you know, those two paragraphs have nothing at all to do with my post other than maybe scatter-brained is another pregnancy symptom I am dealing with. Isn't it so humbling when you realize how judgemental you are to people until you walk in their shoes? At 29 1/2 weeks I am becoming that hormonal overly emotional pregnant person. I have been in a funk since Sunday night and can not get out of it. I have had a few things that weigh on my mind everyday (nothing worth mentioning, seriously, silly things) and they all hit Sunday. I was reading a blog Sunday night that was genuinely a sad story, but it opened the flood gates for everything bundled up in my little mind. I left the guest bedroom and went to take a bath and wash my face and I just sat in the bathtub crying wondering "Why am I crying over this?" But couldn't stop. I have had the moments before where you just need a cleansing cry and then you feel better, but I don't feel better. What's the deal? Disclaimer: There is nothing wrong with me, nothing major going on (aside from a little girl growing in my belly). My husband is at a Cattlemen's meeting tonight and I miss him. I have found myself becoming really clingy lately. I don't know if it is as obvious to him as it is to me. Honestly, I am getting a little nervous about the separation Amelia is going to put between us. I don't know if I have mentioned how much I love my marriage and my husband. We have had some speed bumps in our marriage (housing market, job market, etc) but we just loved harder, prayed harder and pulled through. Everyone keeps talking about how we need to treasure time now and live it up because times are about to change. Well, I'm not so sure I'm ready for that. Don't get me wrong, I can't wait to see Amelia and she if she has those Comerford cheeks and blue eyes like her Daddy and I can't wait to see him look at her the way I know he will. I guess I just want to spend as much time with him as possible before the little bundle of cuteness comes in and turns our world upside down. Unfortunately we have almost every single weekend full until the middle of August. It's weird, as much as I am counting down the days until I can finally meet my baby girl, it also makes me a little sad that this chapter is coming to an end. Am I nuts? Have you been there and understand what I mean?

Tonight I thought I would go get a pedicure to pass the Cattleman's time by faster and then I saw my part time pay check. It was the first time I'd seen those numbers with my own eyes. Ouch! We really feel blessed that I have a position where I only have to be in he office from 9 to 1 and will have more time with Amelia. It's just a little hard not to be a little scared in this economy when your husband is a real estate broker and your paycheck is... well... a part time figure. My solution was to just do my toes myself. I filled up the jacuzzi tub with bubbles, turned the jets on, put on a lovely face mask then foot mask and had an evening at the spa. Then I got out of the tub and took pride in the fact that into my 7th month of pregnancy I can still paint all 10 toes by myself. After a little self pampering and some rainbow sherbert I'm feeling a lot better. Now where is that hubby of mine???

Amelia Update: I went to my 28 week appointment and I'm doing great. I am only 10 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight which made me happy. Actually, 16lbs if you include the fact that I lost 6 the first trimester and so I got them back and added 10 more, but who's counting?! :) The baby is measuring 30 weeks and apparently that means nothing. Whatever, she's ok, I'm ok, that's all that matters. I am down to appointments every 2 weeks now. She is kicking up a storm except when her Daddy gets home; It is the weirdest thing. He has yet to feel her kick even once!

Here are some fun pictures from the farm. Ignore the hair. It's Georgia humidity at it's best!

Having a chat with one of the cows

I think she thinks my belly looks like hers!

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  1. I remember those days of forgeting something that you do everyday. When I was working I could not understand how I could forget someone's name who I spoke to everyday. I only got laughes from the other women who knew exactly what it was. Pregnancy. It does strange things to you. The crying, mood swings, forgetfulness. By the way never watch P.S. I love you while you are pregnant. I cried the whole time! At least now you don't have another child asking why mommy is crying. How do you explain to a child that mommy is just going a little nuts while she is pregnant? Pregnancy.. gotta love it!!