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Saturday, July 18, 2009

1, 2, 3, Floor

Pregnancy insomnia just plain sucks! Really, it does. Then when you tell people about it they smile at you and say, "Just wait." or "It's just preparing you for what is to come." Guess what? You are not making me feel any better. At least when I am waking up for a screaming child there will be someone else up to keep me company. My lazy cats who adore me won't even keep me entertained until at least 6am.

We had a wonderful fun supper (I called it dinner earlier then my friend, Doug, explained to me the difference in dinner and supper and I realized that we do not eat "dinner" all that much. I say supper from time to time but I just thought it was my Lower Alabama slang coming out.) Anyway, we had a wonderful supper tonight (technically last night) with our friends, The Haralson's. Our little girls are due about a week and a half apart and we live strolling distance from one another's house. We were laughing/guessing about what's to come and Lonnie said that the only thing that would really ruin our friendship is if Amelia and Molly grew up to hate one another. To which Katy and I both told him to shut his mouth and informed him they would be locked in a room together for hours until they worked out what ever is bothering them. :)

*Molly Brown has entered the room and has settled in my lap to go back to sleep. Thanks for the company MB, but it looks like you are rubbing it in.*

In our town, it is rare that you go out to eat and do not run into someone or many someones you know. Friday night was no exception. We had great fun, great food and great company. So, after a great supper I was happy, had a full belly, took a bath and read myself to sleep at about 9:45. I woke up sometime in the midnight hour, back to sleep, 1, back to sleep, 2, back to sleep, 3, an hour later still awake, decide to blog my frustrations. I am a little less bothered now that I realize it is Saturday and I can take a nap at 6am or whenever if I can ever fall back asleep. I remember nights not too many years ago that I would be just getting in from a night out somewhere around this hour. This was also during a time when I thought 30 year olds were old... maybe we are! Time really does fly.

Anyway, I haven't stopped long enough to update because it's been a fast and productive week. I had a lot to do and got every bit of it done. 100% of my laundry is done and ironed, the house is clean, the bed linens are changed and I wrote some insurance. If I haven't mentioned lately, I am so blessed to have 9-1 office hours. Pray that we are able to continue to make it work.

Last weekend I went to my friend, Corie's, bachelorette party. Have you ever been to a bachelorette party pregnant? It's a little different. I played the drinking games with white grape juice, laughed, cut up with the festivities and instead of a hangover I had powdered donuts in bed waiting for everyone else to wake up. Did you see I said bed? Yes, when you are preggo you are granted a bed instead of the floor or blow up mattress. All of the girls got along and had a great time. I left before the Saturday night bar festivities, but Friday's cookout and Saturday on the lake was great fun.

Here's Corie. Isn't she going to be a beautiful bride? She's going to be a fantastic wife as well. She and Tom have known one another since forever and have dated since high school. They are going to be great to one another and will have a blast on the next part of their journey.

And I am aware that this is a terrible, horrible picture of me looking large but it's the only one I have. And for the record, my beverage of choice in that koozie is a diet Dr Pepper. Kris, Jennifer, Corie and I all worked together until that cute blind date I went on proposed and took me away from Athens. I could go on and on and on for days about these girls. It's very rare to have a job where the people truly are your family. Everyone advertises it and wants it to be true, but it's usually not quite there. We were. They are. I miss them.
Disclaimer: I love where I am now and wouldn't change it.
Athens was just a great phase in life for me. My first apartment on my own, it's was my own little town outside of my parents. I guess it's kind of where my individual life began and it's also where it ended. Memories were made, lessons were learned, friendships were found and when my time was up a husband swept me away (really took me kicking and screaming, but I'm glad he did). We will travel back to Athens in a few short weeks to celebrate Corie and Tom's wedding. I can't wait for their special day!!

Mama, Sonny and Grandpa are coming today. The boys are painting Amelia's nursery while the girls go to a shower for me and Amelia. It's going to be a great day... if I can stay awake...

Molly Brown is now snoring so I'm going to try and join her. Wish me luck!

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  1. That is in no way a horrible picture of you! I only wish that I had taken more pictures of me when I was pregnant with the girls.