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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's Not Always Easy Being a Grown-up

Right now some cute, young Southern Belle from Mississippi is driving my Volvo home from her girls week at the beach. I'm sure she is great, but right now I don't like her all that much.

While going over the part time salary-baby on the way-Husband works in real estate budget for the bazillionth time we decided to try and sale my car. It would be super helpful to not have a car payment and my Grandpa has a car he can't drive that he has offered to let us borrow as long as we need. So we posted the car on Auto Trader and about 10 days later we get the call. A peppy girl from MS that would be passing about 2 hours from our house wanted to know if we could meet her somewhere to test drive my car. She sounded interested so we agreed. That was Saturday. Today her bank transferred funds, our bank transferred the title and she is probably listening to the radio bubbling with the girls about her new car. I know this feeling. The Hubby bought me my Volvo when we were engaged. I had really wanted a Volvo and he wanted me in a safe car on the roads of Atlanta. I was giddy all the way home and I still love that car. Today I've realized that while I did love my car, I also loved the fact that my husband bought it for me. Just like our cute, adorable, too small house in Atlanta. Not anything fancy, but it was our first home. These things are really hard to give up. But when you are a grown up you have to look at hard cold facts and budgets and checkbook balances and they make your decisions. At one time I thought grown-ups did whatever they wanted and could not wait to be one. Not so much...

But here's the thing, the sacrifice I made today is a material possession. As was our perfect first home. Life has a lot of little stepping stones and some are easier to move from than others. I'm sure it's always hard to move from your "firsts". Like I will probably have a hard time moving from this house where we will bring Amelia home for the first time and she will probably take her first steps. Oh, and in case I haven't mentioned my Grandpa is letting us drive a really nice car. It's not like I'm going to have to tint the windows to ride around town or anything. :)

The greatness of being a grown-up is realizing the true joys. To realize what really matters (as hokey as the saying has become). I am giving up a car so I can have afternoons at home with my daughter and so my husband can be a little less stressed about the economy and money. We have now moved from our first home, sold the first car we owned together but both were done to put us into a better position to bring our first child into our lives. I mean really, the decision is not that hard. As I sit here and talk out my frustrations or hormonal emotions I am being kicked in the side of my belly by a little girl camping out in there for the next few weeks and wouldn't trade our decisions for anything. That Mississippi Southern Belle had a great girls week at the beach and is most likely singing along with the girls probably with the sunroof open and more power to her. Those are fun days.

But, I have had fun days this week too... From Saturday to Monday my parents and husband worked really hard on our little girl's room. Paint was finished Monday night and I have been in there everyday since organizing, rocking, staring, wishing and imagining. It's not quite finished but here is a little sneak peek...

Don't you love it?! I think the colors look a little funny because of the sunlight in the windows. It is a perfect little girl pink. I will take more pictures when we are done.

As I sit here and re-read my blog for grammar corrections (so funny because I am horrible at English and never know what I'm looking for) I realize I am a little overly emotional about a car. Maybe it's pregnancy hormones, but it's how I feel so the entry makes the cut.

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  1. Amelia's room is so cute! Also in the grand scheme of things, getting rid of the car is no big deal. So you will have to plan out your trips a little bit better. So what! You will have more time with sweet Amelia and you will have less money stresses. Babies grow up so fast and you don't want to miss one moment of it!!