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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My 2nd House is the Waffle House

Seriously, if you don't love the Waffle House something is wrong with you. I...umm... Amelia was craving Waffle House this week so her Daddy took us there tonight. I thought he was going to have cow duty and would be home late but he called and surprised me with a Waffle House invite. I had mentioned to my Mother-in-Law earlier in the day about "Amelia's" craving so when Hubby got rained out she passed on the message to her son. I have really have a great Mother-in-Law. I take opportunities such as Waffle House date nights to remind him that I'm not nearly as high maintenance as he acts like I am.

I do have one sweet friend who had never had Waffle House until she married. She thought it was disgusting! I think as long as her Mama isn't within earshot she will now admit that it is good. I suppose some people can't help how they were raised and she is slowly over-coming it. :) She did get fussed at this year for going to the Waffle House in a Charity Ball dress. Her Mom called and she told her she was at the Waffle House and would be there shortly to pick up the children. The only response from her Mom was, "In your dress?!" Now that is silly! I mean, who has not been to the Waffle House in a cocktail dress or formal gown?! Besides having consistently awesome food, it is good for any attire from all walks of life. Really, there is not much perfection in this world, but Waffle House you are there. Do you understand my love and obsession? Surely you do!

Speaking of love and obsession... who's ready to pack up their pumps and head to Athens for a little football?? I AM! The emails and jokes and SEC helmet schedules are starting to surface and I'm ready! I hope Amelia can make a tailgating appearance this year. Maybe later in the schedule before it gets too cold. We'll see. We are going to have to do something otherwise we'll pick her up from Camp Roll Tide and by the end of the season she'll be yelling things like "Rammer-Jammer" and "Give 'em Hell Alabama"!

1st Game 2007


  1. Now I can offically post. Correct I already have stuff in Crimson ready for Amelia
    I'll teach all she needs to know about the Crimson Tide

  2. Hey, hey, hey.....I am just around the corner and you KNOW I don't attend the games. Pete and I will be more than happy to play with Amelia while you are on the other side of the state. Although, we live in a divided household, and I promise I won't teach her to say "War Eagle" but I can't swear Pete won't teach her "Roll Tide."

  3. AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!! Good Ol' Waffle House! I spent many nights there in college.....albiet many of those nights/early mornings I had been drinking. But still. Waffle House is wonderful! And they are great when you need to stay up all night studying for exams.