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Monday, July 20, 2009

A Sweet Sprinkle

On Saturday Jamie and Paisley threw me a great shower. It was a quaint little group of close friends and it was just what I needed. It was at a little restaurant/wine bar (that I can't wait to go back to in a few months) and the food was incredible. We had these mini BLTs and chicken salad in pastry puffs along with fruit punch and cake. I'm telling you, if no one brought gifts and we just sat around and ate the food, I would have been just as happy. I was the person that lingers around the buffet the entire party, but hey, it was my party and I'm pregnant so who is really going to stop me?! Everyone was snapping pictures so I really hope some are sent to me soon. In the meantime, here is a preview...

My pretty hostesses. Thanks girls for a fantastic shower!

Look at the baby carriage of fruit! Such a neat idea. Creativity amazes me.

And my fabulous cake! The top layer was chocolate and the bottom strawberry. I tell you, I have had the best cakes at my showers. I have wonderful options for birthday cakes over the years.

Me and Amelia with our cake. I am 34 weeks here.

Amelia's room also got painted this weekend. Grandparents are such cheap labor and look at the joy on their faces! ;) I think Mom was having a good time. Sonny was just faking it for the camera, but we thank him all the same. We really do seem to give him a lot of chores, he must love us a lot!

I will take nursery pictures once I get everything fixed up in her room.
I did not hardly sleep at all this weekend so I was in a daze and grumpy. We didn't even go to church Sunday (which always makes me feel worse). Ben stayed gone pretty much all day Sunday and hung out with the guys. I was really glad for him to be gone because I could have snapped at nothing at any given minute. I think I cussed the tv multiple times for having nothing on. I mean, regardless of how much sleep I've had I think we should get a discount on cable during the summer months because there is NOTHING ON! Who's ready for September sweeps???

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  1. Hey Nicole! I found a link to your blog from Nancy's, so I added you to my google reader, hope you don't mind! You look so pretty pregnant (and not pregnant too)! :)