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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Weekend Update: Mama Dates and Showers

Happy Humpday Gang! The great thing is that we are halfway through the week but only have 1 more work day. Yippee! The hubby and I are doing yard work Friday morning and I am excited about it. Really, I am. We have the cutest home and have completely neglected the yard. So, we are being very American this weekend and working around the house.

This past weekend I was in the great town of Snellville with Mom while the Hubby and Sonny were out of town. It's not what it used to be but Everybody is still Somebody in Snellville. Friday night Mom and I went to purchase Amelia's car seat. That is the best gift we have gotten yet! My parents have already bought us a really nice video camera so we did not expect anything else. Then Sonny asked what was something we really needed and I popped off very quickly, a car seat. It is a true need; the State of Georgia requires us to have one to bring our little girl home. Now if we could only figure out how to put it in the car...

While we were driving back Mom mentioned something about getting her toes done, but I did not know that she meant that night and for me to get mine done too! I was so excited I could have blown up. I was supposed to get a pedicure a few weeks ago, but since the Hubby and I are on a Dave Ramsey cash system I did my own toes. Now, we really need a car seat, but I really needed a pampering pedicure session. It was so fantastic (even though Mom got the pedicure lady in trouble and after a lot of non-American-speak I only got half of a massage and a bad attitude). It was pretty funny but my left leg felt deprived. See how pretty...

Thanks Mom!

Friday night Mama, Kitty and I climbed into bed to fall asleep to What Not to Wear. And at some point in the middle of the night Mama and I both woke up with calf craps in our right legs! Crazy huh?! I'm not sure if Kitty was karate kicking us or the pedicure lady put a voodoo curse on us.

Saturday morning we had breakfast of coffee and powered donuts and got ready for my shower. Here are some pictures:

Jennifer and Heather with their precious daughters were great hostesses! This shower was everything a baby shower should be. The games we fun, the decorations were so pretty and adorable, the food was AMAZING and the hostesses are two of my best friends in the whole world! I couldn't have asked for anything else!

This is Amelia's cake that Jennifer made. She is so talented. And the dish you see to the left in the picture is this blueberry casserole that is laced with sin. It has to be. It is so stinkin good. I was going to ask Heather for the recipe, but I'd rather just as her to make it for me! ;o)

Me with my presents and this picture doesn't include all of them! Amelia and I were showered... wait... thunderstormed... with gifts. The Hubby and I are so blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives and we can't wait to bring Amelia into our world.

Me and Mom

Me and Nana (The Hubby's Mom) I am one of the fortunate ones with a great Mother-in-Law. She is wonderful and is very excited about her 2nd grand-daughter

My friend Kris never intended for part of her gift to turn into a "Roll Tide Moment", but it did. Mama, the #1 Alabama fan has seen enough baby Georgia stuff and was so excited to pull an elephant out of the bag.
Oh, see the clothesline in the back? Those were also gifts but were decorations as well. Isn't that the cutest idea? I told you, these girls throw a great shower.

This bib says "My Mom is hotter than your Mom". Don't hate... I didn't pick it out... but, Amelia will wear it with pride. haha I love it!!

Mom and I with Amelia's car seat. Yay!

Me and most all of my shower guests

Amelia's wall hanging. So pretty and so perfect!

All of the ladies at my shower wrote 2am well wishes on the backs of diapers to keep the Hubby and I entertained. Some are really, really funny.
Well, that is your sneak-peak into the weekend. I came home Saturday night. Hubby and I had a great dinner out and Sunday was Sunday School, church, lunch and a nap. I was a tired Mama after all of that excitement.


  1. I will bring the blueberry bake to you after you have Amelia! And I totally love you even more for puting a flattering picture of me up! LOL! There were a couple I was hoping woul dnot make the cut!! :)

  2. I love the diaper comments. What a cute idea for new parents!