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Monday, August 31, 2009

Amelia's Arrival

What I've learned in week 1 is that my child does not like me to be on the computer. They say a picture can say a thousand words, I sure hope so. I will type as long as the sweet bundle of love allows. This is a condensed version of the arrival of Amelia.

It turns out the "back spasms" I was having on 8/20 were early contractions. I called my friend, Isa, who is a labor and delivery nurse to find out what she thought was going on. She said to drink a ton of water and walk around, if they were false they would go away. They did not. Thankfully, they did not get really intense until about 11:30pm so I could finish Project Runway! :) The Hubby had been at Gridiron and when he got home I had my watch, pen and paper timing contractions. His "what do we do now" expression was priceless. After pacing around the house and getting in and out of the bathtub I decided it was time to go to the hospital.

We arrived at the hospital about 2:30am and by 5:00am on 8/21 I had my epidural and was sitting pretty. I have a whole new appreciation for women who do not use pain medicine. I have no idea why you would do that to yourself, but kudos to you because I am not that strong at all! A little after 7:30 the 2nd best part of the day walked through my door, ISA! She is a sweet, sweet friend of ours and was able to be there for our entire day and deliver our sweet baby girl into this world (with the help of Dr. Bowie, of course. ha!). I was so worried that I would go into labor when someone else was on duty, but The Good Lord worked it out for us. Dr. Bowie is absolutely amazing and was so encouraging during the whole delivery. I suppose you would have to know both Isa and Dr. Bowie to understand, but there was just this calm spirit in the room during the madness they call birth. They are both Christians and amazing people, but I now see that they are also outstanding at their profession. Amelia was so blessed to be welcomed into our world by the team that delivered her.

Amelia's Daddy was indescribably perfect. From him trying his best to console and help me through contractions, to keeping me company during those long hours of waiting, to being right there as we watched the little person we created come out to join us. I joke that he looked at the whole thing like a science experiment, but he really did. He was so excited and in awe of what was going on.

My Mom was superwoman. We had a lot of family in and out during the day, but Mom stayed there constant. Not sitting on the couch but usually pacing around my bed taking care of me. I can't imagine what it is like to be in anticipation of your daughter birthing your Grand-daughter. I knew she was amazing, but the nurses and her son-in-law raved about her all day. We all agree that the day could not have happened without her. I think she could have a job at the hospital if she wanted one! :)

I was blessed with a great labor, delivery and recovery. Either I am made to have babies or I got lucky and should stop while I'm ahead!

So that's our Labor Day in a nutshell. Here are pictures to tell the story:

Sweet smiles, but wondering if we are ever going to be ready to birth this child.

Isa capturing Daddy looking at his little girl for the first time.

Amelia and Dr. Bowie

Meeting my little girl

We make a great team (and a cute baby)!

Yay Isa!! Thank you for being a special part of our special day. We love you!

Family of 3

Daddy has found a new love

Welcome to our world
Amelia Claire Comerford 3:57pm 8lbs 2oz 21 1/2 inches


  1. I am so happy for you guys!! Love the picture with Dr. Bowie.

  2. I have been waiting to see you post about this! Yay...good job!

  3. She is so beautiful! Congratulations!

  4. I can't wait to meet her...she is so cute, and I am so glad that everything went so smoothly with the birth. Congrats!

  5. Cute photos Congratulations :)) .