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Friday, August 7, 2009

Encore, Encore

I think the greatest thing about moving into a home with an established yard are all of the wonderful surprises you get throughout the year. When we moved in April all of the azaleas were in full force and beautiful. At some point in May the oak leaf hydrangea off the side of our back porch bloomed these huge white flowers and they were just as pretty. All spring we had these wonderful surprises literally popping up all over the place.

Well, here is it August and the azaleas in the backyard are blooming again! I wish the ones in the front yard would too, but I'm not going to get greedy. My only guess is that they are the Encore azaleas. I assume that's it because they are clearly newer than the large bushes in the front yard. I am so excited! The blooms are just starting but everything is becoming so pretty and pink. I think they are here to welcome Amelia home!

These line the garage. They are trying to get here on time

These are around the deck along the sidewalk. They are red so maybe they are kicking off football season.

We have had a lot of blessed surprises lately. Honestly, I have put God on the back-burner a little bit this summer. You know that friend that you keep meaning to call, but never quite get around to it? That's been me and God. I have gotten to caught up in summer and life and forgot why it's all here. Thankfully, He has not felt that way about me. God is alive and well in the Comerford house these days. We have some exciting things going on and are so thankful.

I just finished packing my hospital bag and put the carseat in the car. We are headed to Athens tomorrow and I want to be prepared just in case Amelia decides to make her appearance while we are there. The Good Doctor says he doubts it, but you never know. We are going to Corie and Tom's wedding and I know it will be perfect. They are a wonderful couple and are so deserving of this special weekend. We are also really excited that we are getting to stay with some good friends while we are in Athens. Chris, an old friend of ours who set us up and actually went with us on our first date, and his wife Sarah are hosting us while we are in town. They are both great friends of ours and so much fun. We are going up early Saturday to be able to spend time with them before the wedding festivities start. I am wearing a fantastic outfit to the wedding thanks to a completely borrowed wardrobe from multiple great girlfriends. I have been hoping Amelia would stay put at least until late Saturday night because I really want to wear this dress. Isn't that silly?! I will post pictures next week.

Oh yeah, I transferred prenatal vitamins to Walgreens today. They sent me a $25 check in the mail to activate with a prescription transfer. I am now the proud owner of $25 worth of free diapers (actually about $22 in diapers and a tube of toothpaste). Mommyhood is already starting because I would have loved to blow that money on lip gloss, sour patch kids and gum and maybe some new eyeshadow I would never wear. I just stayed clear of cosmetics went straight to the diapers. Thinking of how cute Amelia's tush will look in those little things was helpful! :)

Have a fun and safe weekend.

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