Chronicling The Comerfords

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Jamie to the Rescue

After all that fussing the day got better. I laid in the tub with bubbles up to my ears until my toes and fingers looked like prunes. The Hubby called to make sure I was okay and we laughed at every little detail that went into one big crappy half-day. The laughter was just enough to get me up and going and now my whole house is clean, sheets are changed and 2 loads of laundry are folded.

AND... while our town still does not have white 11x14 picture frames we do have the best chicken tortellini around and Jamie.... Tonight I get both! Any minute now Amelia's Aunt Jamie is going to walk through the door of my clean house with dinner in her hand and we will have a fantastic girls night over a shared dish of pasta and junk tv. What a perfect way to end a less than perfect day.

Love, love, love Jamie. She was once my husband's friend, but I stole her fair and square!

Praise God for the love of a good husband, laughter, good food and great friends!


  1. YAY!!! I love, love, love you too!

  2. Love Love Love the crack me up!
    I definitely need a weekend in LG. Maybe I will combine it with a trip to see ACC! Cannot wait for her to see me :)
    Love you!