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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

One of the Frozen Chosen

I have been meaning to write since Sunday, but hey, it's only Tuesday. I have no idea how I fill up every single day but I do. People tell you that you are supposed to rest and relax in these last few days/weeks/whatever but that is a joke! It's tough trying to stay ahead at work, keep the laundry caught up, keep the house cleaned and pick up all the last minute items. I do a great job then slack off, back and forth. I will bet you a million bucks that I will go into labor one of the few days when my house is a mess and the pantry is empty, just because it works that way. Speaking of labor, I am 38 weeks and that's about it. No new news.

I don't think I've mentioned that my husband is also my Sunday school teacher. He is an amazing teacher; I really think he missed his calling. He is on a rotation with 3 others and this Sunday he taught on Acts. Have you ever read Acts? I am just starting to really read into it, but it's a great book of the Bible. It's neat to look at the early ways of the church and compare to where we are now. You can always tell when a good lesson is planned (or probably more likely, that the class is finally awake. haha) because the discussion gets good and we are late to 11:00 service. I have no shame in this whatsoever. If we are late because I can't get my hair straight or can't find my earrings, that's a little different. But if we are talking about Jesus, I will march straight down the aisle to my pew in the front and not think twice about it. It's like I'm wearing a sign that tells the whole church where I've been. Not that they have a clue or care, they probably just want me to sit down and get my big ol'belly out of the way.

Well this Sunday we were late. The Hubby ran over and my pregnant waddle delayed us plus I had to make a potty stop because it is a long walk from Sunday school to the sanctuary :). I get back into the narthex and my better half is no where to be found. I look all around our normal area and finally my girlfriend points and says, "He's right there." What?! Of course I didn't notice him because he is in the back of the church! Gasp! I thought about marching right up the aisle to our spot then thought better of it and sat with my husband. All throughout the morning announcements we had a conversation of how he knows I don't like sitting in the back and why are we back here etc. etc. I really think it would have ruined my morning and completely took my focus... this is how I know God exists and pays attention...

When it was time for us to do our typical, "take a few moments and shake hands with the people around you" our pastor said we are going to do something a little different. Now, I usually shake and greet, but never leave our pew because I'm afraid I won't get back in time and would just rather stay close to homebase. This Sunday we were given specific directions. The people at the front of the church were asked to go all the way to the back, back to the front, left side of the church to the right and so forth to greet one another. Still not realizing God's point I thought, "Well, good! At least all of our friends will know we are here this Sunday and I can say hello even though my silly husband sat us in the back." You see, there isn't much talking after service because we Methodists get out just early enough to get to our cars and beat the Baptists to lunch. We have to make sure we get on out so we don't have to wait at the restaurant. HAHA It's funny, but pretty darn true... at least in our family. Back to the point... After we all sat back down our pastor said something along the lines of "now that wasn't so bad, I bet you met someone new, it's nice to see different faces" or something like that. Then he spoke the words (these might not be exact, but they are what I retained)... We as a church should always speak to a new face. Some of us just like to come in and go to the same spot and sit down like we are the "Frozen Chosen". Everyone snickered and knew it was true but God gave me a big ole nudge and said "Pay attention to Me and My Word, not your stinkin pew." Got it!!

That being said, next Sunday you'll find us in our typical pew because that's where I think I pay attention best, but I'll make sure to speak to a new face on the way there. If you ever wonder if God is working in your life or paying attention, just wait, He'll show up.

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  1. Too cute. Beating the Baptists to lunch must be a Methodist thing! Sometimes when things get really rolling and it looks like we might run later than usual my Pastor always says "don't worry I will have all of you out of here in time to beat the Baptists to lunch!" Always makes me laugh!