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Monday, September 28, 2009

1 Month

We have had such a fun month. We have no idea what we are doing a lot of the time, but we are starting to figure it out. Everyone says loving a child is a love you've never felt before and they are right. We can not imagine life with out this sweet little girl. Here are some memories from the 1st month...

~ She is very good sleeper averaging about 6 or more hours a night. The deepest sleep is about 3am to 7am and she is very lazy until about noon. It's very hard for her to wake up in the mornings and she is VERY dramatic about it

~ She fights sleep at night. It takes a good hour starting around 10:30pm to get her to sleep. Her "witching hours" :) are from about 6:30 to 11. She is just fussy and fidgety during those hours and has to be entertained a lot. It's not every night and not the whole time, but we just hold our breath and keep our fingers cross during this time

~ She slept in her carseat in the crib for the first 3 weeks

~ She is the most expressive baby I have ever seen. She has a million of them and always has a funny face. She started smiling more at 4 weeks, but it is on her own time. We can't get her to react to us with a smile all that much yet.

~ She loves to ball up when you hold her but sleeps stretched out with her hands either at her face or above her head

~ She started really trying holding her head up at 3 weeks and she has the strongest little legs. She kicks all the time and if you have her laying on your belly she'll just keep kicking climbing all the way up over your shoulder.

~ Some favorite things to do:
*laying in the crib looking at her mobile
*strolling around the neighborhood and to Daddy's office
*taking baths
*walking around in her sling
*she likes to swing but gets bored with it easily
*being naked! :)

~ Dislikes:
*the bouncy seat
*the bassinet
*putting on clothes. This is a big fight!
That's really about it. She is generally a very happy baby and is easy to please.

Well, at least I got this posted before she is 2 months old. Her Daddy and I got together and compared all these notes and I finally got them on here. Since she is now 6 weeks old as I'm typing this, I can already tell how much she is changing. It is so exciting and so sad. It all is happening so fast!

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