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Friday, September 18, 2009

4 Week Slumber Party

My little girl turned 4 weeks old today and my Mom just left with her. Grandma has been very excited to have a spend the night party with Amelia. The original plan was for her to come pick up Amelia Saturday morning then somehow she changed it to Friday night. After a morning with a sweet girl full of fussy gas, I agreed.

I am going to be an honest Mommy and tell you that the only thing I feel guilty about is that I do not feel guilty about letting her go. They were probably not at the end of the street when I opened a beer. I danced all the way down the hallway to the shower and didn't have to rush to bathe. It's the simple pleasures in life, right?! While I love my little girl with every single particle of my being, I know she is in good hands. Also, in case you can't tell I am completely in love with my husband and am SO excited to have a weekend of us.

I'm sure I will have miss her a ton this weekend and I will be antsy as can be to get my lips on her sweet little face Sunday morning, but right now I'm relaxing.

4 Weeks Old - Headed to Grandma and Grandpa's for the weekend

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  1. Girl--do not feel guilty one bit!! I feel like I am a better mom because I don't have/need/want to be around my children all day long. Replenishing yourself, body and mind, and your marriage will make you a great mom!