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Monday, September 28, 2009

No Fair-Weather Fans in this Family...

We set out for Athens at 10am on Saturday. Blue skies were everywhere. We were so excited to be on our way to a beautiful gameday in one of the greatest cities around. We dropped Amelia off at Grandma and Grandpa's, purchased necessities for mimosas and were 78 bound... then the sprinkles started. "It's ok, it's only noon and kick-off is at 7, this will all blow over." It was cloudy in Athens but no rain so we met up with Trey and Jamie to walk downtown and split a pizza at DePalma's. After we were finished the rest of our crew had arrived so we went to set-up the tailgate. We decided to park undercover in the deck in case the weather got bad and it did... about 5:30... and didn't stop. So what did we do??? Suited up in ponchos and walked in a gully-washer across campus to Sanford Stadium. What else would we do?!

Thank you a million times to Trey for buying ponchos ahead of time because believe it or not, we all stayed dry except for the bottoms of our legs. Luckily we were wearing flip flops so we didn't have soppy feat. We walked into the seats with the sound of the trumpet playing and chills of excitement (mixed with cold chills) went all over me. I really think that little pregame trumpet solo is my most favorite part of the whole game.

By half-time the nostalgia had worn off but the boys were staying put. The rain had let up and I was pretty much dry but I was so cold and I swear my feat almost fell off. We played terrible and my husband embarrassed the holy heck out of me by yelling at and about the team THE WHOLE GAME. Seriously, if you have ever watched football with him you get it but this was extreme even for him. By the 3rd quarter we were tied and I did not care who won as long as someone scored and we did not have to sit through overtime. Luckily the Dawgs pulled it out with a field goal with 2 seconds left on the clock.

We walked back to the car and before I could thaw out we were back at my parents in my warm bed. It was all worth it and fun, but is it too much to ask for a pretty day for all football games?

OH, I also had the pleasure of pumping in the car on the drive up and back and at the tailgate (in the car behind tinted windows of course). Now that was a new experience! haha I am officially a Mother... and wouldn't change a thing! :o)

Sweet Family before the rain (my child has the goofiest faces)

Getting ready for game time

We really needed red ponchos

No fair-weather fans here!

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