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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ready to Have Her Back!

What a great weekend! Friday night we went to the club for a grown-up dinner of steak and pasta and wine and gin & tonics and great, great friends! I forgot how enjoyable it is to eat without a baby on your shoulder. Saturday I had to get up and price for our Junior Service League Attic Sale, but I even enjoyed the nastiness of all that because I was with the girls. It rained ALL DAY LONG and my plan was to come home and nap with my husband. Instead of napping I cleaned my whole house. I mean, cleaned. I even cleaned the washer and dryer (the lint and soap build-up drives me nuts!). I did find some snuggle time on the couch and have hot sandwiches watching football with the Hubby in the mix of the madness. Saturday night we went to The Pub with more friends to watch Georgia beat Arkansas. I had great intentions to enjoy adult beverages since it is an all adult weekend, but one malibu and pineapple was all I wanted. Funny, when the munchkin wasn't here I didn't have the need to drink. ;) We did have a great time though and I came home to a clean house and clean sheets and crashed. The Hubby on the other hand enjoyed his adult beverages about as I enjoyed my sleep so we are having a little different morning. We were going to Sunday School and church but opted for a little more downtime and are having coffee and biscuits.

We leave in one hour and fifteen minutes to go pick up our little girl. While I had a WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL weekend I am so excited to get my hands on her I can't hardly stand it. I think every mother should take these breaks. I am convinced that your sanity and marriage needs it (at least mine does and I'm okay with that). Plus, it's always nice to miss someone you love every now and then.

I am so thankful for my parents. I know it is a gift for them to have this time with their Grand-daughter but oh, what a gift to us. They are amazing people for a million different reasons. Amelia is so blessed to have such a wonderful family surrounding her.

I'm going to refill the coffee cup and curl up on the couch for about 30 mins.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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