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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Back to Work

On Oct 19th I went back to work. Honestly, I was excited about it until the week before, then I got sad. Well, it was kind of mixed reviews... I was bored at home and missed my job but I was sad to be on a schedule where I HAD to work and HAD to be away from home. While I know staying home full-time is not a lifestyle for me (unless we win LOTS of money and I can be a lady of leisure with a maid and a nanny on the beach with a private jet), I was not 100% sure I wanted to be so regimented with my schedule.

We are now 2 weeks in and I am SO happy. First I love my job, not necessarily where I work (no offense) but I have lived in 3 cities doing what I do and I just love the nature of my work in general. Second, I really, really do love the people I work with. I am so glad to not only get to use my brain for grown-up tasks and conversations and problem solving, but I am really glad to see the faces of my co-workers everyday. I do know that I do not want to ever go back full time unless we need it to live, but I am so happy to be back in the action. This is my busiest time of the year at work and I have not worked it part-time so we'll see how hairy things get. Hopefully, I can keep my head on straight. I'm a little nervous about it, but excited too. I would so much rather be busy.

The downside... Amelia's sleepy time is in the morning. The child really does not get woken up good until about noon. When I was home I did all of my chores in the morning and the afternoon was our playtime. Now I work in the mornings and the afternoon is still our playtime. So, when does our house get cleaned? When I am hosting book club or Grandma is coming to visit. Now, understand that I am a neat freak and the house is "straight" most all the time, but really clean, not so much.

Our book club book this month is The Help. I am only on Chapter 3, but I really like it and would highly recommend it. Funny though, I sit in bed at night with a glass of wine reading a book about maids thinking, "Wow, I really should have cleaned today..." then I just take another sip and turn the page!

First day back. It was SO stinkin cold!

Amelia just thought it was another day at Nana's

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