Chronicling The Comerfords

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Dollar Aisle

Do you ever shop the Dollar Aisles at Target? You definitely should! The Comerford budget loves and requires bargains but regardless, there are some cute things on the dollar aisles. My kitty dishes are from the dollar aisle as are some of my plastic cups and fun socks and maybe some of your birthday gifts! HA! Just kidding.. maybe... well, probably at least a card.

Anyway, these are my finds from this weekend... Amelia is going to be adorable in these fun tights and socks! I had to call Mom before I made this purchase because she is a fellow dollar aisle shopper and Amelia is always getting fun treats from there. I was mighty proud I beat her to the punch this week!

These are not a Dollar Aisle purchase but they were so cute, we had to have them.

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  1. I ALWAYS stop at the dollar aisle too! It seems to be the best place to find the seasonal/holiday specialty items!