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Friday, November 27, 2009

Skipping Church To Enjoy The Creation

We have had some really beautiful days this fall and two Sundays ago was one of them. I decided our family should skip church to get out and enjoy the creation of our Creator. It's not often we choose to skip church, but I just needed a break from our town, our house and all that is part of the normal routine.

We got up and had breakfast then got dressed and were off. We are blessed to live about 30 mins away from a fantastic state park. We stopped on the way for lunch then started our drive. Other than a few stops here and there at overlooks, we just drove. It's amazing how you can only be an hour away from home and feel miles away. We had sunglasses on, the sunroof open and the scenery was amazing. Amelia loves to ride so she just hung out in her seat. We rode for almost 3 hours before she started getting squirmy. Luckily at this point we were almost back in town. We sat in the car while I fed Amelia her afternoon snack then we unloaded the stroller to complete our day with ice cream. We have a wonderful local ice cream shop that serves Blue Bell Ice Cream (Is there really any other kind?!). We enjoyed chatting with the shop owners for a little while then we took off strolling around the square while we finished our ice creams.

I always miss our church family when we are not there but this Sunday, we needed a different kind of worship.

Amelia watched some church tv while we got dressed.

One of the overlooks. Poor baby needs some shades.

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