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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat

Our first Halloween was a little more of a trick than a treat. Even though our little lovebug looks like the sweetest treat you've ever seen, it was all a trick. She was a grump! Maybe it was because she didn't sleep well Friday night. Maybe it was because I was lazy and didn't keep her on schedule Saturday afternoon. Maybe it was because it rained all day and she is sick of the rain. Who knows about these sweet little creations.

We had so many wonderful plans to go see friends but it did not happen. I was bound and determined to venture out and thought for sure she'd brighten up once she saw how cute she was, but not really. We went to Matt and Brittany's to see family and that went over really well! We hit our next stop about 7:00. She was really sleepy but content so we loaded up to go give some lovebug love to Jamie and Pete. That's when the lovebug turned into a stinkbug and decided she'd had enough. It really wasn't all that bad. She was just cranky and fussy and I was cold and damp so we just came on home. The bad thing is we had to sit in the dark because we didn't buy candy thinking we wouldn't be home and trick-or-treaters were swarming our street.

Considering the dogs lost, it rained all day and we were all sleepy, it really was a good night and Amelia was adorable. Next year we will be ready to go so start stocking up on the candy, we want the good stuff!

Taking a Halloween nap before the festivities

Heading out for some trick-or-treating

Under-cover (unsuccessful) operation to try and bring the Dawgs a victory

Amelia and Molly in Sleepy Hollow
OH!! And thank you to our sweet friends Heather and Sadie for letting us borrow the costume. It was they best part of our day!

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  1. Jamie and Pete are SO SAD! We almost stopped by y'all house on our way out to the lake, but I guess I am glad we didn't. Boo!