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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Grandma Comes To Town

There is something special about going back home. I love being at my parents house, sleeping in my room, sleeping in my room with my girl cuddled up with me, riding the streets of Snellville (that now have WAY too much traffic on them). I seriously hope I can talk my husband into continuing to spend Christmas Eve night there because Santa totally comes to Snellville each and every year. I know he will be able to find Amelia there just as well as here.

All that being said, there is nothing like having house guests. You don't have to check the weather to decide what to pack, load the car, plan around baby's nap time, drive, all that happy stuff. This is a modest hint for all our friends up the road... COME SEE US! I especially love when Mom and Sonny come our way. I love our town, I love my parents and I love showing them off to each other.

This weekend the Cowhubby went to a Cowboy something or another so Mama came for a Grandma Slumber Party. We played Friday night until we all fell asleep in the living room. Then Amelia went to her bed and Mama and I fell asleep to the Olympics in my bed. The Lovebug joined us around 5:30 and we all snuggled in the big bed.

We got up this morning to sunshine coming in the windows. Amelia and I introduced Grandma to Gus' Grill for breakfast. We also ran into a few friends there that Grandma got to meet. She was really excited to let Amelia try pancakes, but Amelia wasn't so excited about it. However, she did eat a whole bunch of cheese grits. Not exaggerating, a WHOLE bunch! I know I read in some book about what, when and how to feed your child and I don't remember where it said cheese grits, but I am pretty sure it was about 6 months. :)

We did a little Wally-World shopping after breakfast then it was play time. Amelia got to try out her outside swing for the first time because it was 70 DEGREES!! Yippee!! Do a happy dance! She LOVED her swing and Grandma loved pushing her in it.

It was such a wonderful special time. I did miss my husband and I'm glad he is almost home. There is just something so special about girls and their Mama's and their Mama's Mama!

OH! I will have to take a picture of the mountain of clothes Grandma brought Amelia this weekend. She hit 2 kids consignment sales last week and set us up for summer! I tell you, those sales are where it's at. Such great deals on clothes that have been worn maybe twice, some still with tags! Wish there was something that fabulous for my size. Anyone want to sale me their cute clothes for a dollar or 2??

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  1. Awwwww, so sweet - time with the Mama is always so special! And that last picture of Amelia just makes me squeal, she is so cute!!