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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Irritable, that's all, Just Irritable

There aren't too many things that get me completely bent out of shape. I am a woman therefore I can turn overly-emotional in a second flat. But I tend to consider myself a pretty happy gal. HOWEVER, if you do not let me sleep or do not feed me I turn into this crazy beast.

The love-child has been waking up every night (morning) since the holidays around 2am. She eats and falls back asleep all within maybe 30 mins. It all started when she was sick and couldn't breathe well, but now I think we have formed a habit. Multiple people have told me to let her cry it out, but that would take longer than giving her a snack and putting her back to bed.

Sometimes it is fine, but this week it is getting on my nerves. Probably because when the baby isn't waking me up the Baby-Daddy is because he is sick and has a horrible cough. At 2am we were discussing the sheets being damp. Every morning this week when my 2am alarm goes off, I have woken up to wet sheets (and no, not "you wet the bed" wet). I asked the sick one if he was breaking fevers during the night or something and he went into a science fair hypothesis dissertation about moisture in the sheets and the covers blah, blah, blah. I have no idea what he said, I started seeing red and apparently snapped something back (I have no idea what I said either). The last thing I remember is him saying "I'm just trying to explain something and you are calling a jury trial." Apparently I was rude. Babe, I apologize. I am not mad about what you were saying and I appreciate your AP Science explanation, I am just mad that we are even talking at all!

Here's the thing. No one should be talking at 2am. I don't care what the conversation is about. If you are talking to me at 2am and I can hear you that means I am not sleeping and that makes me angry! This rule does not apply when I wake up overly emotional about our kitty dying and my baby cutting her first tooth all in the same day. In this case it is perfectly rational for me to wake up the entire neighborhood sobbing about the fact that life is passing by too quickly and slipping right through my hands. Other than extreme circumstances just mentioned, there should be no conversation at 2am. Oh, wait... the one and only other exception is if I am dressed cute as can be and am in a bar. If this is the case it means a.) I have had a few drinks because I am still up at 2am and b.) I have a babysitter because I am in a bar at 2am (now that I mention it, this scenario sounds pretty darn enticing!)

It also seems to workout that work-fairy sprinkles an extra handful of craptastic dust on your desk when you are tired and already grumpy. And, why is it that we think we should not take time to fix our hair when we are in a bad mood? Because the world definitely does not say "Look at her hair. Bless her heart, she must be having a bad day. Let's send her flowers." At least when you take time to get dressed you can walk into the bathroom and say "Well, at least I look good, got that going for me". This is a much better option than holding it all day so you don't have to see the mess! haha

The good news is it's hump day! I'm off to take a nap before my sweet, understanding husband gets home.

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