Chronicling The Comerfords

Friday, February 19, 2010

Taco Smell

I am a fan of Taco Bell, don't deny it you know you love them too. If not, your loss. Today was a little much even for me. The lady at the drive thru today totally smelt like feet. Really, it was bizarre! It was the odor the the Hubby has when he comes home from the farm and takes his work boots off. Speaking of... Dear Red Wing Boots: for as much as we pay for you, you should come with smell goods for the feet!
So, money taker smelt like Red Wing Boots, food giver at the next window had some sort of infected growth on her earlobe, but guess what??? My 3 soft taco supremes were "G-Double O-D" good!

It is an amazing Friday! The temperature finally got above 55, the sun is shining and Grandma is also here for a slumber party. (The Cowboy went to some kind of Cowboy event)

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