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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

An Uninvited Visitor

The doorbell rang today. I looked through my peep hole and saw 2 cute girls on my doorstep. This is a lot better than the very nice, but somewhat sketchy guy that comes by wanting to rake the yard. However, that is a great segway for me to tell my husband that me and Amelia would be much safer during the day if he would do a better job on the lawn... it never flies.

Anyway, the 2 cute girls were Jehovah's Witness. I will honestly admit I do not know first hand the details of their belief. I know gossip and I know they usually ride bikes around in black pants and a white shirt but that is about it.. I will also honestly admit that my excitement of these cute girls (one named Mae, I wouldn't be opposed to naming a little girl Mae, it's an adorable name) dwindled dramatically when I saw her Bible and she said she was a Jehovah's witness. Actually, my excitement dwindled when I saw her Bible. Seriously?! What a terrible Christian am I? They apologized for showing up unexpected (the leaf boy never does that, nor do bills) and then asked if I would mind them sharing a short piece of scripture with me. Of course I allowed because I am now invested and did I mention how cute and nice they were? It was a about 2 verses then they asked if I would mind them leaving me with two magazines. What's two more magazines to stack with all of the free baby and parenting magazines I get every stinking week? You would think the publishers would realize that a first time Mom does not have near the required time management skills to read magazines on being a parent, we just go with trial and error. Back to the story, sweet Mae and her friend thanked me for my time and carried on. These are very short editorials that I do plan on reading soon so I'll let you know the scoop.

Here are my points:
1. What an awful person to get disappointed when I see someone at my door with a Bible
2. It's always good to remember appearances and reputations aren't always what they seem
3. Is it really so bad to be polite and share the Good News to random people?
4. Even if going door to door isn't your thing, what have you (I am asking myself here) done this week to glorify the Lord and/or let people know about Jesus?
5. There is something to be said for getting outside of your comfort zone every now and then

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  1. HAHAHA, Michael gets so mad when our doorbell rings because my response is much like our kitties...I run and hide under the bed! Okay, I don't hide under the bed, but that's only because I don't fit. For some reason the sound of the doorbell puts me on edge...but then my sister reminded me that I once came face-to-face with an intruder at our door (when I was about 8), so that probably explains it. I would have to say that my initial response to those sweet girls probably would have been worse than yours. :)